Mid del schools transition options
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Mid-Del Schools Transition Options. Rocky Winkle Rachel Hurt Dianne Wise. Assessments and Interest Inventories. One of the first things that we would like our teachers to do is find the interests and abilities of each student. So that they may best serve the student’s needs.

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Mid del schools transition options

Mid-Del Schools Transition Options

Rocky Winkle

Rachel Hurt

Dianne Wise

Assessments and interest inventories
Assessments and Interest Inventories

  • One of the first things that we would like our teachers to do is find the interests and abilities of each student. So that they may best serve the student’s needs.

Assessment and interest inventory bank
Assessment and Interest Inventory Bank

  • Here is a list of free assessment tools and interest inventory banks to use that we provide for our teachers.

  • Assessments:

    • Transition Success Assessments

    • Casey Life Skills

    • Jobs I want to do

    • Choose and Take Action

    • Air Self determination

Inventory bank
Inventory Bank

  • Interest Inventories

    • My Future

    • Career Clusters Interest Survey

    • Personal Preference Indicators

    • Drive of your life

Web sites
Web sites

  • www.myfuture.com

  • www.Driveofyourlife.org

  • www.careerclusters.org

  • http://education.ou.edu/zarrow

  • www.sopriswest.com

Work study and training program
Work Study and Training Program

  • We offer work study and training classes at our three High Schools

  • They will take the place of an elective class

  • We assess and train our students in these classes so that they may seek job opportunities in the future.

Jobs through voc rehab
Jobs through Voc-Rehab

  • Part of our work study program runs through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

  • We send a flyer by e-mail to the Midwest City and Del-City Chambers. They then send it to all their membership.

  • If a young person can get a job, we use voc-rehab to help pay for and train that student.

  • We also have Sheltered work shops available for students to attend.

Employ mentor a mid del student
Employ & Mentor a Mid-Del Student

  • What an employer will gain

  • from this.

  • They will get to train an employee the way they want at no cost to them.

  • They will be able to hire a well trained employee at any time.

  • They will have extra part-time work force members at no cost to them.

  • What the students gain from this experience.

  • They can achieve a post secondary goal.

  • They will receive training.

  • Be a part of the community.

  • Assist them in seeking employment after graduation.

  • Juniors and Seniors participate in this program.

  • Supervised by teachers.

  • Receive course credit.

  • Receive real life experiences.

Employ & Mentor

to Make a Difference

For more information or to take advantage of this program,

Please call Rocky Winkle @ 739-1696, ext. 208

Job coaches
Job Coaches

  • We have Job coaches that oversee our students on the job.

  • Students fill out job interest sheet and are placed at a job site based on interest. On the job, the student will fill out a “How I am doing worksheet”. The employer and the job coach will do the same. The job coach will go over the results of the worksheet and provide feedback to the student.

Transitional training
Transitional Training

  • One type of training place is the Mid-Del Tech Center.

  • We are Continually working on our relationship with them to expand program options for students with disabilities.

  • We have our teachers fill out check sheet to give data to the tech center for placement of our students in the proper program.

  • The Tech-Center will then interview each student to see what program or classes might be best for them.

    The MDTC does an excellent job of placing students upon completion of programs or some skill sets.

Tech center recommendation
Tech Center Recommendation

  • Mid-Del Technology Center

  • Service Careers Technology Recommendation

  • For 2010-11

  • Student Name: _______________________ School: _____________

  • Please check which of the following Service Careers Technology Career Major's) the student is interested in:

  • First Year Career Majors

  • Service Careers Landscaper’s Assistant300 hrsService Careers Housekeeping Assistant180 hrsService Careers Food Service Assistant180 hrsService Careers Small Engines Assistant150 hrsService Careers Auto Detailing Assistant90hrs

  • What are the student’s current academic levels of functioning?

  • _______ Mathematics

  • _______Reading Comprehension

  • _______Written Expression

  • What the student’s strengths?

  • What are the student’s weaknesses?

  • To what extent can the student work independently?

  • Describe the student’s social skills.

  • To what extent does the student participate in regular education classes?

  • To what extent will the student have the ability to benefit from Service Career Technology placement?

  • How does placement into Service Career Technology tie into the student’s transition plan?

  • Has the student been assessed with the Casey Life Skills Assessment?

  • ______no ______yes

  • Has the student been assessed through the Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) program?

  • ____no ______yes

  • If no, why?

  • Attach a copy of the Practical Assessment Exploration System assessment and Casey Life Skills assessment for this student to the application.

  • ________________________ _______________

  • Teacher of Record Signature Date

Training at the site
Training At the site

  • PAES Lab

  • ARRA Money

  • Why did we this

  • Who will use it and how will it help

Paes lab

  • We chose the PAES lab because it allows students to be trained in several job modules.

  • It also has a wide covering of training modules in Daily Living Skills.

  • It is leveled to meet the needs of many students.

  • It provides start to finish training so that student may gain entry level to upper level employment

Paes lab1

  • It provides training for students with moderate to sever disabilities.

  • Students will mild intellectual disabilities.

  • Some students with Specific Learning Disabilities. Students learn entry level skills that assist them in program placement at the Technology Center.

Show job training i
Show Job Training I

  • Skills and lesson plan. Linda Wilson

Show job training ii
Show Job Training II

  • Rachel Hurt- Job Training

Contact info
Contact Info