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learn all about christianity islam and hinduism n.
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Learn all about Christianity, Islam and Hinduism PowerPoint Presentation
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Learn all about Christianity, Islam and Hinduism

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Learn all about Christianity, Islam and Hinduism
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Learn all about Christianity, Islam and Hinduism

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  1. Learn all about Christianity, Islam and Hinduism By sanjana and zara

  2. Hinduism facts

  3. Hinduism • Hindu’s believe in many gods. Some of them are Shiva,Ganesha,Lakshmi and many more. Hindu's have many beliefs about god, the world and many forms, as gods and goddesses. • Some of the festivals that Hindu's celebrate are diwali,ganesha chaturthi, holi and many more. Diwali is the festival of lights and is one of the most major festivals in Hinduism. In Ganesh chaturthi some • People make clay images of Ganesh. • In holi they put coloured powders on others.their clothes start of white but at the end there multicoluored.

  4. Hinduism continuation 1 • In Hindu weddings the bride mostly wears red dresses.in these weddings they tie a special necklace called a thali and the man puts the special powder(sindura) on the brides for head and then they will be married. • The hindu holy book is the Bhagawat Geetha.They have a various number of other religious books. The hindu special place is the temple. • The hindu sacred place is the kashi which is located in northern India.

  5. Hinduism • According to Hinduism “You are what you eat” is a concept behind a man and his food habits as it decides our mental growth as well as physical growth and well being. Eating food by killing animals is said to block mental and spiritual growth. This is the reason why Hinduism emphasizes on vegetarianism. • Hinduism has various foods and sweets.

  6. Christianity facts

  7. Christianity • Christians believe in Jesus. Most believe that Jesus is the son of Christ. But some of them believe that the son of the son of Christ is still to be born. Some of the festivals that they celebrate are Christmas, Easter and many more. Christmas is special festival where people get together and get presents. Christmas is all about yummy food. Easter is festival where kids get Easter eggs and play around with the Easter bunny.

  8. Christianity continuation • in a Christian wedding the bridenormally wears white gowns. Some of the places that they have their weddings are the church and sometimes near special hills. • The holy book is the bible. The Christian special place is the church. Christians go there every Sunday. Their sacred place is in Rome,Italy.It is called Vatican.

  9. Christianity continuation 2 • Given the centrality and importance of food for all living things, it is not surprising that images associated with what we eat have become important in Christian tradition. The most powerful of these images are, of course, the bread and wine of communion, which refer to the body and blood of Jesus, and his sacrifice on the cross.

  10. Islam

  11. Islam • Muslims believe in Allah another word for god. They believe in one god only. Muslims also say that Muhammad is the last profit and is the messenger god. • Some of the festivals that they celebrate are eid,ramadan and many more. Muslims celebrate in two different days and they have different names eid – al-adha and eid –al-fiter. Ramadan is a month where Muslims have to fast. After the fast they have a big feast.

  12. Islam continuation • In a Muslim wedding the bride wears white. There is know rule that a Muslim has to marry in a particular location. • The holy book is the kuran .Their special place is the mosque. They pray five times a day. • The sacred place is kaba which is located in Saudi Arabia.

  13. Islam continuation 2 • Muslims eat halal food.Halal food means lawful or legal food. All Muslims follow this rule.

  14. The end • Thank you for watching. • By sanjana and zara