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ED 503 Educational PSYCHOLOGY. Seminar #3 March 6, 2011. Dr. Kimball. Questions. What questions do you have from Units 1-4. Welcome to the Unit 5 Seminar. Questions about Units 1-3 Review previous weeks’ main points Make linkages between main points Major Assignment #2

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Ed 503 educational psychology

ED 503Educational PSYCHOLOGY

Seminar #3

March 6, 2011

Dr. Kimball


What questions do you have from Units 1-4

Welcome to the unit 5 seminar
Welcome to the Unit 5 Seminar

  • Questions about Units 1-3

  • Review previous weeks’ main points

  • Make linkages between main points

  • Major Assignment #2

  • e-Portfolio Assignment

  • Questions

Let s talk about cognitive and behavioral psychologies
Let’s talk about Cognitive and Behavioral Psychologies

  • What was one big idea that you learned from the work of Piaget or Vygotsky that will help you be a more effective educator?

  • What was one big idea that you learned from the work of behavioral psychologists that will help you be a more effective educator?

Curriculum standardization and constructivism
Curriculum Standardization and Constructivism

  • Explain one reason why curriculum standardization , in your view, will or will not work for all students.

  • Explain one reason why constructivism is or is not a good idea for teaching all students.

Motivation and learning environments
Motivation and learning environments

  • What would be an example of how extrinsic or intrinsic motivation could be used in a classroom to help students learn?

  • How can motivation be used in the area of classroom management and how does Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs fit into the picture?

Incorporating technology

How does technology fit into what you have learned about Educational Psychology?

  • What do you anticipate the role of social media technology to be as learning tools and student motivators?

  • Consider the following innovative techniques; Facebook, Twitter, iPods, podcasts, jing videos, blogs, mobile devices, etc. How could you use such innovative tools techniques in your own teaching?*

Major assignment 2
major assignment #2

Critical Response Paper

You will respond to a set of questions designed to test your ability to analyze, synthesize, or evaluate information from the lesson.

Select one of the following options:

  • Explain Erikson’s stages of psycho-social development and analyze implications of his theory for teaching.

  • Explain multiple aspects of self-esteem and analyze implications for teaching.

  • Explain Kohlberg’s stages of moral development and analyze implications of his theory for teaching.

  • Analyze and explain inherent difficulties in defining intelligence and analyze implications for teaching.

  • Discuss the idea of multicultural education.

    Write a two page maximum paper in which you synthesize information on your chosen topic from the textbook and from at least one additional article OR research study.

Major assignment 21
major assignment #2

Hints for getting an “A”

  • Go to the UAH Library and search the ERIC database to locate an article or research study that investigates your selected topic, or obtain a copy of the study mentioned in the textbook. 

  • Check the rubric for how your paper will be assessed.

  • Use the Kaplan University APA Style Guide in the Student Writing Center for help with APA formatting.

E portfolio assignment
E-Portfolio assignment

Purpose of e-Portfolio Assignment

  • First step in creating an e-Portfolio

  • Provides an opportunity to develop work samples for future job interviews

  • Provides an opportunity to develop non-work sample items that provide unique evidence of your abilities to perform a job.

E portfolio components
E-portfolio components

  • Classroom Management Tools

  • Innovations in Education

  • Career Explorations

Classroom management component
Classroom ManagementComponent

You develop four introductory activities that

  • Motivate your students

  • Address unique learning styles

  • Address varied diversities of students

    See tips in Course Home for advice!

Innovations in education component
Innovations in EducationComponent

This component will highlight ways to use technology to reach out to students.

  • How can you use new technologies to develop student-teacher & peer-peer communication and collaboration?

  • How will using new technologies increase student motivation and learning?

Innovations in education component1
Innovations in EducationComponent

  • How could using new technologies help learning become more authentic and task-based in nature?

  • How could using new technologies support the constructivist framework of teaching and learning?

Career explorations component
Career ExplorationsComponent

This section will help you become ready for a successful job search.

  • Create a resume and cover letter suitable for an entry-level position or a change of position

  • Create a list of questions you should anticipate being asked in a job interview along with ideas for your responses to these questions

Career explorations component1
Career ExplorationsComponent

  • What questions would you ask the hiring manager?

  • List three to five job sights you could search to find a position in your field.

  • Submit no later than the end of Unit 8, but can be submitted to drop box at any time.

Next seminar date
Next Seminar Date


March 20, 2011

10 pm (EST)