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teleport services n.
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Satellite Uplink PowerPoint Presentation
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Satellite Uplink

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Satellite Uplink
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Satellite Uplink

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  1. Teleport services are highly reliable in that every teleport is designed to high standards and high performance, while simultaneously optimizing their availability for service. They enhance flexibility. By integrating teleport services into their system, International Media Switzerland helps to enhance seamless connectivity between the fiber and satellite networks. Teleport Services Visit:

  2. International Media Switzerland appreciates the fact that we live in an ever changing world that is capable of producing new technology at breakneck speed. IBM provides satellite uplink facilities and comprehensive uplink services. We integrate transmission capacities in order to be able to offer our clients a flexible and high quality worldwide distribution service for content providers. Global Satellite Distribution Visit:

  3. International Media Switzerland has the playout and turnaround options your company needs. You will not find a better company than International Media Switzerland for the latest in playout services technology. It is also important to find satellite company that is going to help you distribute your different kinds of programming to international platforms. Satellite Radio Visit:

  4. Our satellite uplink services we offer a higher-performance L-Band distribution system. It can offer valuable insights to broadcast organizations and other entities. Uplink Services Visit:

  5. International Media Switzerland provides teleporting coverage to every continent, and their unmatched service is a tremendous asset for clients requiring multimedia broadcasting and continuous content distribution. Broadcasting Services Visit:

  6. Creative production in state-of-the-art facilities spans the full range of media possibilities from radio ,TV Broadcasting programmer to documentaries and training videos, with our experienced and professional production personnel, including camera operators, sound engineers, lighting directors, location scouts and managers, producers and directors in HD, digital and analogue. TV Broadcasting Via Satellite Visit:

  7. International Media Switzerland GmbH Strandweg 33, 3004 Bern Switzerland T: +41 31 520 70 77 F: +41 31 520 70 99 CONTACT US Visit:

  8. LOCATION Visit: