Food allergies in school
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Food Allergies in School. Issue.

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The issue is that people that go to school that have food allergies want to ban the foods that they’re allergic to so they don’t eat the foods they’re allergic to and then might not have there medicine with them. The other parents don’t want to get rid of the foods that people are allergic to.


The point is that schools should ban some foods from schools. Such as, peanuts, eggs & fish. They should because those three foods are the most common foods that people are allergic to. For about 4% of school age children, food allergies present a serious threat of a potentiantally fatal reaction. They should ban those foods because if they eat the food they’re allergic to and they don’t have their medicine or don’t know how to use their medicine. they would have to get a teacher to call the hospital. Then, call the kids parents to meet him at the hospital.

Counter point
Counter point

The counterpoint is that schools shouldn’t ban foods from school.

First, they shouldn’t ban foods from schools because maybe the food they might ban is the only thing they might put on their sandwich like peanut butter and jelly.

Second, most people that are allergic to nutritional foods such as milk, eggs & peanuts.

Third, parents think that those 1 or 2 people in the school with food allergies should be home schooled or pack a lunch every day.

Where i got my information
Where I got my information

  • Points of view : allergies in schools. 2011, p1/ 1.