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Expanding a Simulation Program

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Expanding a Simulation Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Expanding a Simulation Program. The Experience at Quinnipiac University Mary Ann Cordeau PhD, RN . Presentation Outcomes . From participating in this presentation the participant should be able to: Discuss the process of starting a clinical simulation program

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Expanding a Simulation Program

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expanding a simulation program

Expanding a Simulation Program

The Experience at Quinnipiac University

Mary Ann Cordeau PhD, RN

presentation outcomes
Presentation Outcomes
  • From participating in this presentation the participant should be able to:
  • Discuss the process of starting a clinical simulation program
  • Discuss the process of setting up a simulation laboratory
  • Discuss the process of expanding a clinical simulation program
  • Discuss the process of starting an interdisciplinary clinical simulation program
what we learned at quinnipiac university
What we learned at Quinnipiac University

Moving from a Simulation Room

To a simulation suite

getting started mount carmel campus 2006
Getting started: Mount Carmel Campus (2006)
  • One Mannequin
  • One patient room with a control room
  • One instructor
  • One scenario
  • Eighty students!!!!!
  • Number for HELP desk
  • Number for Laerdal

Some assembly necessary!!!

expanding clinical simulation
Expanding Clinical Simulation
  • Interested faculty member
  • Supportive Leadership
  • Curriculum plan for incorporating clinical simulation
  • Space
  • Funding
  • Mannequin
  • Faculty Expert(s) (Novice to Expert)
  • Fidelity Environment
  • Accessories
  • Faculty Buy-in
  • Faculty Education
  • Technological Support
  • Maintenance of Lab equipment
  • Management of student experiences
  • Selling the Program
  • Interprofessional use
  • Director of Clinical Simulation
supportive leadership
Supportive Leadership
  • Department – Chairperson who supports clinical simulation as a teaching learning strategy
    • 2005 Janice Thompson decided to purchase a SimMan for the Department and build a simulation lab.
    • 2008 Plans for move to North Haven and Simulation Suite with 5 simulation rooms
  • School – Dean who supports clinical simulation
  • University – Understanding of the potential of clinical simulation as a teaching/learning strategy
introduction of clinical simulation
Introduction of Clinical Simulation
  • Finding a framework to guide the process
    • Orientation
    • No practice sessions
  • Simulation outcomes
    • Began in spring semester in our first medical/surgical course with the care of a postoperative client
    • Wrote a scenario which included scenario outcomes
    • Created grading rubric
    • Scenario was related to NU 303 as an add on assignment, Pass/Fail
    • After the second year, I presented a potential plan for incorporating clinical simulation into all courses
    • Research on the Experience of Clinical Simulation
plan for incorporating clinical simulation into curriculum
Plan for incorporating clinical simulation into curriculum
  • Look to the literature for information on best practices for clinical simulation
  • Examine program/course outcomes to determine how clinical simulation will be used to meet outcomes
  • The use of clinical simulation needs to be examined for each course
    • Number and type of experiences
    • Use of clinical simulation in the class room
      • Teaching content, Practice, Nursing experience, Team work, Evaluation
        • Attach % points, Pass/Fail, Letter, number grade
plan for incorporating clinical simulation into curriculum9
Plan for incorporating clinical simulation into curriculum
  • Start with a written scenario: Laerdal, International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL), Colleague
  • Start with one course
  • Conduct a Pilot study
    • Uncover what needs to be changed

Don’t jump into the water unless you know what is there!!

plan for incorporating clinical simulation into curriculum10
Plan for incorporating clinical simulation into curriculum
  • Current Use:
  • Fundamentals Course – Fall Junior Year
    • Therapeutic communication, Client Safety
  • Medical/surgical Course – Spring Junior Year
    • Post-operative assessment, Medication Administration
  • Maternity Course – Spring Junior Year
    • Assessment
  • Medical/surgical Course – Fall Senior year
    • Mock Codes, Chest Tubes
  • Leadership Course – Spring Senior Year
    • Working as a team, Being the nurse
  • SNUAC – Post operative assessment of a client with a C-section, Teaching, New born Assessment
plan for incorporating clinical simulation into curriculum11
Plan for incorporating clinical simulation into curriculum
  • Future Use
  • New Curriculum
    • Integrated Lab - more course objectives could be met using clinical simulation
    • Streaming from sim lab to classroom for most courses
    • Integration of Electronic Health Record
  • What space is available for setting up a clinical simulation lab?
  • Renovate existing space
  • Create a space for a clinical simulation suite
    • Faculty need to work closely with technology to describe technological needs for running a clinical simulation

