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Climate: South East Asia PowerPoint Presentation
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Climate: South East Asia

Climate: South East Asia

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Climate: South East Asia

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    1. Climate: South & East Asia

    2. South Asia Six Climate Zones: Highland - coldest Humid Subtropical warmer, green-covered valleys Semiarid high temps., light rainfall Desert driest, less than 10 in. of rain/yr. Tropical Wet high temps., heavy rainfall, rainforests Tropical Wet & Dry rainy & dry seasons

    3. Extreme Weather: Monsoons Monsoons- Seasonal winds; provide rain but can cause drought or flooding in a region Winter Monsoon- Seasonal wind from the north; brings cold, dry air (October February) Summer Monsoon- Seasonal wind from the south; brings warm, moist air (June September)

    4. Monsoons

    5. Extreme Weather: Cyclones Violent storm with fierce winds and heavy rain Most extreme weather pattern in the region Affects low-lying coasts (e.g. Bangladesh) with flooding and destruction of buildings and irrigation projects

    6. South Asia: Vegetation Examine the map on page 557 & answer the following questions: What type of vegetation dominates South Asia? What type of vegetation dominates Sri Lanka & Bangladesh? What parts of South Asia have desert and dry shrub vegetation?

    7. East Asia Seven Climate Zones (page 626): High Latitude Subarctic dry & cold, evergreen forests Highland farther north, higher latitude = colder, forests & alpine tundra Mid-Latitude Zones 3. Humid Continental four seasons, grasslands, agriculture Humid Subtropical warmer, deciduous & coniferous forests Dry Zones 5. Semiarid light rainfall, short grasses 6. Desert driest areas (Taklimakan Desert, Gobi Desert) Tropical Zones 7. Tropical Wet high temperatures, heavy rainfall, high humidity, tropical rainforests

    8. East Asia: Climate Zones

    9. Climate Comparison: East Asia & North America Examine the map on page 626 & answer the following questions: The southern coast of China is comparable in climate to which area of the United States? Japan is comparable in climate to which two American states? The subarctic region of China has a similar climate to what part of North America? Which country in the region has a climate similar to the state of Georgia?

    10. Extreme Weather: Typhoons Tropical storm, like a hurricane, that occurs in the western Pacific Made up of circular winds moving around the center of the storm Huge waves of water often hit land