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Exemplary Journal Entries #18 & #20

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Exemplary Journal Entries #18 & #20

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Exemplary Journal Entries #18 & #20

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  1. Exemplary Journal Entries #18 & #20 Author’s Name: Bennett Crawford #20: As the harsh light hits the woman covered in beige, her blushed cheeks were pronounced prominently. Her smile, wide like the Cheshire Cat, housed the slick white teeth, colored like Moby Dick. Her eyes pierced their targets like daggers, but the emerald irises were giving and kind. Her hair, in golden locks, brightened the dimlit room like a candle. Author’s Name: Taylor Holland #18: The bark blanketed the tree like the female marsupial covered the fetus Author’s name: JB Smith #20Boots made of warn leather, rough around the soles, protruding out pants the color of the sea, wearing a shirt that flows like leaves in the wind, her neck covered by the vibrant cloth, her cheeks glow red from her exuberant joy, her hazel eyes shine in the light, and her hair flows like a stream in the shadows with spots that glimmer.

  2. Exemplary Journal Entries #18 & #20 • Author’s Name: Hannah Beyer • #20 Her wide eyes followed her marks as she scribbled hastily across the page, pen resting in slender fingers topped with chipped, polished nails. Her fringed black and bleached hair hung half over her face, shielding her from the distractions around her save from the occasional inane conversation with her blonde best friend. • Author’s Name: Sarah Tyrlick • #18 The tree’s trunk was skinny and long like the slingshot tongue of a lizard. • Author’s Name: Jennifer Rhodes • #20 She gazed at the computer, the light shining on her soft but determined face. The light seemed to be soaked up by her dark hair that cascaded down in zigzags down her shoulders, creating a unique border to her face. Her shoulders hunched as she continued to read the words on the computer, determined to finish her assignment. • Author’s name: Danny Kopp • #18 The hamster’s fur was brown like the lined bark of a great oak.

  3. Exemplary Entries 18 & 19 4th period Author: Mason Snuggs 20: He sits staring at the screen with rapt attention only to be distracted by an unintelligent comment from the back. He turns, flinging his locks to the side and begins giggling to himself. A though forms through his face, and he proclaims in a loud voice another ludicrous comment. A comment is then made about him and his round face blushes beet red in embarrassment. He then hunches forward, imitating the ever famous bell ringer from Notre Dame, and stares at the two women sitting opposite him, dumbfounded they even utter a word in his direction. He begins raking his fingers across his chin attempting to hide another self satisfied blush at his predicament Author: LiaZelaya 20: Her skin was a warm toasted brown, cooled by thelight of the class. Her cheeks were a pink rosy flush, just as bright as a new born baby. When she blinked you could almost feel a breeze coming from her branch like lashes. She was soft from the air swept curls in her hair, to her dark brown eyes that somehow shined a light.

  4. Exemplary Entries 18 & 19 4th period • 18 • 20- His face was white an dpale as if he had not seen sunlight in years. His arms were skinny and boney as if he had not eaten in years. His hands were grimy and dirty as if he had not washed them in years. His butt was flat and splintered as if he had been sitting on a bench for 4 years. This is Will Morgan. – Sandler Smith

  5. Exemplary Entries 18 & 19 4th period Author: Amos Bae 20: His broad shoulders and beautiful frame that followed filled the wooden desk. He is a god that treads on mortal ground, with his short, blonde hair. His eyes are covered by thick cuts of glass, surrounded by red and white splotches of skin. His navy shirt completes the matching set.

  6. Agenda: 2/28/2013 • * Ensure Research Paper Due Dates are Reflected on your calendar • Literary Analysis Work •  Distribute/Discuss Website Details… as a class, deliberate dates for • Return Historical Background Notes on your chosen time period; assign a scribe; as a group, ensure that all important aspects are noted, in bullet-form. • Scribe: on a separate sheet of paper, assign the following tasks: • a. President • b. Vice Pres. • c. Aesthetic Coordinator: • D. Literary Notes/Authorial Background Notes Input Manager: • E. Critical Reading Input Manager: • F. Vocabulary Input Manager: • G. Comparison/Contrast Input Manager: • H. Works Consulted Input Manager • 2. Ensure your group’s 2 lengthy works and 2 shorter works from your unit are typed on the page. • Socratic Seminar Prep. • Collect Socratic Sem. Q & A w/ current event article • Reading Workshop • If necessary, meet in IRB groups at some point during the class • Writing Workshop • Mini-conferences: Midterm Folder Organization • Senior Project/Research Paper • Collect Proclamation Posters…ensure rubric is attached (end of class) • Return Works Cited

