Ismail Adesina


Document Management Solutions A document management system enables organizations to capture, store, index, retrieve, and manage information digitally. It allows authorized persons to access electronic files, data, documents, and other information over the Web, preventing the delays associated with paper-based and manual processes. With Document Management Solutions, organizations now have the ability to electronically deliver the right work to the right person at the right time. Aviation, Education, Energy, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal Scanning Service Bureau Document scanning is one of our core business. We are dedicated, experience and dependable. With the latest and advance scanning equipments and capturing software, we can convert your physical records to cds, dvds, tape or any desired media. We also provide secured online document storage that allows you to access your document remotely through the internet from anywhere and anytime. IIB System can handle any documents size, volume, or format. Online Document Storage IIB System also provides online document vault that allow scanned documents to be stored and shared and can be access from anywhere and anytime. Our document storage system enables your company to reap all the benefits of document management solution without the expense of purchasing any hardware or software, or the intensive IT labor required for most document management solutions. We only charge a low monthly charge for the data in this vault. No Capital investment, No hardware, No space requirement. We do it all for you. Integrated Imaging & Business System Phone: + 281 860 2497 Fax: + 281 860 2501 Email: Contact Person: Mr. Ismail Adesina Website: