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Cloud Computing Services, Cloud Solutions, cloud service providers - iMicron Cloud PowerPoint Presentation
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Cloud Computing Services, Cloud Solutions, cloud service providers - iMicron Cloud

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Cloud Computing Services, Cloud Solutions, cloud service providers - iMicron Cloud
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Cloud Computing Services, Cloud Solutions, cloud service providers - iMicron Cloud

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  1. MAKE THERIGHT CHOICE. CHOOSE THE RIGHT CLOUD. Here are the top considerations for choosing the right cloud provider

  2. Introduction The cloud market is accelerating fast, and so are the enterprises all over the world. major global companies are seeking to gain efficiencies in cloud, as they scale up their compute resources. (Forrester Research)

  3. Checklist to choose right Cloud service providers

  4. Determining right cloud deployment model is one of the challenges in choosing suitable cloud for business needs and size. Review the applicability of each cloud model, pros and cons with respect to your budget and cloud needs of your organization. What you should look up to? Determining yourcloud needs • Don’t just look for cloud options, look for someone who can guide you in cloud deployment and selection • Evaluate your current infrastructure and potential vendor interoperability. • For a long-term public cloud select someone with no vendor lock in. • Look for single vendor or brokerage platform which can provide you with ample number of choices.

  5. Mostly every service provider has their own sets of portfolios of services and these portfolios consists of all the key performance indicators. There are various offers that they provide; ranging from prices to the service they render. What you should look up to? What your CSP’s be like? • Interoperability This would state the ability of your CSP to work on multiple environment. Further this would also determine the potentiality of your cloud provider. Propriety • The service provided by the cloud provider are run under a unique environment, which might create some difficulty while migrating. So, be firm and take decision wisely while hopping off a cloud. Service Level Agreement Before you come to any decision, go through all the service level conditions to avoid any further loss.

  6. When it comes to storing your most critical data, security is one of the major consideration that we should keep in mind. Make sure that the CSP you choose to have a standard security measure and update them too. Security What you should look up to? • Ensure your vendor uses effective firewall; relevant encryption; customizable permissions and other security settings. • Look forward to cloud hosting solutions that includes data backup storage and retrieval mechanism. • Choose a CSP who provides elaborate back up system covering processes for storage access and retrieval.

  7. The location of your data center is very important. This is because it has a major and direct impact on the service that they provide you. This also matters because the CSP you choose should be able to cover all your global requirement without any bottle necks. Geography What you should look up to? • Check the quality and reliability of the telecom infrastructure. • Have quick view on the availability the skilled human resource. • Always choose a location with a lowest risk of any natural calamities. • Be confident about the power and network accessibility.

  8. Pricing is another significant factor that you look up to, while choosing a cloud. This is mainly because that most of the cloud comparison start off with the price. There is no doubt that cloud storage is a better an economical when compared to that of the traditional data center, but you should not take up any decisions based on the cost alone. Cost & Pricing What you should look up to? • Ensure that there are no hidden costs, while you purchase your cloud. • Ask your CSP’s about the advisory service they provide, and if there is any additional cost to it or not. • Always choose a CSP with long term pricing model • Compare your firm’s objective and accordingly choose a CSP that is rendering the appropriate service, within the budget.

  9. Apart from all the above-mentioned points, youshould: Additional services • See if your CSP is helping you to reduce the capex outflow and divert you to some profitable activities. • See if you Vendor is flexible enough to scale up and down as per business requirement. • Ensure that they help you to mitigate all your workload failures, and at the same time minimize downtime and reduce your exposure. • Look forward to a full range of infra and managed services.

  10. CSB Market and Reason of Evolution

  11. The major drivers of this market include: Proliferation of hybrid & multi-cloud environments The enterprise need of achieving cost savings. Single point access to all cloud services. Size of CSB Market North America is expected to hold the largest market share and dominate the CSB market in 2016, due to the increased cloud enablement activities and growing trends in cloud marketplaces. Source – Report on Cloud Services Brokerage Market by MarketsandMarkets

  12. Among cloud brokerage services, operations management service type is expected to hold the largest market share during the forecast period. • The factors driving the operations management service type among both cloud consumers and service providers are the • Need to identify anomalies in the revenue cycle. • Improving customer onboarding. • Informed decisions by business for better financial processes customer interactions. OperationsManagement Service Source – Report on Cloud Services Brokerage Market by MarketsandMarkets

  13. Look beyond cloud service providers

  14. With increased dependency on cloud model, organizations need some specialized partner to make cloud deployment and integration easier and thus, enters cloud service brokers. Different cloud service brokers cater to different stages of cloud journey for any business. • Cloud Broker as Aggregator - Build vendor relationships with cloud providers and make those providers' services available to the end customer. They pull multiple cloud services together into a single user interface and handle billing, governance and security for the customer. • Cloud Broker as Cloud Customizer – Cloud customizers are stepping into the gap to deliver fully integrated bundles of cloud services. Customizers select cloud services on behalf of their customers, depending on the end user's needs.

  15. iMicron serves them all.

  16. With a state-of-the-art marketplace, iMicron offers multiple cloud instances, putting users at the forefront of the rapidly evolving Cloud market and service delivery platform/ marketplace. As a cloud service aggregator, iMicron views cloud, not just as a single technology, but as a foundational platform to run and drive a whole new way of doing business. Features to look for: • Centrally Managed Cloud • End to End Managed Services • Real time price comparison • Unified dashboard • Availability of ample choices • Flexibility in choosing datacenters • Support for every service • Dedicated cloud support team How iMicronCan help you

  17. Cloud can be complicated.Simplify it with iMicron.

  18. Contact Us iMicronPvt Ltd, HyderabadLevel 4, Building No. H-6,Phoenix Avance Business Hub,Hi-Tech City, Madhapur,Hyderabad, Telangana – 500081Ph: 040-66583500 iMicronPvt Ltd, Bangalore#273, 15th Cross, 20th Main,J.P Nagar 5th Phase,Bangalore 560078Ph: + 91 80 41272323,+ 91 80 41151480,+ 91 80 41151483 Email Id For partner association queries – partners@imicron.comFor business queries –marketing@imicron.comFor support related queries –

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