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hari raya

Meaning of Hari Raya

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hari raya

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  1. What it actually means? • Happy Festive Day! • A day that signifies forgiveness • Celebrated at end of the 29/30 day dawn-to-sunset fast during the month of Ramadan

  2. Why do we fast? • Diet • Lose weight to look sexy in Hari Raya outfits • Save money to give out green packets

  3. No really…why do we fast? • Fasting teaches self- control, patience • Endurance for hunger and thirst • Helps us understand the sufferings of the poor and hence generating compassion and a feeling to help others

  4. So while waiting for Hari Raya…

  5. Then on Hari Raya..

  6. We’ll wear our sexy outfits..

  7. And seek forgiveness..

  8. So apart from saying sorry..

  9. Green Packets • Children (and some adults, haha!) are given token sums of money for completing the month-long fast which is known as ‘duitraya’ as gifts • The elderly are also given as a form of contribution to them

  10. Kids are very happy.. $$$

  11. The Finance(& HR) team wishes you SelamatHari Raya

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