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Water Pollution

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Water Pollution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Pollution. Matt Shanteau. Before Beginning…. Where have you heard the word pollution? What do you know about pollution? What do you know about water pollution? Do you have any questions you would like answered by the end of this lecture?. 3 Major types Land Pollution

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Water Pollution

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    1. Water Pollution Matt Shanteau

    2. Before Beginning… • Where have you heard the word pollution? • What do you know about pollution? • What do you know about water pollution? • Do you have any questions you would like answered by the end of this lecture?

    3. 3 Major types Land Pollution Water Pollution Air Pollution Pollution

    4. What causes pollution? • Marine Dumping • Radioactive Waste • Sewage and Wastewater • Oil pollution • Household items

    5. What types of chemicals cause water pollution? • Pesticides • Herbicides • Vehicle Fluids • Industrial Waste • Household cleaners • Lawn Fertilizer • Runoff from farms • **Any questions so far can be answered before moving on**

    6. What can be done to stop water pollution? • Conserve water in any way possible • Reduce, reuse and recycle • Use fewer, less harsh cleaners in your home • Cut back or do not use chemicals on your lawn or garden • Buy local food or ingredients because food transported long distances causes exhaust from vehicles

    7. Two types of pollution Point source pollution: this type of pollution can be traced to one easily identifiable source. There can be laws passed to stop this type of pollution Examples- waste materials coming from a factory Nonpoint source pollution: this type of pollution comes from many different sources. Examples- runoff after it rains that enters a body of water can be filled with garbage, grass/leaves, chemicals, etc.

    8. Questions to Consider • What can YOU do to stop water pollution? • What are three things that could pollute the water? • What can we do as a community to stop pollution? • How can we raise awareness about water pollution? Visit this website- http://www.epa.gov/owow/NPS/kids/

    9. Review • What is water pollution? • What can be done to stop pollution? • What are the most common pollutants that effect our water systems?

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