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What to check. A. ENROLMENT Enrolment : students enrolled in the class. Bilang ng mga-aaral sa isang klase . Repeaters : students who failed or left a particular grade level in any previous school year and are enrolled in the same grade level where they left or failed.

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What to check...


Enrolment: students enrolled in the class.


Repeaters: students who failed or left a particular grade level in any previous school year and are enrolled in the same grade level where they left or failed.

Di nakapasasanakaraangtaon, naumulitngayongtaon.

Transferees (in): students who entered the school from another school, either government or private.

Mag-aaralnalumipatmulasaibangpaaralan, pampubliko man o pribado.

Balik Aral: students who finished a grade level, stopped schooling and enrolled in the next grade level after a year or more.

Tumigilsapag-aaral, peronagbalikparaipagpatuloyito.


Do not include toilets exclusively used by faculty and staff

Toilet inside the classrooms: toilet for the use of students that can be found inside the classrooms.


Toilet outside the classrooms: toilet for the use of students that are outside the classrooms, but within the vicinity of the school.


Toilet bowls for boys: number of toilet bowls that can be found in CR for boys only.

Bowls sapalikurannapanlalaki lang.

Toilet bowls for girls: number of toilet bowls that can be found in CR for girls only.

Bowls sapalikurannapambabae lang.

Shared bowls for boys and girls: Number of toilet bowls that can be found in CR used by both boys and girls.

Bowls sapalikurannapambabae at panlalaki.

Urinals: number of individual or multiple urinals designed for males.

Panlalaking urinals naisahan man o pangmaramihan.

Total (bowls + urinals): sum of all bowls and urinals.

Kabuuangbilangngmga bowls at urinals samgapalikuran.


Desks: serviceable two-seater desks in the classroom; count the desks, not the seats.

Maayos at nagagamitna desks.

Armchairs: serviceable chairs/armchairs in the classrooms.

Maayos at nagagamitna armchairs.

Other types: serviceable chairs/armchairs that does not meet the standards.

Iba pang klasengupuan at armchair.

Total seating capacity: number of combined seats from desks and all chairs; note that 1 desk=2 seats

Bilangngkayangiuposalahatng desks at armchairs;

tandaan: 2 mag-aaralangkasyasa 1 desk.



Count all rooms regardless of size.

Instructional rooms: rooms used for teaching and instruction


Academic classrooms: rooms for regular classes


Science laboratories: rooms used for scientific experiments.

Silidparasamga scientific experiments.

Home economics rooms: rooms used to teach HE classes.

Silidparasamgaklasesa HE.

Industrial workshops: rooms to teach industrial arts classes.

Silidparasapagtuturongklasesa industrial arts.

Computer rooms: rooms used to teach computer classes.

Silidparasaklasesa computer.

Not currently used: rooms that are in proper condition but not being used for any kind of teaching or instruction.

Silidnamaayosangkalagayanperodiginagamitsaklase o opisina.


Title: name of the textbook found in the cover page


Quantity: number of serviceable textbooks; to be counted, it should be in good condition or damage should be tolerable

Maayos at nagagamitnalibro; dapat ay nasamaayositongkalagayan o bahagyalangangsira.

Prescribed title: number of all serviceable textbooks that is prescribed to be used by the students



Other titles: number of all other serviceable textbooks that are used by the students.



Other subjects: textbooks used in subjects other than those listed.

Libronaginagamitsamga subjects nadinabanggitsalistahan.

Non-instructional rooms: rooms not used for teaching or instruction.


Libraries: rooms where books are kept and made available for lending to students.

Silid kung saaniniingatanangmgalibronapinapahiramsamag-aaral.

Clinic: room that provide medical relief


Canteen: rooms where food is cooked and served to students


Offices: number of rooms dedicated for the use of school officials, teachers and staff

Silidnaginagamitnaopisinangmganamamahala, guro at mgakawaningpaaralan.

Other uses: number of rooms used for used not specified above




Number of shifts: number of time schedules in a day to accommodate all classes; e.g. morning and afternoon shifts are 2 shifts

Schedule ngpalitanngmgamag-aaralsaisangsilid-aralansaloobngisangaraw; halimbawa,

ang shift saumaga at shift sahapon ay 2 shifts.

Monograde: classes with students of the same grade level being taught in one class under one teacher

Klasena may mag-aaralsaparehongantasnatinuturanngisanggurosaloobngisangsilid.

Multigrade: classes with students of the different grade levels being taught in one class under one teacher

Klasena may mag-aaralsamagkaibangantasnasabaytinuturanngisanggurosaloobngisangsilid.


Teaching Personnel/ Nagtuturo

DepED-funded: teachers with plantilla positions, including those with provisional appointments from the DepED national office; include both full-time and part-time teachers

Gurona may plantilla positions, kasamaang may provisional appointments ng national office; kasamaangmga full-time at part-time.

Locally-funded personnel: teachers with no plantilla positions and whose compensation is not paid out of the national budget; include teachers whose salaries are being paid by Local School Board Fund (Provincial/City or Municipal), LGU (but not SEF) or PTA, and those who work for free or receive minimal allowance

Guronawalangplantilla positions at angsweldo ay dinakukuhamulasa national budget; kasamaritoangtumatanggapngsweldomulasapondong Local School Board (Provincial/City or Municipal), LGU (di SEF), o PTA, at mganagtatrabahonawalangbayad o may maliitna allowance lang.

Non-Teaching Personnel/ Di nagtuturo

Principal: the official administrator or manager of the school


Support staff: personnel that render services as a guidance counselor, librarian, property custodian, office clerk, canteen manager, coordinator (ALS, PE, Boy/Girl Scout, etc.), teacher nurse, etc. Class advisorship is not included.

Mgaempleyadonanagsisilbibilang guidance counselor, librarian, property custodian, office clerk, canteen manager, coordinator (ALS, PE, Boy/Girl Scout, etc.), teacher nurse, atbp. Di kasamaangtrabahobilangtagapayongklase.



Academic use: serviceable computer units that are used for teaching, regardless of source.

Maayos at nagagamitna computer units naginagamitsapagtuturo, saan pa man nanggaling.

Administrative use: serviceable computers that are used for the school’s offices, regardless of purchase.

Maayos at nagagamitna computer units naginagamitsaopisinangpaaralan, saan pa man nanggaling.


Type of service: type of internet service, which could be wired, fixed wireless, satellite or USB modem.

Klaseng internet service, namaaaring wired, fixed wireless, satellite o USB modem.

No. of computers connected: computers that are connected to internet.

Computer nanakakabitsa internet.


MOOE: Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses allocated for the school

MOOE nanakalaanparasapaaralan.

Special Education Fund (SEF): any amount that the Local Government Unit (city/municipality/province) received by the school, except for Personnel

Perananatanggapngpaaralanmulasalokalnapamahalaan (lungsod, munisipyo, probinsya), malibansapansweldosaguro.

Gifts: any amount the school received from local or international donors for school improvement project or programs

Perananatanggapmulasa local o international donors parasapag-aayos o pagpapaunladngpaaralan.

PTA Donations: any amount the school received from PTAs; services (e.g. security or janitorial) and in-kind donations (e.g. electric fans) should be converted to peso value.

Peranagalingsa PTA. Ilagayangkatumbasnahalagangmgaserbisyo (hal: security, janitor) at mgadonasyonggamit (hal. electric fan).


Mean: as defined by NETRC

Bataysapakahuluganng NETRC.

Overall test result: as defined by NETRC

Resultang test para