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how to choose the right warehouse for your business PowerPoint Presentation
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how to choose the right warehouse for your business

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how to choose the right warehouse for your business - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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how to choose the right warehouse for your business ? Use the 5 points checklist Learn how to choose the right warehouse for your business check out the 5 points checklist

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'how to choose the right warehouse for your business' - ihubsolutions

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Warehouse | Warehouse Management

Your one-stop shop to warehouse

Warehouse | Warehouse Management

>>> Talk to us about ... warehouse and warehouse management !




• MY:

• HK:

what our warehouse here is not
What our Warehouse Here is NOT:
  • What our Warehouse Here is NOT:
  • * Warehouse Here is NOT data warehouse
  • * Warehouse Here is NOT fashion warehouse
  • * Warehouse Here is NOT Self storage
  • * Warehouse Here is NOT freight forwarding
  • So, What IS warehouse Here?
  • iHub Solutions is a warehouse and storage services provider since August 2000. It started off with 2 key anchor locations, one is Singapore and the other is in Malaysia.
  • iHub Solutions Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • iHub Solutions SdnBhd (Malaysia)
  • iHub Solutions (HK) Ltd
  • iHub Solutions (Shanghai) Ltd, Beijing & Shanghai warehouses
  • ihub vision is to build the ultimate flexible, customizable warehouse solution for each industry. In order to achieve this, they develop leading edge customized warehouse services through the application of innovative business models, information technology, integrated process management and high service quality levels.
ihub solutions hk ltd was one of the newer establishments
iHub Solutions (HK) Ltd was one of the newer establishments

iHub Solutions (HK) Ltd was one of the newer establishments. It carries the same specialties as other ihubs: specializes in the storage and handling of cargo in various industries like furniture (office, home, kitchen and outdoor furniture), telecommunications networks, building technology, medical, waterworks, fashion and lifestyle, semi-conductor, financial and educational Institutions, etc.

Ihub solutions offer a comprehensive range of warehousing and storage management services that harnesses the latest information technology, supply chain optimization models and decision support tools to deliver innovative logistics solutions for today's global businesses. We believe that significant costs savings can be achieved through innovative business processes, efficient and lean supply chain rather than to focus on unit service rates.

warehousing experience
Warehousing experience
  • Warehousing experience
  • Reduction of storage space using our unique storage solutions.
  • Management of service stocks.
  • Activation of warehouse personnel outside of working hours to conduct order pick and release to work sites.
  • Access to our internet based Virtual Logistics System especially during the weekends and Public Holidays.
  • Order pick based on Bill of Material (Parent – Child part numbers and their relationships).
  • Management of loose fittings and spares.
  • Value added activities like uncrating, labeling, shrink-wrap, etc.
  • Management of re-order levels and replenishment alerts via our website.
  • The warehouse is 100% racked up and can provide both dry and air-conditioned storage. Each point is secured with infra-red CCTVs, burglar alarms and motion detectors. The warehouse ceiling is fitted with fire-sprinkler system.
  • Ihub solutions recently implemented a full business Continuity Plan across all the locations. The business continuity plan covers both: Business Contingency and Business Recovery
business contingency business recovery


  • Ihub Logistics Execution System (iLex) is set up in a high availability environment with multiple redundant power supplies and hard disks. The server in operation is backed up by copy in hot-standby to take over the server in case of a failure. iLex is configured for continued operation in the unlikely event that there is a failure on the power supple or hard disks.


  • The availability of iLex is further safeguarded by the use of “hot site” backup systems. In the (unlikely) case that iLex servers should fail, it is backed up by an equivalent set up in a high availability environment at a different iHub location. Either of our “hot site” facilities will provide same day recovery. Using DoubleTake® Replication technology, data in the iLex servers are continuously replicated to the backup servers, ensuring up to the minute data concurrency. In the event of a server failure, system access can be restored within minutes.
staff welfare environment


  • Staffs are sent for logistics training with the Logistics Association. Warehouse equipment operators have the necessary forklift licenses to operate.


  • ihub operates electrical equipment to minimize dust and noise in the warehouse. We use electric vacuum cleaners to keep the floor clean at all times. All equipment (e.g. air conditioners, lift trucks, etc) are given preventive maintenance at regular intervals to reduce electricity consumption and ensure cleanliness and hygienic conditions are maintained. ihub also deploys energy saving lightings in the warehouse to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Check out their various locations or visit their warehouse virtual tours:
  • Warehouse Malaysia:
  • Warehouse Hong Kong:
  • Or read up on specifics at
  • or
  • Or at:
  • If you’re interested in getting more free content and information, just access the warehouse information .