free traffic generation using article marketing part 1 l.
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generate traffic uisng article marketing part 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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generate traffic uisng article marketing part 1

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generate traffic uisng article marketing part 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Promoting your website and product can be free using article marketing and can drive incredible amounts of traffic to your site. The key to making money with your website is getting traffic, and the best sort of traffic is free traffic. The correct use of article marketing will see you well on the way to having a successful and profitable web business. Article Marketing works by submitted your original, well written article to high quality, high page rank article directories. Once your article has been reviewed and accepted by the site editors, it will be live for all the world to see! Traffic is generated by visitors reading your article, getting to the end and then clicking on the link in your author bio to get more information because your article was interesting and left them wanting more information (this is a massive gold nugget, the most important sentence in the whole article actually).

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Promoting your website with Article Marketing WILLdrive large volumes of FREE traffic to your site if it is done the right wayWhy do you want lots of traffic ?Traffic = subscribers = $$$ for you!!!


Best results are achieved by submitting high quality, original articles to high quality, high page rank Article directories such as


Sounds easy doesn’t it!However, as with most things in life there are right ways of doing things and then there are wrong ways.I will show you the right way!


This is the first of a series of presentation where I will spell out the whole traffic generation process using articles and article marketing in a common sense, step by step process.

  • Topics will include
  • Keyword research
  • The structure of your article
  • How to research for your article
  • The importance of your opening paragraph
  • Keyword density
  • The use of links through your article
  • How to write you author bio

I hope you have enjoyed this presentation and learned something from it!

The most important point is to take action and use the information you have just learned!

Please keep a look out for the next in this series

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