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Maximising Time. Better time management NQT Day 11/10/11 Andy Fitt – Assistant Principal, Itchen 6 th Form College (with thanks to Liz Petheram for ideas). When I was young my mother used to say to me, “To pay for your education, your father and I had to make a lot of sacrifices.”

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maximising time

Maximising Time

Better time management

NQT Day 11/10/11

Andy Fitt – Assistant Principal, Itchen 6th Form College

(with thanks to Liz Petheram for ideas)


When I was young my mother used

to say to me,

“To pay for your education, your father

and I had to make a lot of sacrifices.”

And it was true, because they were

both druids.

Milton Jones


Rarely is the question asked:

“Is our children learning?”

George W. Bush


Lesson Preparation - 1

  • Are you using a clear structure for all your lessons?
  • Keep to these ideas

and you’ll find

planning gets



Lesson Preparation - 2

  • Talk to colleagues – get ideas from them and share resources – don’t reinvent the wheel each lesson! Keep your resources for the future.

Lesson Preparation - 3

  • Ask for help – from your head of department/staff in your area/other NQTs/support staff/your NQT manager......

Lesson Preparation - 4

Make sure that the basics are working:

  • Start on time
  • Include a starter activity to allow latecomers to enter without disruption and also to allow you to do the register without being distracted
  • Structure your lesson so you leave enough time for a plenary
  • Finish promptly (so you can start the next lesson on time!)

“To those of you who received honours, awards and distinctions, I say, well done. And to the “C” students, I say, you too can be President of the United States”

George W. Bush, commencement address to

graduates of Yale University, 2001


Marking & Feedback - 1

  • This is the most important part of your job BUT it doesn’t have to take all night!

Ask yourself:

  • What do you need to assess?
  • Why are you assessing?
  • What do you need to feed back?
  • Is your feedback appropriate?
  • What will students act on?
  • Do you have to do the marking?
  • (use peer marking/Moodle etc)

Marking & Feedback - 2

Some strategies:

  • Assess content or skills
  • Monitor not mark
  • Using mini-whiteboards
  • Timed essays
  • Essay plans
  • Shorter pieces of work
  • Self or peer assessment with mark scheme
  • Student pre marking prior to submission
  • Mini tests
  • Cover sheets for targeted feedback
  • File checks

“Their homework is so hard these

days .......

It’s totally done differently to what

I was teached when I was at


David Beckham, on why he gave up trying to

help his 6 year old son with his maths



College is breaking my spirit.

Every single day, they’re telling me

things I don’t know. It’s making

me feel stupid.

Marty, The Gilmore Girls


Planning Ahead - 1

Some strategies:

Use a diary – all the time! (Outlook works well!)

Put in all the college dates for the year TOMORROW

Prioritise all your tasks – decide what HAS to be done by when (tip – prioritise initially by who asks for it – if the Principal asks for it, do it before everything else!)

In your diary, backtrack and add an entry showing when you will do important tasks

For example......................


Planning Ahead - 2

  • Example:

Put ALL these three dates in your diary!


Planning Ahead - 3

Keep looking at your scheme of work – this will help you plan sequences of lessons

Check you know NOW when the exams for your subject will be

Find out the dates for whole-college events that might stop you from teaching a class – add this into your planning


Managing your time - 1

  • Keep LISTS of things to do, otherwise you’ll forget. (I keep a folder on my computer marked “To Do” and then add dated lists i.e. “October 2011”)
  • DON’T check your emails every time you sit down at the computer – set yourself a time in the morning and a time in the evening to check these and stick to it
  • When you’ve got a lot to do focus on one task at a time and get it done. Set yourself a time limit.

Managing your time - 2

  • Keep prioritising – your key task is to make sure the students can succeed – everything else should take a back seat!
  • Be logical – don’t spend 2 hours preparing a test that will be done in 10 mins and won’t really help you or the students that much.
  • And above all.............................................

Managing your time - 3

  • Remember that YOU are your students’ greatest asset -

Look after yourself:

      • eat well
      • get enough sleep
      • don’t work all the time
      • spend time with your family

It’s a great job – and it does get easier!


Parent – Teacher Night:

Let’s Share the Blame

Banner hung above the entrance of

Springfield Elementary School, The Simpsons