impact cryotherapy provides top quality n.
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Impact Cryotherapy Provides Top-Quality Cryotherapy Machines for Different Markets PowerPoint Presentation
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Impact Cryotherapy Provides Top-Quality Cryotherapy Machines for Different Markets

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Impact Cryotherapy Provides Top-Quality Cryotherapy Machines for Different Markets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Impact\'s cryotherapy machines come with an upgraded Smart software to manage the level of temperature in the chamber. Cryotherapy replaces traditional ice baths, which can be a slow healing process. Impact\'s cryo machines use ice-cold temperatures ranging between -90 Celsius to -120 Celsius to provide healing and wellness of whole-body in under 3 minutes. Cryotherapy is a quick way to relieve aches and pains in a matter of time.

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impact cryotherapy provides top quality

Impact Cryotherapy Provides Top-Quality Cryotherapy

Machines for Different Markets

Impact Cryotherapy is a well-respected, industry-leading cryotherapy machine manufacturer.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the company has sold over 400 units to clients in 43 states

and 8 countries.

Impact’s whole-body cryotherapy units or “cryosaunas” use nitrogen vapors to lower the

temperature inside their chambers to between -130F and -184 F (or -90C and -120C).

Sessions inside the cryosauna last approximately three minutes. Consumers report experiencing

such benefits as:

Reduced swelling, inflammation and pain

Improved metabolism and weight loss

Healthier, younger-looking skin

Increased mental clarity and focus

Markets which can benefit from Impact Cyrotherapy’s cutting-edge equipment include:

Health and Wellness:Impact’s cryo machines can allow professionals in the health and

wellness field give to their clients fast-acting, cost-effective and integrative wellness

solutions. Patients have reported increased energy levels, better circulation and relief

from chronic pain.

sports and fitness impact s cryosaunas can enable

Sports and Fitness:Impact’s cryosaunas can enable athletic teams to train and perform

better. Athletes have found that regular sessions can help them recover from injuries

faster and ensure that improve the effectiveness of workouts.

Resorts and Spas: Impact’s cryotherapy equipment has also helped spas and resorts

create more pleasurable and rewarding experiences for their patrons. Cryosauna

sessions can leave people feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Impact Cryotherapy is the only cryo machine manufacturer in the US whose units have received

the CE Mark. This certification is given to products that meet European Economic Area safety,

health and environmental protection standards. In addition to this, Impact’s entire product line

meets US electrical safety standards and qualifies for the ETL Mark.

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