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KIC- EIT Co-location Benelux

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KIC- EIT Co-location Benelux. Intelligent, energy efficient buildings and cities are the key to sustainable development! Jan H. Blom. From minimal dissatisfaction to a sustainable energy-positive built environment. Buildings today: consume ~ 37% world energy exploit ~ 40% of world resources

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kic eit co location benelux

KIC- EIT Co-location Benelux

Intelligent, energy efficient buildings and cities are the key to sustainable development!

Jan H. Blom

from minimal dissatisfaction to a sustainable energy positive built environment
From minimal dissatisfaction to a sustainable energy-positive built environment
  • Buildings today:
    • consume ~ 37% world energy
    • exploit ~ 40% of world resources
    • produce ~ 40% of world waste
  • 2050: Indoor environmental quality optimized for health, comfort and/or productivity, while considering ecological/ climatic requirements and economics
    • Multiscale/ multiphysics and transdisciplinary approach
    • Address technological solutions for energy generation, storage, distribution and conservation
    • Integrate and optimize in design, construction and operation of new and existing buildings
    • Combine, tune and integrate infrastructures for distribution of energy, transport and waste disposal
the topic
The topic

Intelligent, Energy Efficient Buildings and Cities


Highly visible pilots

  • Urban environments are the key areasin an sustainable future since they account for the major part of the population and the energy use in the EU and worldwide. A new role for cities as “centers of excellence”is emerging
  • Evolution towards CO2 neutrality is irreversible
  • The full trias energetica including system integration will form an essential element in this evolution; this includes that energy efficiency of buildings, installations and end-user behaviour are an important starting point.

(Sources: SET-plan EII roadmaps smart cities, smart grids, E2B,…)

Energy system integration

with strong end-user



Integration different energysources

  • The EU ambitions towards 80% renewable energy supplyrequires efforts on all levels, including large integration of local distributed renewables; there is a tendency towards larger electrificationof the energy system (e.g. electric transport); integration of different energy sources remains essential
  • All high level roadmaps on sustainable cities integrate transport, buildings and grid aspects.
  • Visible sustainability and a social attractive living environment are essential for inhabitants; this is possible through a holistic approach where the energy aspect forms an integral part together with urban planning, cradle to cradle approaches,…

(Sources: SET-plan EII roadmaps smart cities, smart grids, E2B,…)

Integration building, transport, grid

In term

integration with

other urban aspects

strategy embedded in eu initiatives




to Implementation






European Industrial Initiative

European Energy Research Alliance

European Institute of Innovation & Technology

European Research Area


Strategy – embedded in EU initiatives


strategy embedded in eu initiatives8
Strategy embedded in EU initiatives

EII Roadmap smart cities

covenant of mayors
Covenant of mayors
  • The Covenant of Mayors is a commitment by signatory towns and cities to go beyond the objectives of EU energy policy in terms of reduction in CO2 emissions through enhanced energy efficiency and cleaner energy production and use.

City networks

  • Energie-Cités is the association of European local authorities promoting local sustainable energy policies.
  • The association created in 1990 represents now more than 1000 towns and cities in 26 countries.

EUROCITIES is the network of major European cities, covering the local governments of more than 140 large cities in over 30 European countries.

future cities and transport focit urban europe
Future cities and transport (FoCit)/Urban Europe

Joint program UrbanEurope

The vision of the proposed JPI URBAN EUROPE is to fundamentally rethink and manage the dynamics of urban development in Europe to sustain and enhance urban areas as a place of vitality, liveability and accessibility for future generation..

innovation projects
Innovation projects
  • Integratingenergystorageonlocallevels
  • PR 24: Energy storage


Individuallocal transport and impact ongridbasedenergy carriers

PR 23: EV City

Innovative intelligence for new business cases

Heat networks

Long/short term storage


Integrationenergyflows in densilypopulatedaread

PR 25: KIC ASS Active substations

Grid operators

+ system suppliers

Low cost intelligent

Component set


PR 22: Towardsenergyneutralitywithenergyefficient and intelligent buildings & districts



Compact thermal storage

Proof of concept in home system with low cost sensors

In home interoperability evaluation service

Building component manufacturers

Construction companies


Project to be defined together with CC’s in 2011, start 2012

complementarity and co operation with other co locations
Complementarity and co-operation with other co-locations

Technology components

PV, bio-energy CHP,…

Intelligent and efficient buildings and cities

Integration local, central energy supply, storage,…

Integration grids from transmission to end-users

Integration of multi stakeholder business cases

Cradle to cradle

Urban planning

Indoor climate


CC-Benelux Vision on Education

  • Virtual world energy university
    • combined with face-to-face education
  • Learning by immerging
    • challenges coming from industry
  • Both technical and business competencies
  • Mobility: geographical and “vertical”
  • Joint and double degrees
  • Top talent
explore house
Explore house
  • Working and social environment
  • Face-to-face and virtual
  • Innovative learning
    • Lectures from wherever the experts are
    • Lectures on request
    • Group meetings from around the globe
  • Physical e-learning theatre and laboratories
  • Remote laboratories
cc benelux education
CC-Benelux education
  • CC-Benelux Graduate School: Smart and energy efficient buildings and cities
    • MSc programme
    • PhD programme
    • 2 years designers programme together with industry (PDeng, Licencate)
  • Project in third year of BSc
    • to sensitize students
  • Life long learning programme
cc benelux vision on innovation
CC-Benelux Vision on Innovation

Establish a joint innovation platform

to stimulate & support

innovation and high-tech entrepreneurship

within KIC InnoEnergy

“From idea to business”

Business Confidential-All rights reserved

Innovation & Incubation

The Innovation Triangle applied


Smart citiesmarketwatch

Active demand lobby

Eg. Identifynewpilot project opportunitieswithlocalgovernments

Stimulation of technologyintegrationbasedonglobal IP portfolio analysis of partners

Eg. Innovative system with different components

Support forinnovationfundingmechanisms

Eg. EIB , seed-fundingstimulation

Business Confidential-All rights reserved

Innovation & Incubation

The Innovation Triangle applied

unique solid value proposition
Unique Solid Value Proposition

E-markets Intelligent Buildings Intelligent Cities

Application drivers

Technologies Portfolio


Venture Business Office

  • Open Innovation:
  • - Contract Research
  • Collaborative research
  • Licensing
  • IPR
  • R&D funding


Innovation drivers

  • High-Tech Entrepreneurship
  • Incubation
  • Spin-off creation
  • IPR
  • Funding
  • Coaching & Training

Business Confidential-All rights reserved

Innovation & Incubation

The Innovation Triangle applied