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Phase 6: Creating Your Community Health/ Public Health Improvement Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Phase 6: Creating Your Community Health/ Public Health Improvement Plan

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Phase 6: Creating Your Community Health/ Public Health Improvement Plan
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Phase 6: Creating Your Community Health/ Public Health Improvement Plan

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  1. Phase 6: Creating Your Community Health/ Public Health Improvement Plan

  2. Agenda Presentation Content • Organizing • Plan Content • Format • Processes • Implementation Support • Input and sharing recommendations

  3. PHIP Development steps

  4. Public Health Act Requirements:Local Plans Shall, at a minimum Include or Address • Local health status and risk factor data • System capacity and performance • Goals and strategies for PH improvement • Stakeholder involvement in development, implementation • System-wide coordination to accomplish Colorado PHIP goals • Financial resources to meet PH needs, core services provision CHA Results Cap Assess Results Phase 6 Work Plans

  5. Alignment with Public Health accreditation Board (PHAB) Standards CHAPS Phase 6

  6. PHAB Accreditation & Chaps Are you planning on seeking PHAB accreditation in the next 5 years? • If seeking agency accreditation, be sure to monitor the PHAB website for details on related requirements and documentation. •

  7. PHAB Standard 5.2 Conduct a comprehensive planning process resulting in a state/community health improvement plan. 5.2.1 L Conduct a process to develop community health improvement plan 5.2.2 L Produce a community health improvement plan as a result of the community health improvement process 5.2.3 A Implement elements and strategies of the health improvement plan, in partnership with others 5.2.4 A Monitor progress on implementation of strategies in the community health improvement plan in collaboration with broad participation from stakeholders and partners

  8. PHAB Standard 5.2.1L: Conduct a process to develop communityhealth improvement plan Complete a community health improvement planning process that includes: a. Broad participation of community partners b. Information from community health assessments c. Issues and themes identified by stakeholders in the community d. Identification of community assets and resources e. A process to set community health priorities

  9. PHAB Standards & Measures

  10. PHAB Standards & Measures, Cont.

  11. Developing a PHIP • Content • Community Partners • Evidence-based Strategies • CHAPS Action Plan Template • SMART Objectives

  12. Determine the Purpose of your PHIP • What requirements do you need to meet? • Public Health Act • PHAB • CDPHE Programs (MCH) • How will your PHIP be used? • Mobilize community, align policy and programmatic efforts • Outline future work with hospital, environmental & other community partners • Provide data and information to support grant applications • A measurable and outcomes-focused roadmap • Inform State PHIP

  13. Determine the Audience of your PHIP • Possible Audiences: • Community • Policy Makers • System Partners • Board of Health • Product: • Format & content should have community flavor that generates excitement • Needs to be easy to refer back to for monitoring and communication

  14. format Highest priority - Meet community need and lead to action Options: • Hard copy, bound publication • PDF for print as needed • Website (e.g. data dashboards, etc.) • Presentation (PowerPoint) • Hybrid

  15. Content In terms of format, what will be consistent across Colorado? The identification of: • Priority Areas • Indicators • Goals • SMART Objectives • Strategies • Action Steps • Identification of Lead Agency(s)

  16. PHIP Additional Recommended Content • Intro and Orientation to Purpose, Content • Description of Jurisdiction • This may also be part of the CHA or Community Health Status Report. • Characteristics: Geography, Economics, etc. • Community Demographics • Key Social Determinants Relevant to Area • Summary of Priority Areas • Indicators, Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Action Steps • Plan for Monitoring and Evaluation • Acknowledgements Phase 5 Prioritization Results

  17. Format & Content Considerations • Community Health Assessment: If a community health status report was already produced, only references or highlights may be needed in plan • Capacity Assessment and Core Services: LPHAs with a need to build a core service may need to include more information on this aspect • What format(s) are most likely to be used by intended audiences? • What format(s) can allow you to easily revise and update the action steps in years 2-5, as needed?

  18. Developing a Work plan for Priority Areas • Start with Priorities • Determine which Community Partners you need to work with for each priority • Determine structure

  19. a possible organizing structure for this phase Facilitator, Planner Project Mngmt Team

  20. Strategies to Address Priority • Determine who will lead the process • For each priority identify factors leading to priority issue • Fishbone diagram, logic model • Research & select evidence-based strategies for each priority • Sources: Community Guide, CDPHE • Develop action plan

  21. SMART Objectives

  22. PHIP SampleNYC

  23. PHIP SampleSF

  24. PHIP completion Timing Statewide Public Health Improvement Plan On or before December 31, 2009…and…every 5 years thereafter. Local Public Health Agencies create local plans As soon as practicable after the approval of…statewide…plan. Next statewide plan due 2014 Local plans to be completed by 2013

  25. Report and Review Process Review & Reporting Process Themes, key info. presented by OPP to State Board of Health for review

  26. Phase 6 support Priority area/winnable battle networking groups • Obesity • Mental Health, Substance Abuse • Unintended Pregnancy • Others as needed OPP Webinar series Tools: PHIP Sample Outline, Standard Work Plan Ongoing connections and TA

  27. Phase 6 support, cont. Winnable Battles Website (data, talking pts., fact sheets) CDPHE Winnable Battle Google Groups Tracking and connecting of funding opportunities

  28. Summary • Create a plan format to meet your local need • Use action plan draft to plan and capture the detail • Maintain internal record of key info. to be reported to OPP for SBOH report if not included in your Public Health Improvement Plan Example: Identify financial resources available to meet identified public health needs and requirements for the provision of core public health services • After review of plan by the Office of Planning and Partnerships, any additional information exchange may occur through follow up

  29. Thank You Congratulations on your public health improvement success.