Move to North Haven

  • One control room for each simulation room
    • Use of desk microphones
    • Debriefing immediately after simulation
  • If using desk microphones do not have rooms set up with patient rooms back to back, sound from one room interfere with sound from other room
deciding on mannequin s
Deciding on Mannequin(s)
  • Budget
  • Program/course objectives
fidelity and environment
Fidelity and environment
  • Fidelity depends on learning outcomes
  • A realistic environment as possible is necessary for simulating a patient care scenario and the promotion of clinical reasoning
  • Cost and Waste

What is essential for learning?

  • Grants, School budget, University budget
  • Cost of mannequin (40-60K)
  • Cost of room construction
  • Cost of AV equipment (20K)
  • Cost of related equipment (bed, etc)
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Cost of training
  • Cost of staff

100,000.00 WOW!!!!!

faculty expert s
Faculty Expert(s)
  • At least one faculty must develop expertise
    • Nursing knowledge
    • Teaching knowledge
    • Simulation knowledge
    • Technology knowledge
  • Literature
  • SUN conferences
  • Laerdal Training
  • Other institutions
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

Super Clinical Simulation Educator

faculty buy in you cannot do it alone
Faculty buy-in You cannot do it alone!!
  • Faculty education -Expert should educate faculty on potential of clinical simulation
    • Literature
    • Demonstration
    • Student testimony
    • Outcome measurement
    • Institutional Research
faculty education
Faculty Education
  • Laerdal
  • SUN Conferences
  • Mentoring
  • Discussion
    • Technology
    • Scenarios
  • Role play
  • Demonstration
  • Return demonstration
  • Technology Support

Gonna fly now

management of student experiences
Management of student experiences
  • Began with 80 juniors
  • 140 juniors
    • 45 minute session fall
    • 45 minutes session spring
    • Maternity experience spring
  • 50 SNUAC students
    • 1 hour session
  • 140 seniors
    • Mock codes in fall
    • Capstone simulation
management of students
Management of students
  • Where is clinical simulation placed in the curriculum
    • Lab, Course, Clinical
  • Is it used in place of clinical time?
  • How is credit for preparation and successful meeting of objectives given?
  • How is faculty time managed, credits?
  • How does clinical simulation affect faculty work load?
  • Will full-time and/or adjunct faculty be used for teaching
  • Will simulation technicians be used to run programmed scenarios?
management of student experiences22
Management of student experiences
  • Clinical Simulation Policy (should be included in syllabus or handbook
    • Stick to policy unless unusual circumstances
  • Orientation process (video, hands on)
  • Number of practice sessions
    • Limited, unlimited
  • Evaluation - Number of times student will be allowed repeat experience
    • How will this affect grade/passing of course or course component
  • Remediation
    • Opportunities for practice, mandatory/voluntary
  • Single or group/team experiences
    • Objectives, faculty resources, technology
  • Length of experience
    • Objectives, type of scenario
  • Number of instructors needed to meet program needs
  • Scheduling
    • Wiki
selling the program
Selling the Program
  • University Administration
  • Students are asking about clinical simulation during open house
  • Parents impressed with simulation as teaching/learning strategy
  • Health care facilities recognize significance of clinical simulation experiences
  • Getting the word out to other departments in the University
interdisciplinary use
Interdisciplinary Use
  • Began with nursing
  • Individuals in other departments (OT, PT) contacted Nursing
  • Physician Assistant students
  • Who will set up faculty training sessions and be responsible for training
  • Once faculty are oriented, nursing signs off
interdisciplinary use25
Interdisciplinary Use
  • Concerns – Scheduling
  • Determining departmental needs from all departments
  • Extra workload on current Laboratory Coordinator
  • Need for Development of a Laboratory Manager who is responsible for training, student orientation, troubleshooting, budgeting, scheduling and simulation set up for all departments
  • Approved for 5 extra rooms

Roles develop over time

To meet needs

brings classroom skills lab clinical together
Brings Classroom, Skills Lab, & Clinical Together