shap ng tsai and wang zhi n.
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Shap Ng-tsai and Wang Zhi PowerPoint Presentation
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Shap Ng-tsai and Wang Zhi

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Shap Ng-tsai and Wang Zhi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Shap Ng-tsai and Wang Zhi. Chinese pirates. Contents. Basic explanation (of Shap Ng-tsai ) What he ( Shap Ng-tsai ) was famous for. Basic explanation. Shap Ng-tsai was a Chinese pirate in the South China sea from about 1845 to 1859.

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Shap Ng-tsai and Wang Zhi

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  • Basic explanation (of Shap Ng-tsai)
  • What he (Shap Ng-tsai) was famous for
basic explanation
Basic explanation
  • Shap Ng-tsai was a Chinese pirate in the South China sea from about 1845 to 1859.
  • He was one of the most psychopathic pirates to sail the south Chinese sea.
  • He was Chinese and came from (I think) somewhere near Honk Kong.
what he was famous for
What he was famous for.
  • He commanded 70 junk ships.
  • The government offered Shap

Ng-tsai a pardon that would make him a naval officer but he refused.

Chinese naval ships that followed the pirate were captured and their officers taken prisoner and held for ransom.

He forced Coastal villages and traders to pay him protection money so they would not be attacked!

  • He attacked an American ship carrying opium and this started a …BATTLE!
  • He was a coward and let most of his men die so he could escape. Out of about 3000 men 400 survived, but they were probably hanged.
his failed last stand
His failed last stand…

Shap Ng-tsai sank one ship heading for America and 3 British Opium ships. He messed with the wrong country. England sent 4 Brigs. Though Shap Ng-tsai had more ships, they were lightly armoured and couldn’t survive the super heavy cannon balls and so Shap Ng-tsai fell back, with 400 men. He accepted the kings pardon and became a successful officer.

wang zhi s basic information
Wang Zhi’s basic information
  • One myth says that he was on board Portuguese ship of Fernao Mendes Pinto.
  • He started being a wokou (a Japanese pirate) in1551.
why wang was famous
Why Wang was famous
  • By the 16th century, Wang had organised a large trading organisation.
  • In the spring of 1552 raiding parties of several hundred people attacked all along the coast of Zhejiang. In the summer of 1553 Wang Zhi gathered a large fleet of hundreds of ships to raid the coast of Zhejiang from Taizhou in the north of China.
  • Several garrisons were briefly taken, and several district seats were besieged.
  • Early in 1554 fortified bases were established along the coast of Zhejiang from which larger raiding parties set out on long inland campaigns. By 1555 they were approaching the great cities of the Yangtze River Delta.
  • Qi Jiguan and Yu Dayou defeated many famous wokou, notably Wang