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Open Source Web Courses

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Open Source Web Courses. Gregory Abowd, Amy Bruckman, and Mark Guzdial GVU Center, College of Computing Goal: Create reusable, effective, and tailorable learning resources via open source methods. Open Source Software. Free software created through networked communities

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open source web courses
Open Source Web Courses
  • Gregory Abowd, Amy Bruckman, and Mark Guzdial
    • GVU Center, College of Computing
  • Goal:
    • Create reusable, effective, and tailorable learning resources via open source methods.
open source software
Open Source Software
  • Free software created through networked communities
  • Bug fixes, enhancements, even documentation contributed as a common good
scenario needing and finding
Scenario: Needing and Finding
  • Jan needs to teach an HCI class
  • He goes to the HCI Open Source Web Course (OSWC)
    • Finds examples of past classes
      • With pedigree/history of each attached
    • Finds examples of past lectures and other materials
    • A virtual community is available for discussing issues and maintaining the resource base
scenario extending
Scenario: Extending
  • Jan creates a new Study Plan
  • He identifies a great lecture with an old example
  • He extends the lecture with a new example
  • Both the new study plan and the new lecture are contributed back to the HCI OSWC
    • Development histories are updated
    • Prior versions are also available with pointers forward
scenario involving students
Scenario: Involving Students
  • As Jan teaches his class, students write up projects for potential cases for future students
    • With students’ approval, these are contributed as examples to the HCI OSWC
  • At some other time: Pat decides to create her own study plan, contribute her own projects, tailor her own resources
general themes
General Themes
  • Teachers and students need learning resources
  • Many can be shared with individual tailoring
  • Development as a community:value-added
    • Opportunity for learning through Constructionism
who we are
Who We Are
  • Gregory Abowd
    • Research in ubiquitous computing, creator of Classroom 2000 for lecture capture and review
  • Amy Bruckman
    • Research in virtual learning communities, creator of MediaMOO and MOOSE Crossing
  • Mark Guzdial
    • Research in collaborative multimedia, creator of CoWeb
current state
Current State
  • C2000 + CoWeb
    • Captured lecture as index for out-of-class extended discussion
  • MediaMOO Revisited
    • Combining strengths of the Web (multimedia, distributed) with MUDs (real-time interaction, spatial metaphor)
  • Formats and platforms
  • Control/access privileges
  • Effective moderation and attribution
benefits of open source web courses
Benefits of Open Source Web Courses
  • Similar to Open Source Software
    • Fast, high-quality production of material
    • Creation of community
  • Unique to OSWC
    • Opportunities for credit/fame to educators and students
    • Opportunities for sharing and community around content themes