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Individual Piano Key Controller

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Individual Piano Key Controller - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Individual Piano Key Controller. Project P13363 Guide: Gerald Garavuso Members: Justine Converse (IE) James Cover (CE) Alex Eschbach (EE) Jason Hang (ME) Ashley Trode (EE). Project Background.

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individual piano key controller
Individual Piano Key Controller

Project P13363

Guide: Gerald Garavuso


Justine Converse (IE)

James Cover (CE)

Alex Eschbach (EE)

Jason Hang (ME)

Ashley Trode (EE)

project background
Project Background
  • Current MIDI controllers allow flexibility of musical parameters beyond just playing notes.
  • Musicians often have to play keys with one hand while controlling parameters with the other.
  • Enable delivery of MIDI input while playing notes
  • Our goal is to design and develop a MIDI controller capable of controlling musical parameter while playing notes.
project scope
Project Scope
  • Individual control of musical parameters on each note using touchpads regardless of their implementation on or off the MIDI controller.
  • Touchpad integrated into 2-8 keys.
  • Easy to clean and maintain controller.
  • User should be able to play the keyboard normally without having the individual controls interfering.
  • MIDI controller should maintain its original structural and functional integrity.
  • Roger Linn Design: LinnStrument
    • Pressure sensitive multi touch surface that is scanned at high speeds and resolution.
    • Detects subtle finger movements using 3D for control of note expression, timbre and pitch at the same time.
    • Several different overlays available including piano keys, guitar frets, hex keys and drum pads.
    • Simple connection using a USB connection to the computer.
  • Haken Audio: Continuum FingerBoard
    • Instrument that allows for real time performance control in three dimensions
    • Greater pitch range than a traditional 88 MIDI keyboard.
    • Polyphonic and monophonic capabilities
    • Able to track up to 16 fingers at once.
    • Construction:
      • 256 metal rods with magnets located on both ends
      • Supported by piano-wire springs
      • Hall effect sensors measure the position of the magnets
      • Uses neighboring bars to detect finger position.
concept selection iteration 11
Concept Selection – Iteration 1
  • Touchpad (or trackpad): is a pointing device featuring a tactile sensor, a specialized surface that can translate the motion and position of a user’s fingers to a relative position on screen.
  • Touchpad
    • Each touchpad would also need a driver in order to work
    • Could not find a touch pad that was small enough to fit the surface of the key
    • There is a lot of previous knowledge on this topic
    • The cost of an individual touch pad and driver would be greater than $50
  • Blackberry Trackpad/Trackball
    • Depending on manufacturer, hard to find specs and datasheet
    • Doesn't cover all of key
    • Trackball similar to touchpad in implementation
    • Cost of each trackpad/trackball is cheap.
concept selection iteration 12
Concept Selection – Iteration 1
  • Ribbon Controlleris a pair of thin strips whose electrical potential varies from one end to another. The finger creates an electrical contact with the strip. It is similar to a touchpad but only registers linear motion. It can be used with anything that is affected by control voltage.
    • Does not allow for dual axis control.
    • Could affect the structural integrity of the piano key.
    • Would require analog to digital conversions.
  • Conductive Stripsare multiple touch sensitive strips that will give the position of the finger based on whether strips are activated or not.
    • To have smooth control of the musical parameters, multiple strips are necessary.
    • Strips would need to be manufactured by us.
    • Keys would have to be modified to fit the strips that we manufactured.
concept selection iteration 2
Concept Selection – Iteration 2
  • Ranked each concept from 1-4, with 1 being the best out of the four and 4 being the worst. The concept with the lowest score will be the one chosen
concept selection
Concept Selection
  • Track pad integrated into keyboard keys
  • Conductive strips (estimate 4 per key)
  • Complete
    • Team Procedure
    • Plan/Schedule
    • Customer needs
  • Needs work/Next Steps
    • Final selection of specific component
    • Research of parts
    • Designs for selected concepts

1. What do you think are the holes in our concepts?

2. How important do you think covering the entire key is?

3. Given the concept of using track pads or conductive strips how difficult/logical do you think it would be to integrate into the keys?

4. Do you see any key information we are missing regarding either concept?