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Last updated 10/09

Last updated 10/09. High Schools That Work. The primary goal of HSTW is to raise students’ academic achievement by a rigorous academic curriculum, relevant instruction, and establishing meaningful Relationships. There are 10 Key Practices with HSTW. Key practice number eight is:

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Last updated 10/09

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  1. Last updated 10/09

  2. High Schools That Work The primary goal of HSTW is to raise students’ academic achievement by a rigorous academic curriculum, relevant instruction, and establishing meaningful Relationships. There are 10 Key Practices with HSTW. Key practice number eight is: Involving Students and Parents in a Guidance and Advisement System. The primary goal of Advisement is to build relationships with the students.

  3. History of Bear FACTS • Bear FACTS was established as part of the High Schools That Work Initiative in 2004. • Year 2004-2005 was the planning and development stage. • A committee made up of teachers and school counselors headed up the “Advisement “ group. • The first and second years of Bear FACTS were 2005-06 and 2006-07. These years targeted the 9th Grade Academy students. • There were 24 advisors and approximately 545 students. • These groups met one time per month and used a curriculum that was developed from similar programs, teachers, and counselors.

  4. 2007-2008: Grew to incorporate all grades 9-12. The graduating class of 2008 was the first class to have had four years of advisement. 2008-2009: Year two of incorporation of grade 9-12. This year our graduation rate was 88%

  5. The Primary Goal: To Establish Meaningful Relationships • To establish a connection/relationship in which every student belongs to someone. • An effective teacher advisor program is the best way to ensure that every student has a caring adult who knows the student and follows them throughout high school. “Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

  6. Why is Advisement Important? • An effective advisement program helps the student value education and better understand the educational/career development process. • An effective advisement program helps every student (not just some or most) in setting post-high school goals and pursuing a planned program of study that is career directed. • This is reinforced through the Individual Graduation Plan process. Every student with their parent sets an electronic IGP plan in place with their assigned counselor This data is collected and monitored through the state department.

  7. Advisement programs, like our Bear FACTS, help students develop trusting relationships with adult educators who can offer support in difficult social and academic situations • Advisement helps students interact positively with adult and with their peers • Advisement encourages students to network with supportive adults, friends, and classmates. This goes hand-in-hand with success.

  8. Quality Advisement/Guidance Program Goals • Trusting relationships • Postsecondary and employment information • Positive personal and social development • Career exploration and awareness • Parental involvement • A planned sequence of courses that is connected to their career direction • Teachers/advisors and counselors team to better reach all students

  9. Advisement: Bear FACTS Assists STUDENTS • To attain good academic and personal goals • In planning future career goals • In developing educational interests • In meeting the demands of high school • In building relationships with advisors and students

  10. Bear Facts Assists Parents • To know school staff on a different level than just their child’s teacher. In many instances their advisor has not taught the students they have for advisement. • To obtain important information about our school and their child’s plan for their future.

  11. Bear FACTS Assists Teachers: • Allows broader understanding of total curriculum and state requirements • Allows broader knowledge of LHS and graduation requirements • Encourages a more personal relationship with students • Provides more approprite placement

  12. Bear FACTS Assists Our Community • Provides a better prepared workforce • Provides better placement for graduation • Builds awareness of career opportunity within the community

  13. Small Group Advisement • Information provided is pertinent in helping students make decisions now that will affect their future tomorrow. • All students are impacted through small group relationships that are being built. • Teachers are more informed about academic requirements. 125 Advisors 1785 Students

  14. An Advisement Program is not a Substitute for the Guidance Department and School Counselor. The school counselor continues to be responsible for: • Individual Planning: Academic course selection and scheduling, standardized test coordination and individual graduation planning (IGP process). • Responsive Services: Personal and social guidance and counseling, referrals, parent consultations, and crisis counseling that address immediate needs and concerns of students. • Guidance Curriculum: Structured and systematic experiences and or groups. • System Support: Indirect guidance management activities such as research projects, special assignments, staff and community relations, and professional development.

