representing innovations in the largest market in the world n.
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Representing Innovations in the Largest Market in the World PowerPoint Presentation
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Representing Innovations in the Largest Market in the World

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Representing Innovations in the Largest Market in the World - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Representing Innovations in the Largest Market in the World
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  1. Representing Innovations in the Largest Market in the World Long Zhang 2013-09-10

  2. Agenda Team Case Study Opportunities

  3. Points of Interests Collaboration and Overseas Merger & Acquisition • Environment Protection • Water Purification • Harmless Waste Disposal • Information Technology • Security • Innovation in Manufacturing • Modern Transportation • Electronic Power & New Energy

  4. Team

  5. Principal Consultant Profile • Long Zhang • Authorized Gazprom representative of its nanotech-based water purification technology and products • Principal Consultant of Global Alliances(6Years) at Oracle • Business development specialist and manager in IBM (6 years) and Cisco (3 years) • Profound understanding to China technical innovation market • Rich experience and social connections in the largest market in the world- the greater China territory

  6. Industry Solution Team • Lauren Luo • Investor in innovation field • Co-founder & VP of Beijing GuangyuHuineng Co, Ltd. On Sino-European technical collaboration. • Business development manager of GDF Suez in France (2 years) • 19 years in technical solution designing and selling • Bachelor, Electrical Eng., Zhejiang University, China • MBA, Paris 1st University, France • Jingle Liu • Veterna sales director with 18 years in industry solution selling in Oracle and HP. • Bachelor, Mathematics, Nanjing Polytech University, China • Long Zhang

  7. Technical Consulting Team • Gavin Cui • Founder of Beijing Kunpeng Digital Dynamics Company (8 years) • 9 years in technical solution designing and implementation • Doctor, Mobile Communication, Dresden Polytech University, Germany • AizhongDing, Professor • Dean of the Academy of Environmental Protection< Beijing Normal University • Doctor, Environmental Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK

  8. Government Relationship • Chris Zhou • Founder & CEO of Wuhan Innovation Electronics, on RFID chips • Business manager of France Telecom • Solid connection to China’s science parks • Master, Information Technology, University of Essex, UK • MBA, University of Surrey, UK • Jason Wei • CTO at • 19 years in techical solution selling in multinational companies • Bachelor, Electrical Eng., Zhejiang University, China • MBA, University of International Commerce and Economy, China • Long Zhang

  9. Marketing • Clement Zhao • Founder & ClientDirector of GCCC Public Relations • Project Manager in Ogilvy & Mather(4 years) • Journalist of Xinhua News Agency(4 years) • Bachelor, Beijing University of Foreign Studies, China • MBA, University of Surry, UK • Irene Zhao • Director of Marketing & Public Relations in Oracle (3 years) • 18 years in public relationship and technical promotions • Bachelor, International Relationship, China People’s University • MBA, University of International Commerce and Economy, China

  10. Brands We Are Representing

  11. Gazprom- Russiasince 2012 Newsfeed 2013 2012 • Gazprom is the largest company in Russia (ranked 15th in 2012 Fortune 500 list, LSE:OGZD) • We helped Vodopad, the advanced nanotech-based electro-coagulation water purification technology and products enter into China’s massive market. • Exhibitions • Minister level customer touch • Market analysis and entrance plan • Participation in large scale tendering

  12. Skyline- Israelsince 2005 Skyline Software Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of 3D earth visualization software and services, with its headquarter in Herndon, VA & R&D center in Israel. We introduced Skyline’s 3D technology into China market since 2005. In the past 8 years Skyline became the largest 3D technology vendor, and China market contributes one third of its total revenue annually.

  13. Green China Livinglab- Finland since 2011 Newsfeed 2012 ENoLL project started in 2008 with the goal to help companies to test new products in a real user environment. We linked ENoLL to related Chinese organizations and helped it debut in Tianjin. Since 2011, it has expanded to Shenzhen, Beijing, Nanchang and more cities in China, aiming at developing a national wide user-centric platform to enable ICT technology applying to health , energy and social service field.

  14. Torino-Wireless- Italy2006 The Torino Wireless park is the governance body of the Piedmont district, along the way of innovation and competitiveness, to promote models of collaboration, knowledge transferring and cluster projects, and to establish the ICT District as an international hub of technology and innovation. We helped the science park to implement a business partner matching project “Excellence Match”, in order to verify the market opportunities in China in terms of competition landscape, market segment mapping, entry strategies, and social networking.

  15. Environment & Energy

  16. Environment & Energypoints of interest ENE001 Desalination: desalination technology and Harmless treatment of the byproducts ENE002 Mare Island Residential: energy solution, fresh water, waste disposal, island restoration techniques ENE003 Township Garbage Disposal: direct treatment of daily household garbage without sorting them. ENE004 Integrated Municipal Waste Treatment: Treatment to: kitchen waste disposal, landfill leachate treatment, sludge treatment, waste oil processing ENE005 Rainwater Harvesting- Treatment- Conservation Technology ENE006 Water-saving Agriculture, Tourism Agriculture ENE007 Thermal insulation energy-saving technology

  17. Information Technology

  18. Information Technologypoints of interest Currently no opportunity

  19. Advanced Manufacturing

  20. Advanced Manufacturingpoints of interest M&A M&A MAN001M Product line or enterprise of commercial/ unpiloted airplanes MAN002M Enterprise of High-precision Bearings (for use of airplanes)

  21. Modern Services

  22. Modern Servicespoints of interest SVC003 Training package of Low Altitude Flight SVC004 Managed Service to Hospitals/ Sanatoria

  23. Xiexie! Thanks! Dankon! voicemail: +86-10-6515-1437 skype w/voicemail: longlongzhang