Physical activity in schools resources and case studies to implement hb11 1069
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Physical Activity in Schools Resources and Case Studies to Implement HB11-1069 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Physical Activity in Schools Resources and Case Studies to Implement HB11-1069. A webinar by Alaina Larson August 16, 2011. Objectives. Develop an understanding of how HB11-1069 can be implemented in different settings

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Physical activity in schools resources and case studies to implement hb11 1069

Physical Activity in SchoolsResources and Case Studies to Implement HB11-1069

A webinar by Alaina Larson

August 16, 2011


  • Develop an understanding of how HB11-1069 can be implemented in different settings

  • Highlight case studies of school districts that have successful physical activity programs

  • Connect to useful resources for increasing physical activity in schools

Hb 11 1069 physical activity expectation in schools
HB 11-1069: Physical Activity Expectation in Schools

  • Establishes a minimum time requirement for physical activity opportunities in elementary schools

    • An average of 30 minutes/day for full day students

  • Schools must adopt a physical activity policy by the 2011-2012 school year

Definition of physical activity
Definition of Physical Activity

  • Recess

  • Physical education classes

  • Fitness breaks

  • Classroom activities that include physical activity

  • Exercise programs

  • Field trips that include physical activity

Next steps for local schools
Next Steps for Local Schools

  • Align school practices with district policy for the 2011-2012 school year

  • Assess the amount of time students have opportunities for PA in current school schedules

  • Increase the amount of PA time if necessary

  • Improve the quality of PA

*See our first webinar, Implementing HB11-1069, for more information

Case studies

Case Studies

Denver Public Schools, Aurora Public Schools, and East Grand School District

Spark denver public schools
SPARKDenver Public Schools

  • Awarded a $1.5 million PEP grant in 2009 for the elementary school physical education program

    • Equipment

    • Professional Development

    • SPARK curriculum

Moderate to vigorous physical activity
Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity

  • Nationally, only 4 minutes of every half hour of PE are spent in vigorous physical activity

  • Moderate physical activity= brisk walking or bicycling

  • Vigorous physical activity= jogging, aerobic dance or bicycling uphill

Positive results active students
Positive Results= Active Students

  • External evaluator conducted classroom observations using the SOFIT protocol

  • Found DPS students were physically active an average of 64.5% of the time

    • Exceeds recommended levels!

3 r project relevancy rigor and relationship of physical activity aurora public schools
3-R Project Relevancy, Rigor, and Relationship of Physical ActivityAurora Public Schools

  • Professional development opportunity for teachers

  • Trains staff to bring physical activity into the classroom

  • Aligns academic goals with physical activity goals

Incorporating activity with academics
Incorporating Activity with Academics Activity

It enhances mental functioning!

A work in progress
A Work in Progress Activity

  • Designing the program

  • CO Legacy Foundation Innovation Grant

  • Goals of the program

  • Challenges

Amp it up move it a mile a day east grand school district
“Amp It Up….Move It…..A Mile A Day” ActivityEast Grand School District

  • Structured recess

  • Music and movement in the classrooms

  • Staff wellness opportunities

  • Before, during, and after school programs

Move it at recess
Move it at Recess Activity

  • Students are encouraged to participate

    in organized activities

  • Teachers supervise or train older

    students to mentor and lead activities

    • Relay races

    • Jogging around the track and earning points/lap for their class

    • Football, basketball, 4 square, tether ball, etc.

Music is the key
Music is the Key Activity

Walking through the school halls you might see:

  • Students dancing to music during transitions or movement breaks

  • Classrooms learning Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” routine

  • Staff and students engaging in exercises during the weekly “JAMmin’ Minute” time

  • Middle school Special Education classes doing 15 minute ball exercises with music

  • Music used to set the tone of the day or introduce a lesson theme

Student and staff fitness challenges
Student and Staff Fitness Challenges Activity

  • Spring Tune-Up

  • Monthly Activity Themes

  • Climb our Grand Peaks

  • Music & Movement for staff

  • Weekly PA & Wellness Activities

  • Fitness and Literacy Challenge

Activity break
Activity Break! Activity


Resources Activity

Colorado Legacy Foundation, CanDo, Healthy Kids Club, and more

Colorado legacy foundation
Colorado Legacy Foundation Activity

We believe that every school should have an effective

leader, every classroom should have an effective teacher,

and every child should be healthy and ready to learn.

  • Identify promising practices

  • Invest in innovative work

  • Recommend policy

  • Evaluate results

  • Share our findings with all Colorado school districts and schools.

Best practices guide
Best Practices Guide Activity

  • Use the state PE standards to create a comprehensive PA program that integrates PA throughout every school day

    • Get students moving during reading and math

    • Establish annual district wide bike- or walk-to-school day event

  • Develop a board policy to provide more opportunities for students to engage in physical activities that further enhance student learning and wellness

  • More ideas on our Physical Activity page

Comprehensive health and pe standards
Comprehensive Health and PE Standards Activity

Online promotional tools provide talking points for introducing the new standards to parents and students

  • Highlight that training opportunities and instructional resources are available

  • Cite health data from your community, such as rates of heart disease

  • Reference your school's specific health and wellness efforts such as Coordinated School Health, positive behavior interventions and supports, and healthy schools initiatives

Healthy schools summit
Healthy Schools Summit Activity

April 4, 2012

Opportunity for information sharing and professional development on school health and wellness strategies, including physical activity

For more information:

Potential funding
Potential Funding Activity

  • Colorado Legacy Foundation

    • Innovation Grants

  • The Colorado Health Foundation

    • PE Quality Improvement grant

    • Active Play Area grant

  • Carol M. White Physical Education Program

    • PEP Grant

Healthy kids club classroom resources
Healthy Kids ActivityClubClassroom Resources

Kids on the move activity decks
Kids on the Move Activity Decks Activity

  • 10-minute classroom activity

    breaks with music CD

  • Activity breaks remove barriers

    to learning

    • Over 500 classrooms across Colorado

      are currently using the decks!

Minds in motion fit sticks
Minds in Motion Fit Sticks Activity

  • Great for quick classroom brain breaks or transitions

  • Let kids pick the sticks and lead the exercises!

  • Read a brain fact before each exercise, and turn some music on to make it more fun!

  • Also a great energizer at staff meetings!

Monthly health breaks
Monthly Health Breaks Activity

  • CDE Health Standards based

  • Lower and Upper Elementary

  • Monthly health and safety themes

  • Stepping stone for standards implementation

Integrating health and literacy ar book lists
Integrating Health and Literacy ActivityAR Book Lists

Book lists with health related themes sorted by reading level.

Minds in motion math and literacy cards
Minds in Motion ActivityMath and Literacy Cards

More Information Activity


Healthy Kids Club

Order Form for Materials:

Cando coalition for activity and nutrition to defeat obesity
CanDo Activity-Coalition for Activity and Nutrition to Defeat Obesity

School Wellness Resource Kit

Available Online!

-offers section on classroom resources including a handout on Active Classrooms!

Working with schools to integrate physical activity
Working with Schools to Integrate Physical Activity Activity

  • Gain buy in from administrators

  • Present at principals’ meetings

    • Model PA breaks and show how resources can be used

  • Attend staff meetings or staff development trainings

    • There are opportunities to integrate PA everywhere!

  • Engage parent advocates

Other resources
Other Resources Activity

  • HB 11-1069 FAQ sheet

  • Implementing Colorado HB11-1069 Webinar

  • National Association of Sport and Physical Education

  • LiveWell Toolbox

  • Healthy Schools Champion Scorecard

  • We Can! National Institutes of Health