  7. Writing Workshop Conference Schedule: 2nd Block

  8. Writing Workshop Conference Schedule: 4th Block

  9. Teacher Commentary on Titles and Theses Copy: Student: Bennett Crawford Title: TOPSoccer: Effective at Fostering Physical, Mental, and Emotional Growth for the Disabled My Commentary: Strengths: Clear focus (I know the whole scope of your paper before reading your claim, capped first letter in all major words, correct font size, didn’t bold Improvements Necessary: Rephrase “Effective At” Address “Why” TOPSoccer is effective Thesis: TOPSoccer is adequately effective at fostering the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of disabled athletes. My Commentary: Strengths:1 fluid sentence; passes the “So What” test; details talking points that will appear in the paper Improvements Necessary: “Athletes” is not mentioned in your title; “adequately effective” is redundant; Address “Why” TOPSoccer is effective

  10. Homework: 2/28/13 • WRITING WORKSHOP: •  Due Friday, March 8: Draft #2 Comp./Cont. (ensure you’ve included and highlighted 2 words from Vocab. 5 and 2 words from Unit 6) • READING WORKSHOP • Friday, March 1: Group Binder Due • Monday, March 4: In-Class Essay on The Alchemist (you will be able to use your annotated text (on paper only for digital students) and IRB Journal (Collection after essay: IRB Journal and Annotated Book) • Tuesday, March 5: The Alchemist Socratic Seminar • SENIOR PROJECT • Thurs., March 7: Auditorium: Letter to Judges Info. Session • Thurs., March 21: Due: Letter to Judges • Fri., March 22: Auditorium: Presentation Info. Session • Friday, March 29: Research Paper Due • Thurs., April 4: Due: Mentor Hours and Forms Faxed to Ms. Nicely • Thurs., April 18: Due: Portfolio; Auditorium: Finishing Touches • Thurs., April 25: Senior Project Board’s Night!!! • Fri., April 26: End-of-Senior Project Extravaganza! • RESEARCH PAPER (Refer to “Party on a Page” for Detailed Requirements • Fri., Mar 8: Due: 20 Note Cards/Source Cards and Final Draft of Works Cited • Fri., Mar 15: Due: Sentence Outline of paper • Thurs., Mar 21: Due: Error-free Intro. Paragraph • Tues., Mar 26: Due: Draft of Entire 5-7 page paper, Outline and Works Cited/Peer-Editing Session • Fri., Mar 29: Final Draft of 5-7 page paper, Outline and Works Cited • Literary Period Dates/Work • Thurs., March 7: Meet in Library; Website Work • Tues., April 2: Meet in Library; Website Work

  11. Site Codes Edmodo Class Codes: 2nd block: 917047 4th block: tm84d5 Turnitin.com 2nd Block: 5948519 4th Block: 5948559 Online World Lit. Textbook See handout that I provided

  12. Timeline Wheeler Senior Project Spring 2013 •  January 11 Meeting in Auditorium • Overview and Expectations of Senior Project presented. Mentor Approval Process and Application discussed. •  January 14 **Due Date for Consequences of Failure to Meet Deadline Form •  Week of January 14-18 Classes meet in the library • Overview and Expectations of Student Resume presented. •  January 24 Meeting in Auditorium • Overview and Expectations of Student Proposal presented. •  February 1 **Due Date for Resume •  February 7 **Due Date for Mentor Approval Form •  February 14 **Due Date for Proposal and Meeting in Auditorium • Overview and Expectations of Proclamation Posters presented.

  13. Timeline (cont’d)Wheeler Senior Project Spring 2013 February 21 Meeting in Auditorium Overview and Expectations of Project Portfolio presented. This is a culmination of all the work for the semester that will be presented on Boards Night (Due November 8).  February 28 **Due Date for Proclamation Poster  March TBD **Research Paper Due (exact date to be determined by individual English teachers)  March 7 Meeting in Auditorium Overview and Expectations of Letter to the Judges presented.  March 21 **Due Date for Letter to the Judges  March 22 Meeting in Auditorium Overview and Expectations of Formal Presentation of the senior project for Board Night presented.  April 4 **Due Date for Mentor Hours Log (turned in to English teachers) and Mentor Verification and Evaluation must be faxed by Mentor

  14. Timeline (cont’d)Wheeler Senior Project Spring 2013  April 18 ** Due Date for Portfolio and Meeting in Auditorium (logistics)  April 25 Senior Project/Board Night