week of september 15 th n.
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Week of September 15 th PowerPoint Presentation
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Week of September 15 th

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Week of September 15 th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Week of September 15 th

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  1. Week of September 15th

  2. Monday, Sept. 15th • 12th grade bell-ringer: Progress reports come out tomorrow. Reflect on your performance the past four weeks. Have you given it your best shot? Are there things you could improve on? What are your weaknesses and how would you improve on them. • 11th grade bell-ringer: Make a prediction about what will happen with the following characters: John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, Abigail, Rev. Hale

  3. Vocabulary 12th grade: Words may be found on pages 111-140 and 1411-1434 • Feudalism • Vassal • King • Lord • Knight • Serfs • Courtly love • Romance • Ballads • Crusades • Magna Carta • Hundred Years’ War • Yeoman • Black Death • Refrain • Vernacular • Frame story • Characterization • Agility • Eminent • Accrue • Arbitrate • Benign • Guile • Obstinate • Frugal • Duress • Evaluate:tojudge the value or condition of (someone or something) in a careful and thoughtful way • Cause and effect:notinga relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others.

  4. Tuesday, September 16th • 12th grade bell-ringer: Activiate Prior Knowledge-What do you think of when you think of the Middle Ages? • 11th grade bell-ringer: Do you know someone like one of the characters? If so, who and why are they similar? For example, do you know someone who is no-nonsense and tells it like it is like the character, John Proctor?

  5. Tuesday, September 16thActive Reading • Why do you think Miller includes this detail? What does it suggest about Proctor? • How can John’s comments be interpreted symbolically? What is the “winter” to which he refers? • Why does everyone follow Abigail as if she were a saint? • Do you think Elizabeth’s suspicion and pain are warranted at this point? Are her questions justified, or should she not ask Proctor about Abigail at all? • Do you agree with Elizabeth’s assessment? Whatis motivating John to hold back?

  6. Wednesday, September 17th • 12th grade bell-ringer: See how many vocabulary words you can use in a sentence. The sentence must still make sense. Winner get a candy bar Monday! • 11th grade bell-ringer: Describe the relationship between John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth?

  7. Wednesday, September 17thActive Reading 6. Is John right to imply that Elizabeth has broken charity with him? How does this compare with John’s betrayal of Elizabeth or the frenzy of betrayal that is tearing Salem apart? 7. How do you interpret Proctor’s bitter response regarding Elizabeth’s coldness?Is Proctor’s response appropriate, or does his anger indicate that he knows she is actually right-that it is his own heart that judges him most harshly? 8. Mary’s gift is unusual; as in today’s world, grown women were normally not given dolls in the seventeenth century. Why then might Mary Warren give Elizabeth a doll?

  8. Wednesday, September 17thActive Reading 9. How is the punishment ironic? What does this suggest about the court’s true motivation? 10. Why does Mary Warren accuse Goody Osburn? How can you explain her sudden belief that she has been a victim of Osburn’s witchcraft? 11. What do Mary’s words here indicate about her understanding of the witchcraft trials and their consequences? Does she really understand that the stakes are life and death? 12. How is the accusation of Elizabeth different from those that have come before? What does this accusation signal?

  9. Wednesday, September 17thActive Reading 13. What does this passage suggest about Mary’s ulterior motivations for participating in the trials? 14. To whom does Elizabeth refer? Do you agree with her assessment? Why or why not? 15. Why does John blush when he passes Abigail in church? What meaning might Abigail see in John’s blush? 16. What does this metaphor suggest about the relationship between John and Abigail? 17. How has Rev. Hale changed? 18. Why do you think Rev. Hale has come to visit the Proctors?

  10. Thursday, September 18th • 1st Period bell-ringer: Using your definition of “courtly love,” compare medieval relationships to those of today. What would be some advantages of “courtly love”? • 12th grade bell-ringer: See how many vocabulary words you can use in a sentence. The sentence must still make sense. Winner gets a prize Monday!

  11. What did King John’s signing of the Magna Carta signal? • A return to older, democratic tendencies.

  12. Explain the role of women of rank during the Middle Ages. • They had no political rights in a primarily military system • They were always subservient to a man • Their husband’s or father’s social standing determined their degree of respect in society • The women peasants roles were: childbearing, house work and field work. • The higher stationed women‘s roles were: childbearing and household supervision • While the men were away at war or business, they could manage entire estates

  13. What were the positive effects of the medieval church? • It fostered cultured unity-which is a system of beliefs and symbols that transcended the national cultures of Europe.

  14. How did the Crusades influence everyday life in England? • Although Europe caused much carnage in Jerusalem, during the crusades the exposure to middle-eastern civilization brought mathematics, astronomy, architecture, and crafts to England and enriched their everyday lives and culture.

  15. Why did England Change after the battle of Hastings? • After King William the Conqueror won the battle of Hastings, he changed some things in England. He divided the holdings of the fallen English landowners among his own followers. William brought a new language, French, and brought a new social system known as Feudalism,which displaced the old Nordic structure described in Beowulf.

  16. What were the results of the Black Death? • Reduced the nation’s population by a third • Labor shortages gave the lower class more power • Serfs gained their freedom • Ended feudalism and the Middle Ages • Marked the beginning of the English Renaissance

  17. What were the results of the growth of cities in the Middle Ages??????????? • The feudal system became obsolete • Society centered on the feudal castle creating middle classes. • Overcrowding in cities led to the Black Death • Because of the emerging middle class, Medieval art became known as the people’s art instead of aristocratic

  18. What was the result of the 1170 martyrdom of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury ? • The death of Thomas Becket created a lot of backlash for the King from the outraged public. • The Death resulted in more power for the Church instead of more power for the king.

  19. What happened as a result of the Hundred Years’ War between England and France? • National Unity of England • The soldiers were yeoman instead of knights and became a dominant part of society • They went soft • Militarily unsuccessful for the English

  20. Friday, September 19th • 12thgrade bell-ringer: What developments in the 14th and 15th centuries began to undermine feudalism? • 11th grade bell-ringer: When Reverend Hale asks John Proctor to recite the Ten Commandments, which one does he forget and why?