wow 9400 extensions for joomla n.
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“WOW” 9400 Extensions For Joomla! PowerPoint Presentation
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“WOW” 9400 Extensions For Joomla!

“WOW” 9400 Extensions For Joomla!

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“WOW” 9400 Extensions For Joomla!

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  1. “WOW” 9400 Extensions For Joomla!

  2. Adding emotions and animations to your Joomla website is easy, cost-effective and hazardless because there are more than 9400 extensions for Joomla! That works as boon to satisfy all the needs of Joomla users.

  3. Naturally, Joomla is blessed with team of people who always strive to develop useful and creative extensions for Joomla! This also includes components, modules and plugins and lots more for Joomla websites. At you can find support for every extension and template with general info and feedback about listed products. • 9 Superstar Star Joomla Extensions To Enhance Your Website • JCE: Rating 4.95/5 • This extension is a rich text editor – a kind of desktop word processors like Microsoft that allows enhancing all the core functions: image editing, text presentation, link insertion and so on. • JSN Power Admin: Rating 4.88/5 • It’s a powerful extension and allows users to solve 3 major headaches and they are search desired items, control elements like component’s content, menu, modules etc and build-up article presentation.

  4. Admin Tools: Rating 4.92/5 It is the base of security. It guarantees all of the essential security affairs of Joomla such ensure whether user is using the latest version of Joomla or not, inserts multiple password layers or modifies a database table’s prefix. SH404SEF: Rating 4.26/5 It helps to manage URLs without any complication or haphazard: rewrite, translate, detect multiple URLs, etc. Furthermore, you can personalize meta-data, embed H-level tags, divert error pages: 301 divert or 404 errors and so on. EXTPLORER: Rating 4.60/5 This extension is a web-based file mananet component, that allows users to control files with essential funcitons like rename, edit, delete, copy and same as.

  5. AKEEBA BACKUP: Rating 4.83/5 This extension allows you to generate a complete back-up site that can be recovered on any Joomla!-ready hosting server. Its database includes all the data files, a database photo and an installer so that you can quickly recover the required back-up file. XMAP: Rating 4.49/5 This extension helps users in creating XML site-maps of joomla based websites using the structure of menu. An XML site-map includes every URL of the website along with its extra meta data. SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE: Rating 4.08/5 Joomla knows that social media is must for websites, hence this extension is for social media promitions and advertising. No more fears concerning code or graphic, Twitter or Facebook profiles are set to be used with Social Media Presence extension.

  6. PIXSEARCH AJAX SEARCH: Rating 4.70/5 This is an innovative search extension which makes the search functionality quicker, simpler, user-friendly and more impressive. It facilitates to show the results right away while typing in an input box.

  7. Thank You iFuturz 2355, West Caramia Street, Anaheim CA 92801 USA