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Bollywood Dance

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Bollywood Dance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bollywood Dance. By Hancy Kapoor. Types of dance. Giddha Bhangra Ghoomar Kathputli Chari Rouf. Dang Lila Garba Dandia Koli Lavani Jhumar. Bollywood masala. Foundation of every Indian great Bollywood film

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Bollywood Dance

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    1. Bollywood Dance By Hancy Kapoor

    2. Types of dance • Giddha • Bhangra • Ghoomar • Kathputli • Chari • Rouf • Dang Lila • Garba • Dandia • Koli • Lavani • Jhumar

    3. Bollywood masala • Foundation of every Indian great Bollywood film • Dances are fusion of traditional and classic Indian dances with influence of jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance • Timing, rhythm, and energy are important elements

    4. Ghidda Performed by women Combines dancing, singing, and mimicry to express themes of life Women’s movements of arms and hands show grace and flexibility

    5. Bhangra Most widespread of Indian folk dances worldwide Influenced by fusion from genres like hip-hop Originally performed only by two men, currently is performed by women too

    6. Ghoomar Comes from the word Ghoomna (meaning to spin) Simple dance, but smooth movements of hips Dance moves in circular form, goes clock-wise and counter clock-wise

    7. Kathputli Kathputli means puppet and Rajasthan is famous for puppet-playing tradition Dancers pretend to be string puppets dancing to folk beats Stories are told of romance, chivalry

    8. Chari Rajasthan folk dancers balance brass pots on their heads and create adroit patterns with their hands Graceful dance in which women make beautiful formations

    9. Rouf Popular dance of women in Kashmir Dancers form two rows facing each other, and put their arms around the necks and waists of their neighbors

    10. Dang Lila Danced by men and women, sometimes together Starts slowly and builds in tempo as it progresses, leading to an exciting finish Performers stand in a circle and take simple steps forward and backward

    11. Garba Essentially a women's dance, common for men to participate Performed at many auspicious occasions and special events Accompany movements with clapping, snapping their fingers

    12. Dandia Danced by men and women Short sticks carried by dancers Starts slowly and builds in tempo

    13. Koli Prevalent in the coastal regions of Maharashtra Portrays community of fisher folk who perform dance Two rows of dancers face each other and move back and forth imitating the tossing movements of a boat in the ocean

    14. Lavani Performed by women only, has certain typical movements Comes from state of Maharastra

    15. Jhumar One of the most famous dances from Haryana Takes it’s name from jhumar, ornament worn by women od forehead Form a circle and move gracefully accompanied by beats of drum

    16. Top 10 Famous choreographers • Longinus Fernandez Shimak Davar • Bosco Ceaser Chinni Prakesh • Ahmed Khan Prabhu Deva • Howard Rosemyer Farah Khan • Ganesh Acharya Saroj Khan

    17. My favorite choreographer • My Favorite Choreographer is Shiamak Davar • Born: October, 19, 1961 • Contemporary Dance Choreographer • First Indian to bring contemporary jazz, and western forms of dances

    18. bibliography • •