collaborating using health sciences classroom technology n.
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Collaborating Using Health Sciences Classroom Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Collaborating Using Health Sciences Classroom Technology

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Collaborating Using Health Sciences Classroom Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Collaborating Using Health Sciences Classroom Technology
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  1. Collaborating Using Health Sciences Classroom Technology David Kaus Howard Community College

  2. Objectives • AV Touch control panel • Using the wall PCs • Using the wireless keyboard • Instructional strategies using the multiple displays

  3. Collaboration Classroom Instructor’s station AV touch control panel Multiple wall displays EPSON projector

  4. AV Touch Control Panel: Displaying a Source

  5. AV Touch Control Panel: Playing Audio

  6. AV Touch Control Panel: Turning the System or Display Devices Off

  7. Using the Wall PCs • Turn on the wall PCs behind the wall displays • Select Room Inputs on source screen • Select desired wall PC • Select the destination • Select the display that corresponds to the wall PC • Can display any wall PC on main projector

  8. Using the Wireless Keyboard • Stored in instructor’s station cabinet • Each keyboard assigned to specific wall PC • Check sticker on back of keyboard • Turn keyboard on using on/off switch

  9. Pedagogical Strategies Supported Through HS Technology • Social Learning Theory – People learn by observing others’ behaviors and attitudes • Discovery Learning – Learners discover facts and information for themselves • Inspires engagement • Promotes autonomy and motivation • Fosters creativity problem solving skills (, 2013)

  10. Gallery Walk • Students present a topic or project at each wall display • Other students walk around the classroom and explore their peers’ work • Students provide feedback or answer pre-defined questions about each presentation • Increases engagement • Students present their content multiple times to their peers and have a more interactive discussion • Students participate at their own pace • Students have opportunity to engage with many peers in class • More dynamic than watching series of presentations

  11. Small Group Discussions • Instructor assigns students a list of discussion questions/topics • Can push out material from instructor's computer to wall displays • Students discuss topics around wall display • Self-paced • Instructor can compile all responses into a single document or file

  12. Group Presentations • Students work together and research a topic • Create a presentation using a technology platform (e.g. Prezior PowerPoint) • Utilize 21st century information literacy skills and technology competencies • Instantly push student’s work to main projector • Students can stay in group while presenting • Single computer station with visible monitor encourages students to stay on task

  13. Contact Instructional Media • Instructional design support for your activities • In-class support for digitally-mediated assignments • One-on-one coaching for faculty CL232