  15. Guidance (Advisement) The help all students receive from parents, teachers, counselors, community members, and others to assist with education and career development. (Teachers/staff have always done this.) Counseling The help some students receive from credentialed professionals to overcome personal and social problems that interfere with learning. What is the Difference Between Advisement/Guidance and Counseling?

  16. Student Comments About Bear Facts • My advisor acted like he really wanted to get to know me • I’d like to have this every day • Get the whole class involved • Do hands on stuff and give us time to talk….. • The teachers need to have fun • Chill out more • Teachers should get to know us better • How to be responsible and make goals • Do group stuff • Teachers should make it fun not boring. • I already know what I want to do but this helped me with the little things • The information was good • Helped to figure out what I want to do • Some times we just sat there and did nothing • It is better than last year More discussions would be better. • It can be helpful to some people A little too long Talk about different things • My advisor seemed to really like what she was doing during our time • Learned some things I didn’t know

  17. Made you think of where you stand now and where you want to go • It was relaxed and we just talked about stuff • We need to be able to make decisions more about our own school • Helpful to see your focus and its benefits • Talk more about the real world after high school. • Have end of year party • Information I got will help you make plans to go to college • Getting extra help with information • Some of it was boring Have a open discussion because everyone has something to say • It was interesting to know money does not always have to come out of your pocket • What to expect in college and when to apply • I wish I knew this before I was a senior. • My advisor did a great job • I liked that the teachers wore their college shirts and stuff • College isn’t for everyone—it’ll help you find your own place • Answered some questions I didn’t know

  18. Teacher Comments on Our Current Bear FACTS program (2008-2009 survey) STRENGTHS • Helpful in building relationships • We were able to relax, ate, and laughed • Enjoyed getting to know the students • Students are becoming more relaxed with one another • Enjoyed talking with students about everyday life in high school • Students seem to have realistic career expectations • Feel it truly has built relationships and feel they can come to me with questions and concerns • Students said it helped them stay on track • I am more relaxed in speaking with students on a different level • I’ve enjoyed getting to know my students • Increased rapport • Improved relationships. self-confidence, and increased self-awareness and world opportunities • Building quality relationships with my students • Openness, Cooperation, Giving. I got closer to several students who were in very much need of someone. • Students have grown closer to me and each • A lot of open discussion and communication • I have been able to meet and get to know students who I would not have otherwise met other • Able to get more personal information and can track their maturity as they move from 9th to 12th grade. • Nice getting to know some other students • My students know they can count on me for guidance • We have built great relationships with each other. • We all look forward to bear FACTS • Positive discussions • Good conversations about many topics • As a teacher I learned about things related to our school and scheduling that I did not know • It is nice having conversation with students I do not teach • We have grown together and we get along really well • I know my students better and they know me better • Have built a good rapport with the students

  19. Always a TUESDAY Time: 11:14-12:01 with a separate Bear Facts bell schedule 11 sessions Advisement notebook Not graded Publicity on homepage, Parent Link newspaper, yearbook… Song requests with the Bear Facts bell will also be taken Email them to me…. Staff is encouraged to wear a work or college logo shirt on Bear Facts days Attempt to keep groups small as possible Program Specifics

  20. BF 2009-2010 Session Topics • Introduction Materials • Icebreakers and supplements • Advisor Supports • 09/23 Session 1 About Our School • 10/13 Session 2 Ask for Help and Goal Setting • 10/27 Session 3 Study Skills and Time Management • 11/10 Session 4 Career Clusters • 11/24 Session 5 Career Planning and the Individual Graduation Plan • 12/01 Session 6 It’s All About Choices • 01/19 Session 7 Work Ethic • 02/09 Session 8 Reflection and Review • 02/23 Session 9 What’s Next: Planning for next year • 03/09 Session 10 Stress Management • 03/23 Session 11 Wrap Up and Evaluation • Resources

  21. YOU are Needed • If you are an individual who sees the need for future changes or has creative ideas to suggest, you are invited to be a part of the facilitating committee. • The mechanics and organization of our advisement program cannot be a one person job for it to be successful.

  22. Teacher Quote “Teachers as Advisors programs like ‘Bear FACTS’ take time to plan, develop and implement. What is best for the student isn’t always easy for us”. Anonymous Teacher

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