a social studies lesson l.
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A Social Studies Lesson

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A Social Studies Lesson. By: Lisa Knost ED 417-02 Dr. Helms. Transportation. Social Studies Unit Transportation Lesson Third Grade Level . Objectives. The students will: Create a list of multiple types of transportation. Explain why we need transportation in our everyday lives.

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a social studies lesson

A Social Studies Lesson

By: Lisa Knost

ED 417-02

Dr. Helms

  • Social Studies Unit
  • Transportation Lesson
  • Third Grade Level
  • The students will:
  • Create a list of multiple types of transportation.
  • Explain why we need transportation in our everyday lives.
  • Create a bar graph representing our class’s means of transportation.
  • Compare and contrast the first cars with present cars.
  • Create a timeline of the history of flight.
  • Be creative in developing their own future transportation.
  • Traveling On Land
  • Transportation Graph
  • Henry Ford’s Dream
  • Assembly Line Race
  • Adventures in Flight Timeline
traveling on land
Traveling on Land
  • Types of transportation on land:
  • Animal Power
  • Bicycles
  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • Buses & Trolleys
  • Trucks
  • Trains & Subway
  • Sleds
  • Snowmobile
traveling on land materials
Traveling on Land: Materials
  • Teacher:
  • The book: Traveling on Land
  • Chart Paper
  • Marker
traveling on land7
Traveling On Land
  • Read Traveling on Land to the class.
  • Before :
    • Create a list, as a class, of all the different types of transportation that they can think of. See if they can hit all of the types that are in the book.
    • Ask the children to think about why we need transportation while you read the story.
traveling on land8
Traveling On Land
  • After:
  • Why do we need transportation?
    • transporting goods and materials
    • transporting people
    • saves time and energy
    • Go back through the book and see how many types of transportation they came up with that were in the book.
transportation graph materials
Transportation Graph: Materials
  • Teacher:
  • Poster size bar graph with mode of transportation (car, bus, walk, run, bicycle, scooter, etc.) and number of students.
  • Markers
transportation graph
Transportation Graph
  • How did you get to school today?
  • Use a marker to color in a square in the column which represents the mode of transportation that you used to get to school today.
  • Discuss the results of the graph.
  • Why do we use the mode of transportation that we do?
henry ford s dream
Henry Ford’s Dream
  • Henry Ford was curious and tinkered with watches as a child.
  • Wanted to make a car for everyone.
  • 1913-began using a conveyor belt to move cars along the assembly line.
  • Dropped the prices of cars and eventually everyone could afford one.
henry ford s dream materials
Henry Ford’s Dream: Materials
  • Students:
  • Unit 6 in the Harcourt Horizons: People and Communities Book
  • Magazines (with pictures of cars)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
henry ford s dream13
Henry Ford’s Dream
  • Discuss how different cars looked then and now.
  • Cut out pictures of cars from magazines.
  • Create a class collage of all of the different types of cars.
assembly line race materials
Assembly Line Race : Materials
  • Teacher:
  • Lego cars (in large pieces)
    • Not to small to lose but big enough that it needs to be put together in 5-10 steps.
assembly line race
Assembly Line Race!
  • Discuss how the assembly line was crucial for the production of the automobile. Why is the assembly line faster?
  • Depending on class size, divide the class into two groups.
  • Have the two groups line up behind desks parallel to each other.
  • Each group will have to put together their Lego car in an assembly line fashion. Have the two groups race against each other. Repeat the race once or twice.
adventures in flight
Adventures in Flight
  • November 21, 1783 - First flight which took place in Paris, France. It was six miles in a hot air balloon.
  • 1902- Wright Brothers built and flew a glider
  • May 21, 1927- Lindbergh completed the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight in history.
  • 1935- The first helicopter is built and flown in France.
  • March 2, 1969 - France and England build the first passenger supersonic jet
  • April 12, 1989 - First space shuttle, Columbia, lifts off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida
adventures in flight materials
Adventures in Flight: Materials
  • Students:
  • Adventure in Flight Workbook
  • Crayons/Colored Pencils
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Bulletin board paper (5’x 2’)
adventures in flight timeline
Adventures in Flight Timeline
  • Place the students in groups of 2-4
  • Have the students color and cut out the workbook pages.
  • Use these pages to create a timeline of the history of flight.
  • Allow the students to present their group’s timeline to the class.
online resources
Online Resources
  • To learn about transportation and pollution visit:
    • www.ott.doe.gov/education/cover.shtml
  • For student activities on transportation visit:
    • http://www.enchantedlearning.com/themes/transportation.shtml
    • http://www.first-school.ws/theme/transportation.htm#
  • For teacher reference visit:
    • http://www.atozteacherstuff.com/pages/448.shtml
  • To play games on transportation visit:
    • http://americanhistory.si.edu/onthemove/games/