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Chapter 12 Code

Chapter 12 Code. International Maritime Conventions, Regulations and ISM. Part One STCW Topic talking. What does STCW means?. Tell briefly about the development of STCW?. Words and expressions. 1. dministrative. [administrative] adj. 行政的,管理的.

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Chapter 12 Code

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  1. Chapter 12Code International Maritime Conventions, Regulations and ISM

  2. Part One • STCW • Topic talking What does STCW means? Tell briefly about the development of STCW? Words and expressions

  3. 1. dministrative [administrative] adj.行政的,管理的 American law and regulations give a theater mander a vast amount of administrative responsibility and authority.美国的法律和规则,赋予一个战区指挥官以广大的行政责任和权力。 [,implimen'teiʃən]n. 实施,执行 2. implementation That is when bribery affects not just the implementation of policy, but its conception.也就是说行贿不仅仅影响了政策的实施,而且还影响它的构思。 3.Port State Control 港口国控制 [in'hɑ:nst, -'hænst] adj. 加强的 4. enhanced It was also enhanced by a series of large US budget deficits.美国多年的巨额预算赤字,也起到了提振消费的作用。

  4. 5. intervention [,intə'venʃən] n. 插入,介入,干预 This is onereason why early intervention is important.这就是早期干预治疗重要的原因之一。 6. deficiency [di'fiʃənsi] n. 缺陷,缺乏,不足 The most common color deficiency is an inability to see some shades of red and green. 色盲的缺陷是不能看到某些红绿色形状的东西。 7. erratic [i'rætik] adj.不稳定的,无规则的,不规律的 Field studies have shown erratic results and low virus removal in general. 实地研究指出,病毒的去除量一般都很少,并且不稳定。 [fə'ti:ɡ] n.疲乏,疲劳 8. fatigue

  5. Techniques such as meditation, tai chi and yoga are designed to focus the mind, alleviate tension and anxiety, and reduce resistance and fatigue. 诸如冥想,太极,和瑜伽这样些技巧能用来帮助集中心智,缓解紧张和焦虑,减少抵触情绪和减缓疲劳 ['penəlti] n.处罚,惩罚 9. penalty The penalty for helping Jews was instant execution. 帮助犹太人的面临的处罚是立即处决。 10. disciplinary [‘disiplinəri, disi’plinəri].adj.训诫,训练的 All disciplinary measures should be recorded.所有纪律处分均应记录。 质量标准体系 11. quality standards system 12. professional competence 职业能力 [ri:,væli'deiʃən] n.重新确认 13. revalidation 14. refresher course 复习进修课程

  6. ['mændətəri:, -,tɔ:ri] adj.强制的 15. mandatory Pilotage in the port is mandatory. 本港强制引水。 16. designated ['deziɡ,neitid] adj. 指定的 CPA---designated person ashore 岸上指定人员 17. proficiency [prəu'fiʃənsi] n. 熟练,精通 Most of them have passed the English-proficiency test.他们绝大多数通过了英语水平测试 n. 无线电通讯 18. radiocommunication 滚装船 19. ro-ro ship 20.crisis management 危机管理 The first of the essential conditions is a robust and transparent system of crisis management.第一个必要条件是,建立一个稳健而透明的危机管理制度。 21. incorporate [in'kɔ:pəreit, in'kɔ:pərət] vt. 合并,组成

  7. These creatures could incorporate raw meat in their diet and process food more efficiently. 这些动物能够在其食物中加上生肉,能更有效地对食物加工。 [kən'fain, 'kɔnfain] vt.限制,局限 21. confine In order to confine a gas we must apply a pressure. 要限制气体范围,我们必须施加压力。 22. impair [im'pεə] vt.损害,破坏 We all know that talking on a cell phone can impair our ability to drive. 我们都知道开车时接电话会分散注意力。 23.illustrate ['iləstreit] vt. 举例说明,图解 The teacher compared the heart to a pump to illustrate its function.老师将心脏比喻成水泵,以说明心脏的功能。 24. harmonize ['hɑ:mənaiz] vt.协调,使 …… 调和 Truth is when principles cooperate and harmonize with events.理事配合、事理相融即是真理。

  8. 一些重要的相关条款 Some Important Provisions Concerned Some of the most important amendments were adopted by the Conference concern Chapter I - General Provisions. They include the following: Ensuring compliance with the Convention Parties to the Convention are required to provide detailed information to IMO concerning administrative measures taken to ensure compliance with the Convention.This represented the first time that IMO had been called uponto act in relation to compliance and implementation - generally, implementation is down to the flag States, while Port State Control also acts to ensure compliance. Called up:required e.g.All the students are called up to paticipate in the benefitful activity. 要求所有学生都参与这项有益的活动。 (公约)要求缔约方就确保遵守公约所采取的行政管理措施向IMO提供详细的信息。 总则 act: perform, do, operate, work 行动,发挥作用 e.g. government must act to reduce pollution. 政府必需采取行动减少污染 这表明IMO第一次就遵守与执行公约采取措——通常情况下, 公约的执行在于船旗国,但港口国的监控也有助于确保公约的遵守。

