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COMPRES at Age 2

COMPRES at Age 2. Bob Liebermann Introductory Talk on State of COMPRES. Third Annual Meeting of COMPRES Granlibakken Conference Center Lake Tahoe, California June 20, 2004. Outline. History of COMPRES COMPRES Organizational Chart Membership in COMPRES

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COMPRES at Age 2

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Presentation Transcript

  1. COMPRES at Age 2 Bob Liebermann Introductory Talk on State of COMPRES Third Annual Meeting of COMPRES Granlibakken Conference Center Lake Tahoe, California June 20, 2004

  2. Outline • History of COMPRES • COMPRES Organizational Chart • Membership in COMPRES • Policies and Procedures of COMPRES Committees • Awards for Mineral Physicists • Community Facilities • Infrastructure Development Projects • COMPRES Other Activities • COMPRES-related Workshops • COMPRES Communications • Technology and Facilities Progress • Scientific Highlights

  3. History of COMPRES • February 2001: Mineral Physics Planning Workshop, La Jolla • August 2001: COMPRES Proposal submitted to NSF-EAR • May 2002: Collaborative Agreement signed with EAR and COMPRES • September 2002: First Annual Meeting at Stony Brook • March 2003: Workshop on High Pressure Earth and Planetary Sciences in the Future, Miami • June 2003: Second Annual Meeting in Santa Cruz • December 2003: COMPRES Exhibition Booth at Fall AGU Meeting • Spring 2004: COMPRES-related Workshops • June 2004: Third Annual Meeting in Lake Tahoe

  4. COMPRES Organizational Chart

  5. Membership – June, 2004 39 U.S. Institutions 11 Foreign Affiliates

  6. COMPRES Worldwide MembershipJune, 2004

  7. Policies and Procedures for COMPRES Committees - 2004 • COMPRES Executive Committee • COMPRES Community Facilities Committee • COMPRES Infrastructure Development Committee

  8. AGU-2004 Mervyn Paterson: Bucher Medal Adolphe Nicolas: Hess Medal New Fellows: Brian Evans David Green David James Peter Kelemen Michael O’Hara Allan Rubin Ernest Rutter National Academy of Sciences-2004 Donald Helmberger Raymond Jeanloz Dennis Kent David Stevenson Awards for Mineral Physicists MSA/GSA-2003 Charles Prewitt: Roebling Medal Guillaume Fiquet: MSA Award George Harlow: Distinguished Service Award Michael Manga: Donath Medal of the GSA Michael Carpenter: New President of MSA AGU-2003 David Kohlstedt: Hess Medal New Fellows: William Durham Eiji Ito Ian Jackson Outstanding Student in Mineral and Rock Physics: Annette Kleppe

  9. COMPRES – June, 2004

  10. Facilities • Megabar Synchrotron Center at the NSLS • Operated by Carnegie Institution of Washington [H-k. Mao and R. J. Hemley] • Multi-anvil High Pressure Facility at the NSLS • Operated by Stony Brook University [D. J. Weidner and M. T. Vaughan] • West-Coast Synchrotron Facilities • Operated by University of California at Berkeley [R. Jeanloz] • Neutron Studies at National Facilities • Operated by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University [N. L. Ross] • GeoSoilEnviroCARS • Operated by University of Chicago [M. L. Rivers and S. Sutton] under grants and contracts from NSF and DOE. Not formally under COMPRES.

  11. Community Facilities

  12. Infrastructure Development • Development of Laser Heated Diamond Cells • Project at Princeton University [T. S. Duffy, D. Heinz, G. Shen] • Multi-anvil Cell Assembly Development and Production • Project at Arizona State University [K. Leinenweber and J. A. Tyburczy] • Pressure Calibration at High Temperature • Project at Carnegie Institution of Washington [Y. Fei] • Absolute Temperature and Pressure Calibration • Project at the University of Colorado at Boulder [I. Getting] • Brillouin Lab at Advanced Photon Source:  A Community Resource • Project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [J. D. Bass and G. Shen] • Nuclear Resonance Scattering • Project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [J. D. Bass and W. Sturhahn]

  13. Infrastructure Development Projects

  14. Overall COMPRES Budget

  15. Community Facilities

  16. Infrastructure Development

  17. Other COMPRES Activities

  18. COMPRES-Related WorkshopsSpring 2004 • 20 March 2004 • “Future Directions for the Laser-Heated Diamond Anvil Cell at the Advanced Photon Source” • 27/28 March 2004 • Focused Ion Beam Workshop • 1-2 May 1-2 2004: • Rheology Grand Challenge Workshop on: "Ultra-High Pressure Rheology" • 8 May 2004: • Elasticity Grand Challenge Workshop

  19. COMPRES Communications Website at http://compres.us Newletters Monthly Messages from President Fall 2003 AGU Meeting “Current and Future Directions in High-Pressure Mineral Physics” Listserv Electronic Distributions Visits to Government Agencies

  20. COMPRES Home Page

  21. Newsletters

  22. Current and Future Ditections in High Pressure Mineral Physics

  23. Relations with Other Consortia CSEDI CSEDI Science Plan Workshop 12 attendees from COMPRES IGPP/Univ of Calfornia at San Diego 22-23 February 2004 SCEC Co-sponsor Workshop on Rock Deformation Facilities Mt Holyoke College Amherst, Massachussetts 12-13 August 2004

  24. Technological and Facilities Progress SNAP proposal funded by DOE at $11.9M over 5 years Upgrade of beamline at ALS for high-pressure research. Growth of CVD diamonds DOD grant for monochromatic X-ray side station at X17B2 at NSLS IF grant to GSECARS for side-station at APS

  25. Post-Perovskite Phase of MgSiO3 Crystal structure of the newly discovered post-perovskite phase of MgSiO3 [Murakami, Hirose, Kawamura, Sata and Ohishi, Science, Vol 304, pp. 855-858, 2004]. Confirmed by theoretical first-principles computations [see paper by T. Tsuchiya, J. Tsuchiya, Umemoto and Wentzcovitch, in press, Earth Planet,. Sci. Letters, 2004]

  26. New Paradigms for Core-Mantle Boundary From E.J. Garnero, Perspectives [Science, 304, pp. 834-836, 2004

  27. U.S. Synchrotron Light Sources From G. Brown

  28. Geotherm with P-T Ranges Diagram from G. Shen

  29. www.geomar.de Clathrate on Fire

  30. Ultrasonics in T-25 From Y. Wang and B. Li

  31. P-T Condition Diagram from S. Karato

  32. Deformation DIA [D-DIA] Diagram from W. Durham

  33. Conceptual Diagram of DIA-type Cubic-Anvil Apparatus From Y. Wang, W.B. Durham, I.C. Getting and D.J. Weidner [RSI, 74, 3002-3011, 2003]

  34. Cutaway View of D-DIA Apparatus

  35. Details of D-DIA Apparatus

  36. Actual testing of D-DIA apparatus at APS

  37. Shimomura Poster from W. Utsumi, May, 2004

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