how online marketplaces and social media n.
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Import Export Business Opportunities Through Social Networking PowerPoint Presentation
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Import Export Business Opportunities Through Social Networking

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Import Export Business Opportunities Through Social Networking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In new digital era there is online social networking to get instant growth from businesses. So take advantage of social networking with Impexed to get your import export business on to the international marketplace.\n

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how online marketplaces and social media

How Online Marketplaces and Social Media

How Online Marketplaces and Social Media

Transformed Import

Transformed Import- -Export?


Social media is a platform which has an immense potential and if it is used properly, it can reap

extremely fruitful results. It is not only limited to sending some random friend requests to another person

sitting 3 or 4 miles from you; rather, it has become an onus of development and expansion for

businessmen as well as job seekers.

Talking about businessmen, social media has opened up a wide range of opportunities for the exporters

and importers. That’s because if a person sets up his business online, he can cater to a much bigger

size of audience who are not limited to a few miles, but can also be from the other side of the globe.

An online marketplace can provide a great boom to a small or a middle-sized business because it will

enable the seller to connect with a buyer who can be an overseas client. Thus, he will get a bigger reach

on to his audience. Apart from this, if you have a very limited source of capital with yourself, the importer

exporter marketplace online can prove to be a total game-changer for you as well as for your


What is an Online Marketplace?

Have you heard about Amazon or eBay? Well, these are the best examples of what an online

marketplace should look like. Actually, an online marketplace is a platform where you can register

yourself as a seller and can sell your goods via the platform of that particular website to a large base of


Basically, an online marketplace will allow you to sell your goods to your audience without actually

creating your own online platform; rather, you can choose a host of options from where you can run

your business smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of an Online Marketplace

Exporting and importing is quite a difficult job to accomplish. But, if it is done efficiently and properly, it

can lead to optimum profits for both the importer as well as the exporter. Talking about an online

marketplace, it has a wide range of benefits which can help both the importer as well as the exporter.

Firstly, an online marketplace helps the exporter or the seller to reduce his production as well as

marketing costs, which in turn leads to a much cheaper buying cost for the importer. Secondly, selling

your goods on an online marketplace will enable you to reach a wider range of audience which will,

thus, increase the popularity of your product and will bring you future investments as well. Lastly, an

online marketplace will provide you the opportunity to expand your business even further and will lead

to a cordial and transparent relationship with the consumer, thus leading to a good word-to-mouth

advertisement for your product.

How can social networking help the importers and exporters?

Nowadays, there are various platforms which allow a massive range of both the importers social

networking as well as the exporter social networking. Actually, the presence of such a healthy social

networking between both the buyer and the seller establishes a transparent as well as a fruitful

business. It increases the confidence of the buyer and helps in making the business grow even further.

Thus, it can be easily seen that social media and online marketplace, both go hand in hand. If the seller

markets his product very smartly on the social media, it is sure to hit a wide range of audience and with

perfect amount of audience research, his business is sure to hit the peak. Thus, many social media

analysts and economists have suggested that the small scale businesses must start with an online

marketplace to build a much bigger audience base, so as to take their next step as a big end business