Reasons – Why is it safe to play card games? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reasons – Why is it safe to play card games? PowerPoint Presentation
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Reasons – Why is it safe to play card games?

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Reasons – Why is it safe to play card games?
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Reasons – Why is it safe to play card games?

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  1. For more details: reach us at Reasons – Why is it safe to play card games?

  2. Recent news has been surrounding us with a young Australian lad losing his life falling victim to a bouncer. • In the present era there is no security for life. The young cricketer had taken the most desired precaution like wearing helmet, arm guard, abdomen guard, leg pads etc. • But things turned out are unfortunate for him that day.

  3. The cork punched him straight on his neck that just abraded the helmet. The helmet was just a spectator there, staying helpless. • Today, the entire world mourns his death. Let alone his soul rest in peace. Though the batsman was stricken by the ball, it was the bowler who was stricken. • Grief and guilt will never leave his soul. Personally, I feel very sorry for the bowler.

  4. The game known to be the gentleman’s game is now losing its fame for its name. How miserable it is, even the most premium quality products failed to protect his life. • When we take football into consideration, the game by itself is wild. There wouldn’t have been a game till date that lacks injury. Injury and wounds are part and parcel of the 13 Card Rummy game.

  5. Popularly known as soccer, the game has violence as an integral part. • This makes the game unsafe. Other sports like hockey, ice hockey, kabbadi, kho – kho, tennis, badminton, volley ball etc. involve certain level of risks. • Though they are acceptable as there is just a thin line and fatalities are in fact negligible in them. Outdoor sports are never free from risks and rash.

  6. Hence, it has become mandatory for each and every one of us to find an alternative to the conventional sport. • Indoor games are always risk – free. • A few indoor games are named via – chess, carom, scramble, ludo, card games, video games, puzzles etc. these games involve certain level of skill and reasoning.

  7. For instance – carom requires the player to judge the coin to be pocketed, identify its position, locate the hurdles, calculate the force transferred over the striker etc. • these steps involves rigorous practice and hard work. • The only thing that helps a player is the hours that he has spent in favor of the Rummy game.

  8. Another best example is the game of Indian rummy. • This is a form of card games which has slipped into the online market. • Player needs a bit of thought and skills to be a ruler of the game. • This game also involves player practice that will bring him positive results.