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iLikeTronics- A great range of Remote Control Toys & Fun items PowerPoint Presentation
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iLikeTronics- A great range of Remote Control Toys & Fun items

iLikeTronics- A great range of Remote Control Toys & Fun items

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iLikeTronics- A great range of Remote Control Toys & Fun items

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  1. Welcome ToiLikeTronics

  2. At iLikeTronics we have an exiting range of children's and adults remote control toys and various other fun items. These include :- Brushless RC Vehicles Nitro RC Cars Petrol RC Vehicles Remote Control Boats Remote Control Helicopters Remote ControlTanks Quad Bikes Ride on Toys

  3. About Us We source globally to deliver you quality children’s and adult’s toys, electronics and gadgets. iLikeTronics is a UK based family owned Limited business. We love helping you with making life more fun and manageable.

  4. Brushless RC CarsBrushless RC Cars are more efficient; usually more powerful; considerably cooler; lower maintenance; sustained performance over longer periods of time. Brushless Dirt & Desert Buggies Brushless Drift Cars Brushless Monster Trucks Brushless On Road Cars Brushless Stadium & Short Circuit Trucks Brushless Truggies

  5. Brushless Dirt & Desert BuggiesThese RC dirt buggies are fast and go over a variety of different terrains such as grass, dirt, desert and sand dunes.

  6. Brushless Drift CarsThese R/C Cars have Brushless Electric Motors and are equipped with low-traction tyres which eases inducing and maintaining controlled oversteer.

  7. Brushless Monster Trucks Brushless Electric Trucks give speeds up to Nitro Trucks or even faster.

  8. Brushless On Road Cars Brushless On Road Cars are fast and powerful for use on flat terrain.

  9. Brushless Stadium & Short Circuit Trucks

  10. Brushless Truggies

  11. Nitro RC Cars • iLikeTronics provides you are range of RC Nitro Cars and RC Nitro Trucks. Their engines are fuel-powered by a special mixture of nitro methane, methanol, and oil. They run like an engine in a car - the engine needs to get to a sufficient speed for the clutch to engage. • RC Nitro cars are loud! The fuel has oil which coats the engine. These cars tend to have more wear and tear damage due to collisions at high speed! • Dirt & Dessert Buggies • Monster Trucks • On Road Cars

  12. Dirt & Dessert Buggies

  13. Monster Trucks

  14. On Road Cars

  15. Petrol RC Vehicles

  16. Quad Bikes iLikeTronics provides you a superb range of petrol quad bikes (50cc 2 Stroke, 110cc 4 Stroke Engines 125cc 4 Stroke Engines) to suit your needs. These four-wheeled off-road motorcycles all terrain vehicles are not road legal but will give you, your family and friends hours of entertainment.

  17. Petrol Quad Bikes These Petrol Quad Bikes are also known as All Terrain Vehicles (ATV). We have a selection of Mini Quardards (also known as Mini Moto Quad Bikes, mini quads or pocket rockets). All petrol quad bikes come with a 3 month warranty.

  18. Remote Control A great range of remote controlled RC vehicles (Radio Control Vehicles). We have a fabulous high quality range of the popular Himoto Brushless RC Cars giving quiet and powerful vehicles. Remote Control Boats Remote Control Cars Remote Control Helicopters Remote Control Tanks

  19. Remote Control Boats Remote Control / Radio Controlled / RC boats are very simple to use by having a remote with forwards, backwards, left and right on it.RC boats make excellent presents for children or boating enthusiasts.

  20. Remote Control Cars iLikeTronics provides you with an excellent choice of quality remote control cars otherwise known as RC cars or radio controlled cars .

  21. Remote Control HelicoptersiLikeTronics has a great range of remote control / radio controlled toy helicopters. They are also known as RC Helis or RC Aircraft. Radio controlled helicopters come in 2 channel (2ch); 3 Channel (3ch) , 3.5 Channel (3.5ch), 4 Channel (4ch) up to 6 Channel (6 ch)

  22. Remote Control TanksiLikeTronics provide you with a range of Remote Control Tanks or Radio Control / RC tanks or replica military armoured fighting vehicles. They have rotating turrets, move easily along and of course fire.

  23. Ride On Toys At iLikeTronics we offer comprehensive, affordable and quality range of ride-on toys to keep your kids entertained for ages! We specialize in battery powered 6 v and 12 v electric ride-on motorbikes, cars, jeeps, sports cars and utility vehicles. We also have a range of children's electric and push along scooters keeping your kid's entertained for hours 6v Ride On Toys 12v Ride On Toys Scooters Skateboards Sledges Tractors & Trailors Trikes

  24. 6v Ride On Toys We offer comprehensive, affordable and quality range of 6v ride on toys to keep your kids entertained for ages. Classic Ride On Car – Creme Kids Twin 6v Electric Hummer Jeep Mercedes Electric Supercar (Mercedes SLS) 6V

  25. Skateboards A skateboard is a short narrow board with four wheels. It is ridden in a standing or crouching position and is often used to perform stunts. Street Surfer Skateboard

  26. Sledges Pull along plastic, brightly coloured quality snow sledges will keep you and your children entertained in the snow for many hours.

  27. 12v Ride On Toys Fire Truck 12v Ride On (Red) 12v Range Rover Ride on(Rangie) Electric Jeep12 v(Pink)

  28. Scooters A scooter generally has two wheels with a low footboard between them. It is steered by a handlebar, and is moved by pushing one foot against the ground while the other foot is placed on the footboard. Children love these very popular scooters from iLikeTronics. Electric Scooter With Seat 120 w Electric Scooter 120w

  29. Tractors & Trailors Pedal Farm Tractor and Trailer With Bucket Tractor and Trailer Ride On Toy with Tipper

  30. Trikes Nitro Trike (Black)

  31. CONTACT US iLikeTronics Ltd, 40 Moorbottom Lane, Bingley, West Yorkshire,BD16 4HA.   United Kingdom.  0044 1274 515970 Company Registration No: 8734938