Summary of csc track finder trigger control software
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Summary of CSC Track-Finder Trigger Control Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Summary of CSC Track-Finder Trigger Control Software. Darin Acosta University of Florida. CSC Track-Finder Configuration & Testing. LUT loading. Boards. Higher level SP02 command panel windows . Java interface to XDAQ-based software framework. Firmware & LUT loading.

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Summary of csc track finder trigger control software

Summary of CSC Track-Finder Trigger Control Software

Darin Acosta

University of Florida

Csc track finder configuration testing
CSC Track-Finder Configuration & Testing

LUT loading


Higher level SP02 command panel windows

Java interface to XDAQ-based software framework

Trigger Software Meeting

Firmware lut loading
Firmware & LUT loading

  • The look-up tables on the CSC Sector Processor are loaded via a HAL-based command line program

    • Can be called from the Java GUI, or from a script that loads all needed LUTs

    • We can program multiple chips and boards in parallel (many identical tables)

  • Updates to the board firmware stored in EPROMs are loaded via a custom VMEJTAG program based on software by National Semiconductor and SBS

    • Callable from command-line scripts

    • Recently incorporated into the “JAL” package developed by H.Sakulin, and successfully tested!

      • We will port our environment to use JAL for firmware loading, in order to strive for a uniform software architecture

Trigger Software Meeting

Test software
Test Software

  • Most test software to validate the on-board SP functionality as well as to perform interface tests between boards are written as HAL-based command line programs

    • Again callable from the Java GUI

  • For example, last week we successfully conducted a second DT/CSC Track-Finder integration test

    • Program loads data into FIFO on CSC TF, then injects data to DT TF (or in loop-back to CSC TF) which is captured and read out.

      • We expected to use an “inject pattern” command distributed via the TTC to conduct the test, but in practice last week we triggered on the data itself.

    • CSC and DT software are different products and not integrated.

      • In practice this was not much of a handicap, but for in-situ trigger tests at CMS we should evolve to a common control

Trigger Software Meeting

Testbeam daq and beyond
TestBeam DAQ and Beyond

  • For the 2004 beam tests, we could log CSC Track-Finder data through the VME controller using a standalone HAL program or through an XDAQ-based event-builder

  • We partitioned the XDAQ modules so that everything could be controlled either through the Track-Finder GUI, the Testbeam Run Control, or any other control software that sends i2o messages

Trigger Software Meeting

Xdaq partitioning


SOAP Messages


I2o Messages



SBS (Bit3)

XDAQ Partitioning

Software Level

Hardware Level

PC Level

Other apps can send messages to here

GUI PC (Linux)

Network Switch

PC Level

TF PC (Linux)

TrackFinder Crate

Trigger Software Meeting

The integrated emu gui
The Integrated EMU GUI

The Track-Finder GUI has been extended to include the XDAQ-based run control system for CSC beam tests

Controls 4 crates: 2 Peripheral crates, Track-Finder crate, TTC crate

DB calls to store configuration parameters

Evolving to become a Slicetest control

Trigger Software Meeting