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Arise Africa,Arise

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Arise Africa,Arise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Power point by Steven Gurnee and Luis Ramirez, Book by Nape ‘a Motana Made in association with Liger Inc. Arise Africa,Arise. T- Title. I think this will be a very powerful poem, and maybe even have a sort of angry tone. P- Paraphrase.

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Presentation Transcript
t title
T- Title
  • I think this will be a very powerful poem, and maybe even have a sort of angry tone.
p paraphrase
P- Paraphrase.
  • Africa must stop the beast of aids. They have to fight it with all their might despite the “Lion of sexual temptation.” Don’t sit around all day crying and feeling sorry, but do something about it!
c connotation
C- Connotation
  • The true meaning of the poem isn’t about a vicious monster actually called AIDS. It’s about fighting aids and to quit being a crybaby and actually make a difference.
a attitude
A- Attitude
  • The poem had a really strong and a nearly angry attitude. The personification of AIDS as a beast was clever and really made the poem what it is.
s shift
  • A clear shift in attitude is right at the end of the poem when the author describes a day soon in the future when AIDS has been wiped out in Africa and there is health once again.
t title again
T-Title (again)
  • The title really does give the reader a clear view about the poem. The effect set off by this strong message really sets the mood of the poem.
t theme
  • The poem over all has a really bold and commonly applied theme.
  • If you want something wrong going on, then quit standing there like a moron and do something about it!