case file 004 5 days n.
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Case File-004 (~5 Days) PowerPoint Presentation
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Case File-004 (~5 Days)

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Case File-004 (~5 Days) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Case File-004 (~5 Days). Chief Investigator Nichols. Briefing. 20 Y.O community college student Anna Lopez was abducted as she was walking home from the library at approximately 6pm.

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case file 004 5 days

Case File-004(~5 Days)

Chief Investigator Nichols

  • 20 Y.O community college student Anna Lopez was abducted as she was walking home from the library at approximately 6pm.
  • According to witnesses an unmarked dark blue pick up truck was seen in the area around the time Anna went missing.
  • No witnesses have come forward stating they witnessed the actual abduction. This is very strange given the traffic of the location.
  • Her parents Vicente and Maria reported her missing when she did not return from her study session with a group of friends.
developing story
Developing Story
  • Police went to the empty warehouse on 73rd and Jefferson yesterday as per Collin’s confession to find it empty.
  • As the police exited the scene a car parked in the rear of the warehouse suddenly burst into flames (1995 Honda Accord). The source of the fire is unknown at the moment.
  • Inside the warehouse as well were a collection of bullet casings and rounds. These have been recovered and must be identified and dusted for prints.

Investigative Phase 1

  • Locate the origin of the rounds recovered from the warehouse.
  • Compile a list of suspects from Vicente Lopez.

Investigative Phase 2

  • Discover the location of Anna Lopez using indisputable evidence.

Investigative Phase 3

  • Prevent any further crimes from occurring by issuing an arrest warrant for responsible parties.