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20 Unique Birthday Cakes –Arrange Birthday Cake Delivery Today! PowerPoint Presentation
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20 Unique Birthday Cakes –Arrange Birthday Cake Delivery Today!

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20 Unique Birthday Cakes –Arrange Birthday Cake Delivery Today!
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20 Unique Birthday Cakes –Arrange Birthday Cake Delivery Today!

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  1. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 20 Unique Birthday Cakes –Arrange Birthday Cake Delivery Today! Publisher: Indian Bakers BLOG: http://blog.indianbakers.com/ Company: https://www.indianbakers.com 20 unique birthday cake ideas arrange your most favourite birthday cake delivery today and get the cake delivered without any added costs and delivery charges. https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  2. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 20 Unique Birthday Cakes –Arrange Birthday Cake Delivery Today! Birthdays are special occasions meant to be celebrated with family and friends and if it is a kid’s birthday party, it is all the more fun. We have several varieties of cakes on our website that you can easily choose and order. So, why wait? Book your online birthday cake and arrange Birthday Cake Delivery today! Some of our favourite cakes have been listed below. 1. Sugar Art Cake Today’s parents don’t leave any stone unturned to celebrate their child’s firsts. Be it their first word, first step or even their first rhyme! This cake is definitely going to the center of attraction. You can get your birthday cake in Mumbai by simply ordering it online and doing your best as a parent. https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  3. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 2. Lily Cake Doesn’t she look cute? Imagine the smile on your child’s face on her/his birthday. Order this cake and be assured of timely delivery. We prepare the cake using the best ingredients and deliver it you as fresh as possible. 3. Trains and Windmills Cake This is one of our most special cakes. Loved by kids and adults alike, this cake is ordered by many. Set the mood for the birthday party and order this cake today! Birthday cake delivery can be done in the simplest way by booking it online from our website. https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  4. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 4. Crazy Cupcake Cake Everybody loves cupcakes, so why not order a cake that resembles cupcakes? Surprise your little one and his friends with this brilliantly created cake. Have a fun filled birthday party with this cake. 5. Large Pirate Cake If you wish to have a rather exciting birthday,then this cake must be ordered right away! This yummy chocolate cake is sure to melt your heart too. In today’s internet world ,it is not difficult to find online birthday cake delivery option. We assure you of high quality service and timely delivery. https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  5. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 6. Mexican Devil Cake As the name suggests, bring out the devil in you on your birthday and have a bash! This delicious cake is made up of rich dark chocolate, ancho chile and strawberries that adds the much needed zing to the cake. Get ready to order this devilish cake today! 7. Vanilla Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake with Whipped Cream The name may be too long, but it won’t take long for this cake to melt in your mouth! Salt and caramel is the most loved flavour and your guests will surely vouch for this. The cake comprises of classic vanilla cake layers topped with irresistible salted caramel ice cream. Your birthday cannot have a better cake than this! Order one today. https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  6. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 8. Rice Krispies Treat Birthday Cake It may not be possible for us to turn time backwards.But we surely can bring back your childhood memories back with this cake.Rice Krispies are an all time favourite. We can customize this cake and incorporate some of your favourite chocolate chips, gummy bears, skittles etc to decorate it and make it even more appealing. If you wish to order your birthday cake Mumbai, then visit our website at once! 9. Chocolate Cake with Whipped Fudge Filling and Chocolate Buttercream Chocolate lovers, we are here to tempt you even more! Although time consuming,this 3 taste cake of chocolate cake, whipped fudge and chocolate buttercream is definitely going to leave your guests asking for more! https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  7. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 10. Castle Cake Building castles in the air may be your favourite pass time, but order your online birthday cake from our website and ensure that your princess has a lovely birthday party. 11. Train Cake This no- bake Train cake is sure to mesmerize your little one. The railway tracks are made up of wafers covered with chocolate.So, when are you ordering yours? https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  8. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 12. Apple Dapple Cake If you are sober and non- fussy types, then this cake is just the one you need. This simple yet enthralling cake will make your mouth water! Made up of apples, pecans and sweet brown sugar glaze, we are ready to deliver it to you anytime! We provide birthday cake delivery in over 100 cities in India. 13. Black Forest Cake Nobody is too old to have Black Forest cake.This classic black forest will never go out of trend. Be it a kid’s birthday party or a person older.This cake can never go wrong. https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  9. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 14. Soccer Ball Cake Your child will surely be surprised to have this cake on his birthday. Oreo Crisps are used to decorate the ball. Make use of our birthday cake delivery option and get it delivered at your doorstep. 15. White Cake with Lemon-Lime Curd Filling and Whipped Cream Frosting This impressive four layer cake is perfect for your birthday! This white cake with a tangy lemon lime curd will surely tickle your taste buds. Your guests are sure to remember your birthday for a long time! https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  10. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 16. Purse Cake This eye-catching Purse Cake will be perfect for your princess’s birthday. A purse that is edible.Isn’t that wonderful? Why wait? Order your cake today. 17. Red Velvet Cake This classic Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting cannot be ignored. Celebrate your birthday in a quiet yet stylishly way. Make your birthday special and spend quality time with your close friends and relatives. https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  11. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 18. Chocolate Lava Cake Imagine your mouth filled with molten chocolate.Delicious.Yummy.This liquid centered cake is a must have to indulge in on your birthday. We deliver fresh birthday cake Mumbai to make your day memorable. 19. Spider Cup Cakes Well, kids may be frightened of the crawling creatures, but they sure are going to love these cute cup cakes. Make your child’s birthday party a fun filled one and order your cakes today. We also provide you with midnight delivery options. https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com

  12. Indian Bakers - Taste of India 20. Guitar Cake If you have a little rock star growing at home, then this can be his perfect birthday cake. Online birthday cakes can be an easy way to save time and choose the best from among the many. How to arrange Online Birthday Cake Delivery? Just login to our website Indianbakers.com and select the cake you like. You can pay by credit or debit card. We have over 300 variety of birthday cake in Mumbai to choose from. So arrange online birthday cake delivery today. We also have option to customize your order so speak to us and help us deliver the perfect birthday cake to your doorsteps. Original Blog Posted here on: http://blog.indianbakers.com/20-unique-birthday-cakes-arrange- birthday-cake-delivery-today/ https://www.indianbakers.com +91 8793884455 / 66 contact@indianbakers.com