Paddington physiotherapy
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Injuries can happen to anyone, anytime and serious injuries leave a scar no just physically, but emotionally as well. Sometimes, mobility is at stake too and for such times, physiotherapy is a great solution. If looking for Paddington Physiotherapy, can be of sure help.

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Paddington physiotherapy

About Us

In Motion Physiotherapy's mission is to provide personalized

and specialist care for you. We have created a clinic that we believe offers

a range of specialist treatments from fully qualified and highly trained

therapists. We know how depressing and frustrating it can be when we

are injured and that's why we strive to achieve the highest levels of care

for you.

We have two clinics, one based in the heart of London in Paddington W2

and one based In Hammersmith W6. Both clinics are based in state of the

art modern hospitals with all the on site facilities that may be needed for

safety and to get you better. We also offer home visits should you wish to

be seen in the comfort of your own environment or struggle to get to us.

Paddington physiotherapy

Paddington Clinic

Winston Churchill Building

St Mary's Hospital

Praed St


W2 1NY

Based just 2 mins walk from Paddington

Station the paddington clinic is based in

the internationally renown St Mary's


Paddington physiotherapy

Hammersmith Clinic

Ground Floor- Hydrotherapy Department

Charing Cross Hospital

Fulham Palace Road


W6 8RF

Based just 10 mins walk from Hammersmith

or Barons Court Underground station the

Hydrotherapy clinic is based in the purpose

built Aquatic centre at Charing Cross


Paddington physiotherapy

Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapy

Musculo-Skeletal Physiotherapists work hand

in hand with patients who have injured

nerves, muscles, bones or cartilage. A

personalised and tailored rehabilitation plan

is formulated after a comprehensive

assessment to return patients to a state of

well-being and function.

Our physiotherapy team have worked

extensively in the NHS as well as with elite

athletes and will individually tailor

your rehabilitation with your goals in mind.

Paddington physiotherapy

Hydrotherapy Aquatic Physiotherapy

Our highly trained and qualified hydro-

therapists assist patients with both long

term conditions as well as acute injuries

which affect their nerves, muscles and

joints. In specialised purpose built

hydrotherapy pools our hydro-therapists

encourage natural movements through

specific exercises in the warm, safe, secure

and pain relieving environment of the

hydrotherapy pool.

Paddington physiotherapy

Pre / Post Natal And Pelvic Floor Care

Women's Health Physiotherapy specialises

on a number of different issues

commonly experienced by women. It can

help you manage aches and pains

experienced before or after pregnancy

and safely help you maintain or regain your

physical fitness during this important time

in your life. Our specilist Physiotherapists

understand how the Pelvic Floor muscles

work and how they contribute to the

control of your bladder and bowels.

Paddington physiotherapy

Therapy For Dizziness

The balance system works by

coordinating information to your brain

from three senses used for balance:

your balance organ in your inner ear

(vestibular system), your eyes and your

muscles and joints (proprioception). If

these are affected by an injury or disease

the brain can no longer rely on them for

information about equilibrium and

movement, often resulting in dizziness,

balance problems and vertigo.

Paddington physiotherapy

Acupuncture Pain Relief

Acupuncture is an ancient form of

pain relief where needles are placed

into the skin to stimulate nerve

endings in the skin and block

messages of pain from elsewhere.

This has been found very effective in

helping to control pain and has been

endorsed by National Institute of

Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Paddington physiotherapy

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological physiotherapy is a

specialist area of Physiotherapy which

focuses on delivering care to people

who have a neurological impairment.

Our neurological physiotherapists

have extensive experience in

treatment and management of

strokes,brain injuries, spinal cord

injuries, multiple sclerosis,

parkinsons and many other

neurological conditions.

Paddington physiotherapy

Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is a focussed

form of massage therapy which

targets the deeper layers of muscle

and fascia tissue. It is of particular

benefit to those patients who have

chronic longstanding muscular

tension and pain or those who are

particularly stiff following intensive


Paddington physiotherapy

Personal Training

Our personal training sessions are

tailored to suit your needs. Weather

you are recovering from a new or

old injury or just want to improve or

maintain your fitness levels, our

personal trainer works jointly with

the physiotherapy team to support

your recovery and push you into an

individualised training programme.

Paddington physiotherapy

Contact Us

Clinic Hours​:


Tuesdays- Wednesdays: 17.45 - 21.00


Thursdays: 17.45 - 20.30

Office hours:

Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 21.00

Phone​: 07582444601