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TP Catalyst. Brussels, September 2013. Modules and versions. TP Catalyst. • 3 modules Companies Royalty agreements Inter- company loans • 2 versions Standard: wizard-led, ends with the generation of a TP report Pro: search similar to Orbis , ends with a list to be exported

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Tp catalyst

TP Catalyst

Brussels, September 2013

Modules and versions

Modules and versions

TP Catalyst

•3 modules




• 2 versions

Standard: wizard-led, ends with the generation of a TP report

Pro: search similar to Orbis, ends with a list to be exported

(switch via settings/user preferences)

• Monthly updating

• Historical releases are available on the internet.

(This is unique for BvD products)

Any saved analysis (tpb file) can be used in more recent releases

September 2013

Tp methods

TP methods

TP Catalyst

Profit based methods

• Scope of analysis: Orbis or subset of Orbis ( region/ listed companies)

• Standard version: wizard with 8 steps. Output is a TP report.

• Pro version: more selection criteria (including boolean searches)

Output is a customisable list of companies, which can be exported to Excel.

Transaction basedmethods

• Royalty agreements database (ktMINE)

• Intercompany loans database (CUFTanalytics)

September 2013

Companies database

Companies database

TP Catalyst

•Based on Orbis indexation, but limited to


Companieswithrecentaccounts( LAY >= 2008)

 this explains the difference between Orbis (120 mil cos) and TP (20 mil cos)

•Data source for analysis:

Access by region / size of companies

( based on access granted on the admin site + selection in step 1 of TPC)

Any companies: Orbis global format

Listed companies: idem or Detailed format level financials

September 2013

Royalty agreements database

Royalty agreements database

TP Catalyst

•IP : ktMINE (US company)

13,500 agreements

sourcedmainlyfrom SEC filings

• Content of a record

Synopsis and structured information

Royalty rate summary: level, agreement base and value

Original text of the agreement

•This data is also available in other BvD products ( Orbis, Osiris, Amadeus, …)

September 2013

Loan agreements database

Loan agreements database

TP Catalyst

•IP : CuftAnalytics(Canadian company)

4,000 agreements

sourcedmainlyfrom SEC filings

• Content of a record

Transaction overview: lender, borrower …

Transaction terms: date, amount, borrowerprobability of default…

Pricingdetails: reference rate, lendingmargin, otherfees

Original text of the agreement

• Credit rating and Probability of default based on ModeFinancemodels.

S&P modelswillbeadded in the future (reserved for selected clients)

• The CUFT data is not available in other BvD products

September 2013

The wizard led approach standard version

The wizard led approach (standard version)

TP Catalyst

• Step 1 - General parameters

• Step 2 - Tested party selection (optional)

• Step 3 - Documentation narrative and functional analysis (optional)

• Step 4 - Transfer pricing method selection overview (optional)

• Step 5 - Potential comparable population selection

(max 2,000 companies, 50 royalty agreements, 30 loan agreements)

• Step 6 - Detailed review and rejection matrix

• Step 7 - PLI selection and parameters for adjustments

• Step 8 – Benchmark analysis results

At any time, the TP analysis report can be generated, then exported

September 2013

The wizard led approach pro version

The wizard led approach (pro version)

TP Catalyst

• Step 1 - General parameters

• Step 2 - Potential comparable population selection

• Step 3 - Selection of comparables and rejection matrix

• Step 4 - List of comparables and benchmarking data

• Step 5 - Statistical distribution

Specific list formats can be created in step 3 and 4.

These lists can be exported

September 2013

Features recently added

Features recently added

TP Catalyst

•The « shield »:ignore screening for manuallyaddedcompanies(standard version)

• Weightedaveragesfor all ratios in the search/screening functions

• Languages: Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian (end 2013)

•Own data: at level of Global format , but also for Detailed financials and TP specific items (for scope = listed companies)

• Working capital adjustments using distinct interest rates

(companies database)

• Screening on 10 years of financials

• Statistical distribution of the companies accepted ( Pro version)

September 2013

Other important features

Other important features

TP Catalyst


• Webservice

Possibility to save a search in TP Catalyst (Pro version)

This canbeused in a webservice

• Links to Orbis: original documents, industryresearch reports

•IBFD documentation (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation)

September 2013

Pricing revision in feb 2013

Pricing ( revision in Feb 2013)

TP Catalyst

(See new price list on the Intranet )

•Subscription: allows access to both standard and Pro versions

- in house analyses: surcharge of 25% of the fee paid for the product(s) of BvD used with TP Catalyst (with a minimum of 8,000 EUR).

- analyses(2) on behalf of third parties only: surcharge of 33% of the fee paid for the product(s) of BvD used with TP Catalyst (with a minimum of 20,000 EUR).

•PPV per analysis (including access to the data):

- 3,000 credits (companies database)

- 2,000 credits ( Royalty / Intercompanyloansdatabases)


A company benchmark analysis on the Standard version will be counted once a search for potentially comparable companies (step 5) has been launched and the benchmark report has been printed or exported.

- A company analysis on the Professional version will be counted once the list is displayed (step 3), with the possibility to modify the list as long as the results of step 2 remain unchanged

September 2013

Request for access to tp catalyst

Request for access to TP Catalyst

TP Catalyst

•Trials can be set by the BvD offices

•Paying access can be granted by BvD Brussels

You create the client + users on the admin site

 Then contact

 Clearly indicate the client name as on the admin site

 Precise the type of access requested

September 2013

Contacts and support

Contacts and support

TP Catalyst

•Luis Carrillo is our TP specialist

•Contacts in Brussels

Alexis Tsitrimbinis: Qualtity control and user support

Rita Delacroix : product manager

Audrey Simonian and Sophie Karassavidis: access granting

September 2013

User support

User support

TP Catalyst


• First line: BvD local office

• You can contact Luis Carrillo for questions related to TP practices

• For more “technical” questions or trouble shooting, you can contact Brussels

(Alexis / Rita) . Please also copy Luis

What to do ?

Carefully check options in step 1 and selection criteria (years selected, financial

format selected

Always compare against Orbis corresponding indexation

 If you cannot solve the issue, we need the following information

- TP release

- tpb file

- version (std or pro) and module

- scope of analysis

- user login

- date and time when problem occurred

- confirm whether or not you reproduce the issue

September 2013