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“A Prepared Marylander Creates a Resilient Maryland” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NCR Secure Video Sharing December 18, 2013 Joint RESF 4/5/13 Meeting. “A Prepared Marylander Creates a Resilient Maryland”. NCR Secure Video Sharing. FY 2013 NCR CCTV Grant – Secure Video Sharing Project Implementation Discussion and Timeline

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Presentation Transcript

NCR Secure Video Sharing

December 18, 2013

Joint RESF 4/5/13 Meeting

“A Prepared Marylander Creates a Resilient Maryland”

Ncr secure video sharing
NCR Secure Video Sharing

  • FY 2013 NCR CCTV Grant – Secure Video Sharing Project

  • Implementation Discussion and Timeline

  • Demonstration and Overview of Maryland’s Video Portal, MView

NCR Secure Video Sharing - Overview

  • FY13 Award, close to $2 million available

  • Performance Period: September 1, 2013 – May 31, 2015

  • Project Manager: Sonya Anderson, Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center (MCAC) / Maryland State Police (MSP )

  • CCTV Technical Expert: Rick Dye, Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA)

  • NCR Liaison and Grant Coordinator: Brendan Armbruster, Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA)

  • Grant Administrator: Patrick Linnehan, MSP

NCR Secure Video Sharing - Overview

  • MSP is leading an FY13 project to increase the number of shared CCTV video streams in the NCR. We have funding to buy and place equipment throughout the region to stream over a thousand cameras

  • This project is fully compatible with the previous CCTV projects. Those projects focused on sharing traffic cameras video feedsand integrating video into different platforms (WebEOC, RITIS, Data Exchange Hub, etc.)

  • The FY13 project will focus on networking video streams that are either owned by or most useful to the region’s PDs, FD, OEMs.

    • MD’s video system currently provides situational awareness from Transit Stations, Port Assets, Stadiums, Police Helicopters and Mobile Command Posts, and soon Fire Mobile Command.

    • WMATA recently shared some their station cameras with Arlington County PD and Marine Corps for the Marine Corps Marathon.

NCR Secure Video Sharing - High Level Implementation Goals

  • Expand number of cameras that are networked and shared across secure public Internet and dedicated state Intranets

    • Each Jurisdiction (MD, DC, VA) identifies existing mobile or fixed cameras that would benefit local and regional first responders. These cameras can come from any number of organizations within a jurisdiction, public and private.

  • Procure and install video sharing equipment in operation centers in DC, MD, and VA

  • Provide maintenance support for at least one year

  • NCR Secure Video Sharing - Project Work Plan

    • November 2013 – January 2014: Outreach

    • January – June 2014: Procurement of Equipment

      • By end of February: Each jurisdiction provides a list of existing cameras to the Grant team for addition to the Video Portal to review

      • By the end of April: The Grant team with each jurisdiction will review and finalize the list to procurement and begin the procurement process

      • MSP procures centrally and transfers to the appropriate organization

    • July – December 2014: Installation and Programming

    • January – May 2015: Administrator Training for the Portal

    10/27/2013 – Marine Corps Marathon

    WMATA station cameras and DCDOT cameras shared

    SHA Vehicle

    MEMA Vehicle

    BPD Helicopter (Foxtrot)

    MDTA Camera

    MDTA Camera

    SHA Camera

    MDTA Camera

    MDTA Camera

    BCPD Helicopter

    View at MCAC of Baltimore Train Derailment May 2013

    I cctv video portal
    I-CCTV Video Portal

    • American Red Cross

    • Amtrak

    • Annapolis PD*

    • Anne Arundel County DPWT*

    • Baltimore City & County PD, IT, Mayor’s Office*

    • Baltimore Environmental Police

    • DC Department of Health

    • DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services

    • DC Homeland Security EM Agency*

    • DC Metropolitan Police Department

    • DC National Guard

    • DC Office Chief Technology Officer

    • Fairfax City

    • Fairfax County

    • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    • Frederick County Division of EM

    • Federal EM (FEMA)

    • MD Fire Chief’s Association

    • Garrett County EM

    • Harford County DPWT*

    • Howard County PD*

    • Maryland Coordination & Analysis Center (MCAC)

    • Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources

    • Maryland EM (MEMA)*

    • Maryland Governor’s Office

    • Maryland Port Administration*

    • Maryland Stadium Authority*

    • Maryland State Highway Administration*

    • Maryland State Police*

    • Maryland Transit Administration*

    • Maryland Transportation Authority*

    • Metropolitan Washington COG

    • Montgomery County DOT*

    • National Capital Region Network

    • Prince George’s County PD, DPWT, and IT*

    • Prince William County PD

    • St Mary’s County

    • Talbot County Sheriff

    • University of Maryland

    • US Capital Police

    • US Coast Guard

    • US Department of Justice

    • US Park Police

    • US Secret Service

    • US Transportation Security Administration

    • Virginia Dept. of EM

    • WMATA*

    MView is a secure web-based portal for viewing regional 1st responder videos and is located at . There are over 1500 cameras from 18 organizations in MView and over 700 users that represent over 60 local, state, regional, and federal organizations: