find someone who l.
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Find Someone Who

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Find Someone Who. Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up A asks questions; B responds. A records answer B checks and initials answer Switch roles Repeat with a new partner each time When worksheets are complete, students sit and compare. Inside Outside Circle. Half the class forms outside circle

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find someone who

Find Someone Who

Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up

A asks questions; B responds.

A records answer

B checks and initials answer

Switch roles

Repeat with a new partner each time

When worksheets are complete, students sit and compare

inside outside circle
Inside Outside Circle
  • Half the class forms outside circle
  • Remaining students form inside circle
  • Inside students ask; Outside students respond
  • Partners switch roles
  • Students rotate
match mine
Match Mine
  • Sender arranges pieces
  • Sender describes arrangements; receiver matches
  • Partners check for accuracy
  • Receiver praises sender
  • Switch roles; play again
mix n match
  • Students mix and pair
  • Partners quiz each other
  • Partners trade cards
  • Students quiz new partners
  • Teacher calls “Freeze!”
  • Students “Match”
mix pair share
Mix Pair Share
  • Students mix
  • Teacher calls “Pair”
  • Hand Up, Pair Up
  • Teacher asks question, gives think time
  • Share: Timed Pair Share or Rally Robin
numbered heads together
Numbered Heads Together
  • Students number off
  • Teacher asks question
  • Students think and write
  • Heads together; share and discuss
  • Teams signal when ready
  • Teacher calls number
  • That number answers
rally coach
Rally Coach
  • Students sit in pairs
  • First problem: A solves, B coaches and praises
  • Next problem: B solves; A coaches and praises
  • Continue solving problems
rally robin
Rally Robin
  • Teacher poses problem
  • Partners repeatedly take turns; answering orally
round robin
Round Robin
  • Teacher asks a question
  • Teammates take turns answering
round table
Round Table
  • Teachers assign problem
  • Team members each write and pass
  • Question cards placed in center
  • Showdown captain reads a question
  • Students work alone and write answers
  • Teammates signal when ready
  • Showdown captain calls “Showdown”
  • Teammates show and discuss answers
  • Teammates celebrate or coach
  • New showdown captain leads next round
simultaneous roundtable
Simultaneous Roundtable
  • Teacher assigns task
  • Everyone writes!
  • Everyone passes!
  • Continue: Pass-N-Add
spend a buck
  • Team lays out alternatives
  • Teammates spend a buck on each alternative
  • Teammates spend remaining dollars
  • Teams sum dollars to determine team decision
stand up hand up pair up
Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up
  • Students stand up, hand up, pair up
  • Teacher asks question
  • Think time
  • Partners share using:Rally RobinTimed Pair Share
talking chips
Talking Chips
  • Teacher provides topic
  • One student places a chip in center, begins discussion
  • Students use chips to continue discussion
  • Chips used up? Students collect chips, continue discussion
team stand n share
Team Stand-N-Share
  • Teams stand up
  • Teacher calls on one student
  • Student states one idea from list
  • Team Recorders add idea or check it off
  • Sharing continues with rotating Recorder
  • Teams sit when all ideas checked off
  • Seated teams Round Table, recording new ideas
timed pair share
Timed Pair Share
  • Teacher announces topic and time
  • Think Time
  • A shares; B listens
  • B responds and praises
  • B shares; A listens
  • A responds and praises
  • One Learner per team leaves the room
  • Remaining students (Teachers) receive instruction
  • Teachers plan instruction
  • Learners return to teams
  • Teachers teach Learners
  • Learners take practice test
mix freeze group
Mix Freeze Group
  • Students mix
  • Teacher calls Freeze
  • Students Freeze
  • Teacher asks question
  • Students group according to the number of the answer
  • Remaining students go to the Lost and Found
pairs compare
Pairs Compare
  • Teacher asks question with multiple possible responses
  • Shoulder partners Rally Table
  • Teacher calls time
  • Students RoundRobin answers, adding new answers to their lists
  • Team challenge: Teams generate additional answers
quiz quiz trade
  • Students Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up
  • Quiz: A quizzes
  • B answers
  • A praises or tutors
  • Quiz: Partners switch roles
  • Trade: Partners trade cards
  • Students repeatedly Quiz-Quiz-Trade with new partners
rally table
Rally Table
  • Teacher asks question with multiple possible answers
  • Partners take turns writing answers on one paper
find the fiction
Find the Fiction
  • Students write statements: two true, one false
  • One teammates stands and reads statements
  • Teammates each write best guess, reach consensus, and announce guess
  • Standing student reveals answer
  • If correct: Student claps for teammates. If incorrect: Teammates clap for student
  • Next teammate share
fan n pick
  • Student One fans cards
  • Student Two picks, reads, gives Think Time
  • Student Three answers
  • Student Four praises and tutors or paraphrases
  • Students rotate roles