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Know Benefits of Home Staging PowerPoint Presentation
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Know Benefits of Home Staging

Know Benefits of Home Staging

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Know Benefits of Home Staging

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  1. Hiring a home stager might be what you need to sell your house. You probably know someone with impeccable taste but their house is not selling. What they need, is an unbiased opinion and expertise of a professional stager to sell it faster. A home stager usually has a design background and stays up-to-date on the current housing market. Therefore, they truly understand what a buyer really wants. Some home stagers have completed courses making them a certified home stager. The best way to determine if a home stager is a good fit for you is by reviewing their portfolio, since there are no hard requirements to become one. You can find home stagers in your area using Real Estate Staging Association page. To know more @ Benefits of home staging

  2. Here are some simple fixes that almost all professional stagers recommend. Some of them have worked well for us in the past. Choose Neutral Colors A house that has bold color walls might distract or turn away a potential buyer. Not everyone likes that red wall in your office. The best option is to paint the walls a neutral or a muted color. By painting the walls in a neutral color, you make appearance of the room to be cleaner and more spacious. Don’t forget the trim. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim also freshens everything up. Declutter If you have kids and pets, your house may have many toys scattered throughout. Here is a simple fix for everyone, get rid of clutter and put all your toys away and even some of those sentimental pieces that just take up space. Your goal is to have a future homeowner walk in feeling like the house is well taken care of. Check out Marie Kondo's books for inspiration, one of my favorites. Benefits of home staging

  3. Garage is not exempt from decluttering The garage is usually the last area of the house that a buyer will see. But if the garage is dirty and unorganized it leaves a lasting impression of that unorganized mess. Make sure your garage is clean and organized. One option is to spend a little money and paint the walls. Or get shelfs to organize everything. Home Lighting Makes a Difference Some rooms in your house may be dark except when it is sunny. You want to make sure that there is enough light in every room to showcase the beauty of your house at all times. I suggest spending a little money and invest in new lighting. You can get some great ideas on Home Depot Design center. Benefits of home staging

  4. Floors It is hard for a potential buyer to get past dirty or stained floors. Make sure the carpet is clean throughout the house. I recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaner or replace flooring for a clean look. You will make up for the expense. Curbside Appearance Curbside appearance goes a long way. There are so many inexpensive things that will attract buyers to your house. For instance, nicely planted flowers at your doorstep, a fresh coat of paint on the door, clean windows and a new welcome mat will help allure buyers. Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog about curbside appeal. Just remember you don’t sell your house every day. Take the time to understand what buyers want. Then enlist the assistance of a good home stager to implement some of these changes. You might be surprised at how much more money you can get for your house. Benefits of home staging

  5. Let MoveAssistOnline help coordinate your move. Save time, avoid mistakes and redundancy, and make moving a hassle-free experience. Use our free planning tool. Let our custom search find you the movers, utilities, schools. doctors and much more. To know more visit at Thank You! Benefits of home staging