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SCHOOL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY National Institute of Technology Calicut Calicut-673601, Kerala, INDIA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SCHOOL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY National Institute of Technology Calicut Calicut-673601, Kerala, INDIA. Profile and History.

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National Institute of Technology Calicut

Calicut-673601, Kerala, INDIA

Profile and history
Profile and History

The school of Biotechnology at National Institute of Technology Calicut is venturing into cutting edge science and technology through its teaching and research activisities. As such, biotechnology has evolved as an interdisciplinary area of science and technology having linked with many engineering fields like chemical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and so on. Highly qualified, motivated and dedicated faculty members and research scholars including the B.Tech students are engaged in quality research work in different areas, like neuroscience, cancer biology, bioprocess technology, fuel cell technology, plant biotechnology and genetic engineering. The school of Biotechnology at National Institute of Technology Calicut came into being as an independent entity in 2009. The school started its Ph.D. programme in 2009 itself and faculty members jumped onto the research arenas of cutting edge science and technology

Academic programmes
Academic Programmes

  • Doctoral degree programme

  • Candidates with Master’s degree in biotechnology or life sciences can do research work under this programme leading to Ph.D. All the research scholars are entitled to receive stipend from Govt. of India once they join the programme. Generally, it takes 3-5 years to get Ph.D. degrees after registration.

  • Bachelor of Technology ( Biotechnology)

  • Candidates with 10+2 after clearing AIEEE can join this programme like any other engineering programme. The interesting point of this programme is that all other engineeirng techniques will be used to unravel different biological phenomena and also to produce lot of essential products for medical science, food industry, agricultural needs etc.

Major research areas
Major research areas

Dr. Md. Anaul Kabir Gene regulation in yeast, Protein folding in yeast and higher eukaryotes, Genomics and Proteomics of microbial organisms, Drug resistance in fungal pathogens.

Dr. A Santhiagu Microbial production of useful enzymes, polymers, antibiotics and genetic manipulation, Novel Drud delivery systems,

Biological evaluation of phytochemicals.

Major research areas1
Major research areas

  • Dr. Rajanikant G. K.

  • Neuropathology (Ischemic stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Brain tumors) – disease mechanisms & therapy.

  • Mechanisms of skin repair and regeneration (Normal & infectious wounds, Burn injury, Diabetic ulcers).

  • Drug discovery & development – Herbal medicines, Synthetic compounds, Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD).

  • Novel drug delivery systems – Nanotechnology, Prodrugs, Biodegradable systems etc.

  • Dr. PremRaj Pushparakan

  • Epigenetic regulation of intestinal alkaline phosphatase gene

  • . Role of lipophilic vitamins in gut metastasis

  • Novel anti-tubercular drugs through bio-pospecting

Major research areas2
Major research areas

Dr. R. Aswati Nair Functional genomics of NBS-LRR resistance gene, Secondary metabolite pathway engineering, Fungal elicitor identification

Dr. Suchithra T.V. Microbiology: oxidative stress, antibiotic resistance, strain improvement of industrially important microbes and microbial fuel cells

Dr. K. RathinasamyCell biology, Cancer research, Apoptosis, microtubule cytoskeleton and the mitotic kinesins interacting with the microtubules

Biotechnology laboratories
Biotechnology laboratories

  • Microbiology laboratory

  • Biochemistry laboratory

  • Bioprocess laboratory

  • Molecular biology laboratory

  • Immunology laboratory

  • Plant biotechnology laboratory

  • Downstream processing laboatory

Extramural research funding
Extramural research funding

Faculty nameFunding agencyAmount Status

Dr. Md. Anaul Kabir DST 32.32 lakhs Ongoing

Dr. A. Santhiagu DST 17.93 lakhs Ongoing

Dr. Rajanikant G. K. DST 27.0 lakhs Ongoing

DBT 14.0 lakhs Ongoing

DBT 20.0 lakhs Ongoing

Dr. R. Aswati Nair  DBT21.01 lakhs Ongoing

DST16.85 lakhs Ongoing

Dr. K. Rathinasamy  DB T19.56 laksh Ongoing DST 38.05 lakhs Ongoing

Publications 2010 and 2011
Publications (2010 and 2011)

JournalNational Conf.International Conf.

11 08 11

Conferences summer winter school short term courses workshops
Conferences/Summer/Winter School/Short term Courses/ Workshops

School of Biotechnology conducted the following programmes on its own and also in association with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in 2010 and 2011.

1. Biotechnology Teaching Excellence Program 2010 (BTEP 2010)

2. International Conference on Genomics and Proteomics

3. International Symposium on Biocomputing (ISB 2010)

4. Indo-US Workshop on Biocomputing (ISB-2011)

Ph d students
Ph.D Workshops .students

Currently School of Biotechnology has 20 Ph.D. students pursuing their Ph.D. in the field of protein folding, gene regulation, overproduction of biologically products, drug design, neuroscience, caner biology, plant molecular biology etc.

Junior research fellows
Junior Research Fellows Workshops

Three JRFs are currently working on different DST, DBT projects.

Post doctoral fellow
Post Doctoral Fellow Workshops

One Post Doctoral Fellow is currently

Pcr machine
PCR Machine Workshops