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Web IFSP. Service Provider Presentation February 24, 2010. Welcome. Housekeeping Introductions Agenda Objectives The Big Picture. Afternoon Agenda for Service Providers and Coordinators. Introduction Big Picture - Overview Getting into the system Navigation of the Web IFSP

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Presentation Transcript
web ifsp


Service Provider Presentation

February 24, 2010






The Big Picture

afternoon agenda for service providers and coordinators

Afternoon Agenda for Service Providers and Coordinators


Big Picture - Overview

Getting into the system

Navigation of the Web IFSP

Enter Real Case with your team

Evaluation and Assessment

Outcome Page

Services Page

A Quick Look at the rest of the Web IFSP (if time)

big picture overview
Big Picture - Overview

Charting Our Course

Joane Amick

Early ACCESS Regional Coordinator

service coordinators for region 1

Service Coordinators forRegion 1

AEA ECSE Teacher Consultants

OT/PT when they are the only service provider

Vicki Berger, SLP; Zondra Foster, hearing itinerant; Marti Andera, nurse practitioner

Child Health Specialty Clinics - Drug Affected, Preemies, Medically Fragile

Visiting Nurses Association - lead exposed, no developmental delays

early access partners providing family training

Early ACCESS Partners Providing Family Training

HAWC Empowerment - Howard, Allamakee, Winneshiek, and Clayton Counties

Early Head Start - Allamakee and Clayton Counties

Parent Share and Support - Fayette County

Parents as Teachers - Delaware County

Parents as Teachers - Dubuque County

expectations for learning
Expectations for Learning

Mastery of getting into the system

Understanding navigation process

Conceptual mastery of data entry versus page entry

Awareness that SC sets up access for providers

Awareness of how to access forms

let s get started at the dock structure of the web ifsp system
Let’s Get StartedAt the Dock: Structure of the Web IFSP System

Julie Tschirgi

Co-web IFSP Administrator

Sue Schulz

Early ACCESS Administrative Liaison

Co-web IFSP Administrator

similarities to web iep
Similarities to Web IEP

Same URL - https://iep.aeaims.org/IDEA_Apps/

Application built for commonalities - 85-90%


Update Subscription

Quick Reference Guide


Bug Reports

Time Out

Typing not an activity

Log Out Procedures

browsers settings
Browsers & Settings

Browsers & Platforms

Mac OS 10.4 - Firefox 3

Windows 2000, XP, Vista - IE7 or IE8, Firefox 3

Browser Setup (pp 13-19; Ref Guide)

Cache, Popups, Print backgrounds

Printing - similar features including

incomplete data report

printing only the pages you need

login screen
Login Screen


main menu
Main Menu

Pop up Menu

Permissions set up by IMS Data Entry Folks

Can set default to web IFSP or web IEP

view child list
View Child List

Red boxed area varies by the permissions you’ve been assigned. Service coordinators have additional permissions that service providers (only) do not need.

Service Coordinators will see “View Caseload”

Service providers will see “View Child List”

all hands on deck
All Hands on Deck

Activity - 10 Minutes


Set up notification

Find IFSP supportive documents

Log In

Set default

Check your “Child List” to see if infant/toddler you asked to have entered is on your list

tips for navigating the ifsp
Tips for Navigating the IFSP



Blank line in popup to delete info

navigating tips cont
Navigating Tips (cont.)

Shifting from one screen to the next does NOT save. SAVE often! Also, note Print option.

printing obtaining forms
Printing & Obtaining Forms

Use Print command to obtain some forms such as Consent for Evaluation and Consent for Services.

Also use for viewing Intake Page (e.g. reason for referral)

print form key points
Print - Form Key Points

To select a form,

click on the select

tab. Choices

include a blank

form (Blank) or

the completed

form (Form)

You can see what’s missing - Inc Data Report

tab counts
Tab Counts

Once you start a tab - a

tally will be kept of how

many fields still need to

be completed. Based on the info so far, the meeting tab has 5 data elements yet to be completed


Full Steam Ahead

outcome page
Outcome Page

To obtain an Outcome page, go to the Outcome tab and select “New” then “Load”

progress notes
Progress Notes

Once it is saved or printed you cannot go back and edit your progress notes. Nobody can delete this information.

services tab
Services Tab

On initials add the various providers/ team members who will assist with evaluation

Once eval is done and IFSP is written, delete those who will not provide services

Adding providers gives access

include all services provided
Include All Services Provided

Service Providers complete own box for services page.

If you Service Coor & Service Provider you will need a box for both services.

other services
Other Services

Other Services are addressed within the Services tab


Print View

services on written prior notice
Services on Written Prior Notice

Check “Print on PWN” to get service info from services page to PWN. Once it’s on the PWN it can be edited or deleted.

service logs accessed from service page
Service LogsAccessed From Service Page


Once you “SAVE” or print your log it cannot be edited. Check closely for accuracy before saving or printing.

You could add a new log note to make corrective comments about the previous log.

key points about services page
Key Points About Services Page
  • Requires SC to enter Service and Name before the Service Provider can access the child’s IFSP
  • Will be edited/completed as part of the development of the IFSP
  • Other Services are listed on this page, not a separate page. These services must be linked to an outcome.
  • Service Logs are accessed from the Service Page
  • Select “Print on PWN” for auto-fill of services on Prior Written Notice
outcome services activity
Outcome & Services Activity

Navigate the Outcomes and Services pages

Review all items that need to be completed

Any questions?

work on your own cases
Work on Your Own Cases

In the remaining time,

feel free to work on a


Call the office assistant at your

local AEA office to assist your

smooth sailing with the new

web IFSP.

closing remarks
Closing Remarks
  • Your feedback is crucial
  • This is the first version of the Web IFSP – major changes cannot be made immediately, but feedback is welcome for future version.
  • Thank you for sailing with us!!!