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Water- the secret of life (1,2,) Port Gibson PowerPoint Presentation
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Water- the secret of life (1,2,) Port Gibson

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Water- the secret of life (1,2,) Port Gibson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water- the secret of life (1,2,) Port Gibson
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  1. Water- the secret of life(1,2,) Port Gibson YOSHINOBU NAMIHIRA MD ,FACG 3000 HALLS FERRY ROAD VICKSBURG , MS 39180 PH 601-638-9800,FAX 601-638-9808 E MAIL: NAMIHIRA @VICKSBURG.COM

  2. “Come! And let him who thirsts come. And whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely.” Revelation 22:17

  3. Sermon detail • date :10-2-2010 • opening hymn ;499;what a friend we have in Jesus • scripture reading   John 1:1-5 • special music ; the Namihira's • sermon: The light and life • closing hymn  ,327,I’d rather have Jesus

  4. Connecting Dots Concept Angina pains-heart Thirst Leg pains on walking headache Colitis pains constipation hypertension dehydration Chronic fatigue hypercholesterolemia Dry skin stress Dyspesia-heartburn depression Rheumatoid pains Breast cancer backaches Excess body weight Prostate caner

  5. Water The No Calorie Wonder

  6. Empty-handed vs.loaded • You go to a shopping center, (walmart, kmart, office max, office depot, kroger,office supply, ) • Return trip= BIG QUESTION ??? • Empty-handed=no (0) , nothting in hand, not good idea, bad idea !!! • Loaded= full of merchandise, foods (grocery), very good idea !!!

  7. Return trip= BIG QUESTION ??? What do you have in your hand ?

  8. Empty-handed vs. loaded Empty bag=fall loaded bag=stand

  9. Connecting Dots Concept Angina pains-heart Thirst Leg pains on walking headache Colitis pains constipation hypertension dehydration Chronic fatigue hypercholesterolemia Dry skin stress Dyspesia-heartburn depression Rheumatoid pains Breast cancer backaches Excess body weight Prostate caner

  10. $ 64,000 question • What is the Solution to dehydration ?

  11. Answer • Drink more Water !

  12. Inadequate water

  13. Why is water so important?

  14. Hydro electricity • Human body has the ability to generate hydro electric energy when water, by itself, goes through the cell membrane and turns some very special energy generating pump ! • Scenario : hydro electric power generation when a dam is built on a large river and a large amount of water rushing down turns on turbines , thus electricity is generated.

  15. River Dam Water fall Turbines for hydroelectricity

  16. Take Home Point • Thename of Game • the volume !

  17. Take home point • Massive volume of water movement= • Hydro electricity generated • Neuro transmission= message transfer possible

  18. Monorail on the rail road track

  19. If monorail is stuck on the track, it will not move. • It will not be able to deliver the load to the destination. • The destination will not get the load at all. • No benefit to the destination at all.

  20. If you are dehydrated due to lack of water intake • The monorail system will be stuck. • The nervous system will not be able to deliver the neurotransmitters (chemicals ) to the destination. • The brain, muscles, tendons, stomach, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, gall bladder, urinary bladder, prostate, breast, will not get the message (neurotransmission ).

  21. Very important Question to ask • What makes the monorail system running smoothly on the track ?

  22. Take home point • Water makes the monorail system running well and smoothly on the track.

  23. Drinking Water • Respiration • Digestion • Saliva and tears • Temperature control • Flexibility

  24. Human being= 70 % water Cells 85 % Heart 79 % Lungs 79 % Bones 22 % Brain 75 % Skin 72 % Liver 68 % Muscle 76 % Kidney 83% Intestine 75 % Spleen 76 % Body fat 10 % Water is the most important food

  25. Water, the chemistry of life(1) • Life on earth totally depends on water • All life on earth is thought to have arisen from water • The bodies of all living organisms are composed of water • 70-90 % of all organic matter is water • The chemical reaction in all plants and animals that support life takes place in a water medium

  26. Water, the chemistry of life(2) • Water = the medium to make the life sustaining reactions possible • Water = important reactant or the product of these reactions • The chemistry of life = water chemistry!

  27. Properties of water • Water has a firmly established and essential hydrolytic role in all aspects of body metabolism –water –dependent chemical reactions ( hydrolysis) • The power of water is used in the chemistry of life.

  28. Properties of water(2) • At the cell membrane: the osmotic flow of water through the membrane can generate “hydro electric” energy (voltage) that is converted and stored in the energy pools of ATP and GTP- two vital cell battery systems. ATP and GTP are chemical source of energy in the body.

  29. Properties of water(3) • Water forms a particular structure, pattern, and shape that seems to be employed as the adhesive materials in the bondage of the cell architecture. Like glue, it sticks the solid structures in the cell membrane together.

  30. Properties of water(4) • Products manufactured in the brain cells are transported on “waterways” to their destination in the nerve endings for use in the transmission of messages. There seem to exist small waterways or micro streams along the length of nerves that floats the packaged materials along “guideline” called microtubules.

  31. Take home point (1) • When you are dehydrated, the monorail system in the nerve does not work well. • The consequence= sluggish, sleepy, not alert, feel depressed

  32. Take home point (2) • When you are sleepy, sluggish, and feel depressed, drink more water

  33. Properties of water(5) • Protein and the enzymes of the body function more efficiently in solution of lower viscosity ; that is true for all the receptors (receiver point) in the cell membrane. In solution of high viscosity ( in a dehydrated state) , proteins and enzymes becomes less efficient ( possibly includes the recognition of thirst of the body)

  34. Water , the universal solvent • H20 • Hydrogen H =1 proton,1 electron • Oxygen= 8 protons, 8 electrons • The key to the chemistry of life + 0 H H -

  35. Polarity of water molecule(1) • H20 H+ + OH- • The shells of the hydrogen atoms take on a smaller electropositive charge (+); (H+ ) • The shells of the oxygen atoms take on electronegative charge (-) because the greater mass of the oxygen nucleus draws in all the electrons in the molecule; (0- )

  36. Polar attraction between water molecules • H+ 0- • 0- H+ ___ + + + +

  37. Polarity of water molecule(2) • A hydrogen atom is covalently bonded to the oxygen of its own molecule • Forms a weak bond with the oxygen of another molecule • The oxygen end of a molecule forms a weak bond with hydrogen end of another molecule • Water is a continuous chemical entity

  38. Polarity of water molecule(3) • The disassembly and re arrangement of weak bonds = the chemistry of life ! • salt Cl- Na+

  39. H2O=water • Na Cl= salt Na H+ Cl- H+

  40. Polarity of water molecule(4)

  41. Polarity of water molecule(5) • the delicate configuration of individual water molecules enables them to break relatively stronger bonds by conveying on them. This is why we call water the universal solvent. It is a natural solution that breaks down the bonds of larger, more complex molecules. This is the chemistry of life on earth in water and on land.

  42. Signs of Dehydration • Thirst • Color of urine • Yellow=dehydrated,not O.K. • pale = O.K.

  43. Signs of Dehydration • Headaches • Constipation • Fatigue • Dry skin