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P.A.T. The Secret to Writing Success :. BEFORE I start writing, or even brainstorming, I need to know what my Purpose, Audience, and Text are!. Purpose is: . W hy you are writing or what you want to accomplish. Three main purposes of writing:.

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p a t


The Secret to Writing Success:


BEFORE I start writing, or even brainstorming, I need to know what my Purpose, Audience, and Text are!

purpose is
Purpose is:
  • Why you are writing or what you want to accomplish
three main purposes of writing
Three main purposes of writing:
  • To inform- to share information, explain how something works, explain relationships between things
  • To entertain- to make people laugh, cry, etc. To make people emote.
  • To argue- to convince people to think or do what you want
audience is
Audience is:
  • The person or group who will be reading your writing
ask yourself about your audience
Ask yourself about your audience.
  • How am I related to this audience? Are the older/younger, in a position of authority, do they know me?
  • How much does my audience already know about the topic? Do they need background knowledge?
  • What will be a good way to hook this particular audience? Tell a story? Make a startling statement?
text is
Text is:
  • The form/layout your writing will take
1 purpose is
1. Purpose is____________
  • A. The format that the text takes.
  • B. The tone or voice that you use.
  • C. Convincing someone to believe as you do.
  • D. Why you are writing, or what you want to accomplish.
2 the 3 main purposes of writing are
2. The 3 Main Purposes of Writing are:
  • A. To Entertain, To Convince, To Persuade
  • B. To Convince, To Inform, To Teach
  • C. To Convince, To Entertain, To Inform
  • D. To Entertain, To Inform, To Explain
p a t stands for
P.A.T. stands for:
  • A. Persuade, Audience, Text
  • B. Purpose, Audience, Text
  • C. Purpose, Audience, Terms
  • D. Persuade, Audience, Terms
audience is1
Audience is…
  • A. Whoever will be reading your writing.
you need to be careful with for your audience
You need to be careful with ___________ for your audience.
  • A. Tone and Voice
  • B. Text Format
  • C. Purpose
  • D. Mimicking
text is1
Text is ________________
  • A. The length of your writing.
  • B. The purpose of your writing.
  • C. The topic of your writing.
  • D. The form/ layout your writing will take.