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Budget Information Presentation. Dr. Timothy Mitchell Rapid City Area Schools 10-10-11. 2012-2013. What is the process? Where do you fit in?. What is essential!!. Community Support Community Involvement Community Trust. The Strategy. To become as effective and efficient as possible

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Budget information presentation

Budget Information Presentation

Dr. Timothy Mitchell

Rapid City Area Schools


2012 2013

What is the process?

Where do you fit in?

What is essential
What is essential!!

  • Community Support

  • Community Involvement

  • Community Trust

The strategy
The Strategy

  • To become as effective and efficient as possible

  • To become as innovative and creative as possible

  • Force the conversation to the determine the expectation-support ways to increase funding to meet those expectations

2011 2012 budget management
2011-2012 Budget Management

“Mind your pennies, nickels and dimes and your dollars will fall in place”

2012 20131

Consensus Decision Making

-is an excellent process for developing new programs and to gain support

-Can be a challenge:

Personal Agendas and Turfs

Not Fair or Appropriate

2012 20132

The process should include:

-utilizing every opportunity to explain the situation

-review current expenditures-Where is the $$ going

-remind people of the mission and priorities

2012 20133

September - November

Budget Authority to prepare plan for initial reductions

Supt and BM meet with Budget Authority one on one to review initial proposals

Budget and Finance to review initial proposals

Public Input Meetings to review proposals

Regular updates included at BOE Meetings

2012 20134

Key-Act responsibly and inspire confidence without compromising authority

The situation
The Situation

Current Budget:

General Fund 78.7 Mill 75 Mill

Capital Outlay 42.7 Mill

Sped 18.0 Mill

Pension 1.8 Mill

Health Insurance 14.9 Mill

Total Overall RCAS 192.1 Mill

The situation1
The Situation

Based upon 2011-2012 Presentation:

Reductions in 2 yrs to account for:

-8.9 % reduction in State Aid

-$97 per student- one time money

-BOE-compensation policy

-Health Insurance Increases

-Additional-All/Day Kindergarten

The situation2
The Situation

2011-2012 Budget Includes:

-Fund Balance 15.7 %

-3.8 Mill in Fund Balance

-2.7 Mill Capital Outlay Flexibility

-Budget Reduction 1.98 Mill

The situation3
The Situation

2011-2012 Budget Reductions:

-Instruction- $788,941

-Support Services- $500,410

-Community Services- $56,855

-Transfers Out - $740,000

+Co-Curricular- $108,371

2012 20135

Why Before What-Begin with Basic Principles

***Put student outcomes first

***Invest in what works, not in what doesn’t

***The New Normal—Do More with Less

***Avoid Short-sighted cost cutting

***Work collaboratively with stakeholders

***Invite feedback-acknowledge disagreement without compromising authority

2012 20136

For Study and Future Consideration

***Efficient use of teachers

***Transportation policies and procedures

***Outsourcing services

***Extracurricular activities

***Administrative/Clerical Staffing

2012 20137

For Study and Future Consideration

***Salary and Benefits

***Leverage alternative sources of funding

***Leverage local partnerships and resources

***Leverage technology

***Reduce mandates that hinder productivity

Control the conversation
Control the Conversation

One of the fascinating outcomes of research on school effects is the number of issues in education where achievement evidence is close to zero but the heat is as high as it is as if it would be if the policy were obviously effective.

Control the conversation1
Control the Conversation

Four resource shifts with great potential:

-away from quantity of staff towards quality

-from remediation to early identification

-from isolated practitioners to teacher teams

-from full-time teachers toward alternative, creative, and effective

Control the conversation2
Control the Conversation

What must we have to provide a high quality education for all students of the RCAS?