  9. 港口国控制 Port State Control The revised Chapter I includes enhanced procedures concerning the exercise of Port State to allow intervention in the case of deficiencies deemed to pose a danger to persons, property or the environment. This can take place if certificates are not in order or if the ship is involved in a collision or grounding, if there is an illegal discharge of substances (causing pollution) or if the ship is manoeuvred in an erratic or unsafe manner, etc. 第一章的修订版包含一些加强措施,这些措施涉及港口国在出现一些认为可能对人员、财产、环境造成危险的缺陷时采取的干预行为。 如果证书有问题或者碰撞或搁浅,如果非法倾倒物质(造成污染)如果以不正规不安全方式操纵船舶等

  10. 本章其它规则还包括 Other regulations in Chapter I include: Measures are introduced for watchkeeping personnel to prevent fatigue. Parties are required to establish procedures for investigatingacts by persons to whom they have issued certificates that endanger safety or the environment.Penalties and other disciplinary measures must be prescribed and enforced where the Convention is not complied with. Parties are required to ensure that training, certification and other procedures are continuously monitored by means of a quality standards system. that endanger safety or the environment是acts的定语 建立程序以调查他们已发证书人员威胁到安全和环境的行为。 针对不遵守本公约情况必须规定并强化罚款和其它约束措施 要求向各方建立程序以调查他们已发证书人员威胁到安全和环境的行为。

  11. Will you see him at intervals?你隔段时间就去看他吗? Every master and officer are required at intervals not exceeding five years to meet the fitness standards and the levels of professional competence contained in Section A-I/11 of the STCW Code. In order to assess the need for revalidation of certificates after 1 February 2002, Parties must compare the standards of competence previously required with those specified in the appropriate certificate in part A of the STCW Code. If necessary, the holders of certificates may be required to undergo training or refresher courses. 满足适任标准和适任水平 证书重新确认 为评估2002年二月一号后验证的必要性,各方必需把过去的适任标准与SCTW公约规则A部分相应证书所规定的标准做对照 培训或复习进修课程

  12. Chapter II: Master and deck department The Chapter establishes basic principles to be observed in keeping a navigational watch, covering such matters as watch arrangements, fitness for duty, navigation, navigational equipment, navigational duties and responsibilities, duties of the look-out, navigation with a pilot on board and protection of the marine environment. 船长与甲板部 值班安排 胜任值班 本章确定了航行值班时要遵守的基本原则,包括以下诸如此类的问题… …

  13. 轮机部 Chapter III: Engine department Includes basic principles to be observed in keeping an engineering watch; mandatory minimum requirements for certification of chief engineer officers and second engineer officers; mandatory minimum requirements for certification of engineer officers in charge of a watch in a traditionally manned engine room or designated duty officers in a periodically unmanned engine room; requirements to ensure the continued proficiency and updating of knowledge for engineer officers; mandatory minimum requirements for ratings forming part of an engine room watch. 强制最低要求 持续熟练和知识更新 有人机舱 无人机舱 发证 e.g. The paper makes discussions on the training and certification measures abroad, and draws some valuable ideas for the references to maritime safety administrations, shipping companies and maritime institut. 本文讨论了培训和发证方法,为海事安全管理机构、船公司和海运院校提出了一些建议。

  14. Chapter IV: Radiocommunication and radio personnel Notes that mandatory provisions relating to radio watchkeeping are set forth in the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Radio Regulations (国际电信联盟规则) and safety radio watchkeeping and maintenance provisions are included in the same regulations and in SOLAS. Chapter V: Special training requirements for personnel on certain types of ships Special requirements were introduced concerning the training and qualifications of personnel on board ro-ro passenger ships. Previously the only special requirements in the Convention concerned crews on tankers. Crews on ro-ro ferries have to receive training in technical aspects and also in crowd and crisis management and human behaviour. 无线电通信和无线电人员 提出,阐明,陈述 e.g. To set forth principles of behavior in formal documents is hardly to guarantee their observance. 特定类型船舶的船员特殊培训要求 滚装渡轮上的船员必需在技术层面、拥挤和危机处理及其人类行为方面接受培训。

  15. 应急、职业安全、医护和救生职能 Chapter VI: Emergency, occupational safety, medical care and survival functions The Chapter incorporates the previous Chapter VI: Proficiency in survival craft and includes mandatory minimum requirements for familiarization, basic safety training and instruction for all seafarers; mandatory minimum requirements for the issue of certificates of proficiency in survival craft, rescue boats and fast rescue boats; mandatory minimum requirements for training in advanced firefighting; and mandatory minimum requirements relating to medical first aid and medical care. 水平证书 急救及护理 高级消防

  16. Chapter VII: Alternative certification Regulations regarding alternative certification are included in a new Chapter VII. This involves enabling crews to gain training and certification in various departments of seafaring rather than being confined to one branch (such as deck or engine room) for their entire career. Although it is a relatively new concept, the 1995 Conference was anxious not to prevent its development. At the same time, the new Chapter is intended to ensure that safety and the environment are not threatened in any way. 可供选择的发证 只限于;关在…里面 e.g. Constancy is therefore inconstancy held in check and confined to the same object. 因此恒定不变就是将易变控制与局限在同一个对象上。 本章涉及到船员在其职业生涯中能后在不同部门得到培训和证书,而不仅仅局限于某部门(如甲板部或机舱部)。 本章的目的是确保安全和环境不会受到任何方式的威胁。

  17. Home Work: • Be capable of using key words and expressions in this lesson • Be able to express the ideas about STCW Convention and STCW Code • Look up the words which are new to you in the dictionary and read the text globally for main ideas

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