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SH Security Supermarket Barrier Catalog PowerPoint Presentation
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SH Security Supermarket Barrier Catalog

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SH Security Supermarket Barrier Catalog - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SH Security Supermarket Barrier Catalog
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  1. SH Security Supermarket Barrier Catalog Contacts: Fenghui Guo Email:

  2. Hand-push Swing Barrier Model: SH221 SH Security SH Security Dimension::¢89x960 mm Material:202 stainless steelWeight:8kgsArm Length:600(mm) (Default) <=700(can be customized)Arm Direction:Single directionApplication: Indoors Outdoors (better with awning) Working way: Pure mechanical No electrical control panel Arm will get back automatically after passenger passes

  3. Electrical Swing Barrier Model:SH-S005A SH Security SH Security SH Security

  4. Electrical Swing Barrier Model:SH-S006 SH Security SH Security

  5. Electrical Swing Barrier Specifications: Power Supply: AC110V±10V ,60Hz / AC220V±10V ,50Hz Power Consumption: 100 watts/24V Working Temperature: -15℃ ~ 60℃ Related Humility: <=95% Passage Width: <=60cm Response Time: 2s Passing Speed: 30 persons/min (normal open) 20 persons/min (normal close) Interface: RS485, communication distance <=1200m Input Interface: +12V electrical signal or DC impulse signal with width >100ms Material: Housing 2.00mm 304-type and arm 1.00mm 202-type Arm Length: 600mm (Default) <=800mm (Can be customized) Dimension: ¢168x1050 mm (SH-S005A) 260x 220x 1000mm (SH-S006A) Weight: 20Kgs/unit Dimension of standing pole: SH-S005A Vertical pole ¢89x980 mm, Level pole: ¢32 (Length:<=1000mm) SH-S006: Dimension is customized at your request

  6. Comparison between Hand-push Type & Electrical Type • Only when the arm is pushed by hand, the swing will be open for a while and will • close automatically in some seconds. • Photocells can be installed in standing poles which are integrated with electrical • swing barriers. When a customer gets to entrance of supermarket, the time • he/ she passing the photocells which will also send signals to the swing barriers • that arms should be open. And swing barrier arms will goes to open automatically • and the same theory of exit from the supermarket.

  7. Shenzhen SH Security Technology Co.,LtdAddress: 3rd Floor, Block C, Wanshifa Industrial Park, 1st Industrial Zone, Bantian Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China 518129 • Contact: Ms Fenghui Guo • Website: • Tel: +86-755-89955830 • Fax: +86-755-89964737 • Mobile: +86-13714573482 • Email: • • Msn: • Skype: fenghui.guo szshkj • Yahoo: • G-talk: